[Minghui Net] Ten-year old Yangyang obtained the Fa in 1997 together with his mother [addressed as "mom" from now on]. When mom first obtained the Fa, Yangyang knew that his mom and aunt went to do the exercises every morning. He cried and shouted to ask mom to take him along, but she didn't want to wake him up that early. One day, Yangyang cried and said, "Mom is too selfish. She only wants to secretly practice cultivation and go to Heaven alone, and not take me with her." Mom was shocked when she heard this. It was an attachment even mom had not seen clearly, while Yangyang pointed it out in a few words.

Yangyang was often very naughty and couldn't stay quiet. But when it came to studying the Fa, he immediately became very calm and focused. When mom first obtained the Fa, she couldn't go to the study group very often. When this happened, Yangyang would speak up and tell her that she must go. He unmistakably remembered the dates of the once-a-week Fa-studying days. He would cry and make a fuss if mom forgot one day! He also told mom that she should be well disciplined when studying the Fa, because when she reads the book [Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong], things come out of her mouth -- not only little Falun emblems, but also small Buddhas, Taos, and Gods that fly in the air. More importantly, there are Buddhas, Taos and Gods in different dimensions also listening to the Fa. Furthermore, when reading the book, one should never sit in a sluggish posture.

Usually when Yannyang observed that mom didn't study the Fa diligently enough, he would tell her the things he saw. He said, "All Dafa practitioners' houses have big white covers over them; in addition, every practitioner of each family was protected with a white casing given by Teacher. Inside and outside of the practitioners' houses, there are troops with soldiers and commanders from Heaven who guard them every single moment so nothing can intrude. Practitioners who made rapid progress would have the heavenly troops around them increase very quickly." Yangyang wanted very much to play with the heavenly soldiers but they told him that they were on duty. When mom improved her Xinxing [mind and heart nature] quickly and passed her tests well, he would excitedly tell her, "Teacher sees that you're doing well, so aside from the 8 heavenly dragons, he also bestowed you with 4 of Buddha's warrior attendants, 4 Bodhisattvas, and 18 sets of Arhats." When mom didn't preserve her Xinxing well, he would tell her, "you didn't strictly discipline yourself; some of the Fa -protection Gods have left you; they didn't want to protect the Fa for you." When she heard this, she immediately adjusted her mind, preserved her Xinxing and tried to make good use of every cultivation opportunity that emerged.

Once mom went to Beijing to uphold the Fa, and Yangyang's Zhu Yuanshen [one's main consciousness] left his body and followed her there. He saw a banner that read "Falun Dafa" on top of the Tiananmen tower. The words on the banner were shining with golden light, and beneath them were the small words, "registration place." On Tiannmen Square, Dafa practitioners constantly held up the banners with the letters " Falun Dafa is righteous," "Falun Dafa is good" written on them. They also constantly spoke out loud, "Restore my Teacher's reputation," and "Restore the reputation of Falun Dafa." The evil police ran back and forth, arresting, beating and kicking Dafa practitioners. In the sky above the square, Teacher's Law Body [a body made of energy and the Fa] launched an especially large Falun emblem, and within the dazzling light that surrounded him, he shot out small Faluns resembling snowflakes onto the practitioners' bodies to prevent the evil police from harming them. However, the practitioners still had to endure some pain so that they could eliminate their karma. Some heavenly troops were helping out the practitioners in the sky above the square. When Buddhas, Taos and Gods in different dimensions witnessed this scene, they were moved to tears and said, "Dafa practitioners are so great!"

Because Teacher, during the Canada Experience Sharing Conference, asked practitioners to send forth the righteous thoughts, right after mom sent forth her righteous thoughts for the first time before her exercises, Yangyang ran in sprightly and told her, "now you also know how to fight the demons." He said when mom sent forth the righteous thoughts, he saw a golden light beam shooting out from the back of her head that went straight into the universe. Soon the beam scattered and became numerous lotus flowers, then lots of cultivated infants flew out from the blossoming flowers. The spinning flower petals instantly changed into the word "Truthfulness;" the seeds changed into the word "Compassion;" and the pistils changed into the word "Tolerance." After the three words spun for a while, they changed into a Falun emblem, and from its radiance came out countless small Falun emblems that floated down like snowflakes. At that moment, Teacher's Law Body, sitting on infinite layers of lotus flowers, uttered, "Eliminate the Evil." Billions and billions of demons suddenly became smoke and a spot of blood and water.

Yangyang said, every time when mom sat down and sent forth the righteous thoughts for five minutes, many demons were eliminated. Each time when mom silently recited Teacher's verses "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated, " many demons were eradicated. Yangyang also said that if Dafa practitioners could remember to send forth the righteous thoughts all the time, all the demons would soon be completely eliminated.

He also said that he often went to Heaven to do Dafa exercises, and had seen a table that Teacher had. There were three columns on the table: the one on top had all the practitioners' names in it; the one in the middle had the names of the people who will stay in the human world (in other words, those who have been good people). Many ordinary people have done many good things for Dafa, and Teacher asked the heavenly troops to write those down to add to their good deeds and merits. The bottom column recorded the names of people who resented the Fa, who committed vicious crimes and cursed the Fa in their hearts and persecuted the Fa. All of these people will have to go to hell. Some others will be completely eliminated, and some will never be able to reincarnate.

I'm only telling what a child has seen. I think this is just a small part of the infinite truth of the universe that is allowed to be seen by us. I wish this will prompt us to study the Fa more diligently, and do a better job in verifying Dafa and eliminating the evil. Please feel free to make comments if anything is inappropriate.

June 19, 2001