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During this year when the Fa-rectification process has been accelerating, Teacher wrote a series of articles on righteous thoughts and supernormal abilities, starting with "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" published on January 1, 2001 all the way to "What are Supernormal Abilities" published today. I read these articles repeatedly. Suddenly I came to understand the part of the Fa that is embodied by supernormal abilities and the use of supernormal abilities. Then I found and removed some ordinary people's notions in my mind that I had not realized existed before.

Like many other practitioners who are used to practicing Dafa (great law; great way) without any supernormal abilities manifested in the surface dimension, I have been diligent in studying the Fa and improving xinxing these years. However, I felt it was none of my business whenever somebody talked about supernormal abilities. I even had an attachment of keeping myself away from supernormal abilities. I guess, subconsciously I thought I would not be able to use supernormal abilities until the day that I became totally enlightened and reached Consummation. This idea somehow impeded me in my understanding and my belief in myself when it came time to "set certain times when the world's assailants who beat people and murderers will receive retribution," "send forth true thoughts," "send forth righteous thoughts," and "use supernormal abilities." Therefore, I could barely think of using supernormal abilities when I faced various situations during the Fa-rectification period.

Fortunately, this barrier has been cleared up rapidly since I have joined the activities of "sending forth righteous thoughts" several times after the Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference. Teacher made it more clear in the latest article, "In different historic times of the future, if in the cosmos damage to Dafa occurs or when beings perform differently, how Dafa will rectify the Fa and make everything perfect and indestructible is extremely important. Everything Dafa disciples are doing at present is creating the future..." I came to understand more of the meanings and the reasons that we are allowed to clear-headedly use supernormal abilities while taking part in rectifying the Fa in this Fa-rectification period. I have a more resolute comprehension that it is a historic moment in the Fa-rectification period and that Dafa practitioners are needed to eradicate all of the evil within the Three Realms as well as those evil people that have no human nature in the world. Besides the two verses and the hand gestures given by Teacher, we can use all other supernormal abilities while doing Fa-rectification and eliminating the evil, "...whatever they want to use, they almost always have it." ("What are Supernormal Abilities")

During these two years, Dafa practitioners have been validating the Fa, clarifying the truth and exposing the evil while bearing tremendous tribulations. Actually, we have been eliminating large amounts of evils in other dimensions and powerfully deterring those bad people as well as educating all the people in this human world. Even those cops thought it was unjustifiable to torture practitioners simply because practitioners went to Tiananmen Square to get justice for Falun Dafa. The cops asked Dafa practitioners, "I beat you so terribly. Do you hate me for this?" Yet practitioners answered, "I don't hate you. But I pity you." The power of practitioner's benevolence and compassion is magnificent in other dimensions. Facing the power, the evils would extinguish themselves even without our efforts of eliminating them because the pure compassion has incomparably huge power.

It is obvious that the Fa-rectification has been carried forward. However, the evil forces won't fundamentally change their behavior in the human world until the end of the Fa-rectification. This is because the lowest of the evil and their accomplices in the human world are determined to fight against Dafa. Their vicious behaviors are the manifestations of their evil nature. But, their evil nature is not a license which allows one to willfully persecute Dafa practitioners, damage Dafa, and corrupt human moral standards. Practitioners not only "Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa, and offer people salvation with benevolence," but also are told now to directly use powerful righteous thoughts to send forth supernormal abilities, and eliminate those evil beings within the Three Realms that have been manipulating people to persecute Dafa and those evil people in the world that have no human nature and have committed the most heinous crimes. By doing so, we are able to restrain the evil, suffocate the evil, and eliminate the evil. Meanwhile, we are able to contribute more to the Fa-rectification and the creation of the future universe.

With regard to using supernormal abilities, I got a helpful hint when I studied the Fa and read articles on Clearwisdom Net. Currently, the evil force is still very ferocious, but now we are allowed to use our supernormal abilities to deal with the evil directly. We can use our powerful righteous thoughts to freeze those vicious people when they try to arrest us at their will. In this way, their hideous plots will fall through. We can make those malicious people that stand in our way of spreading truth-clarifying literature be unable to see us or get too dumb to take any action. We can set times when those bad cops will receive retribution. We can recite the verses to eliminate the evil force that endorses those bad cops and request immediate retribution in their lifetime. Also, for "those evil ones who have no human nature such as those scoundrels, who are worse than beasts, who beat people to death or rape female Dafa disciples as well as those chief evil ones," we can command them with our righteous thoughts. That is, we can command them to beat themselves, slap each other's faces in public, give each other electric shocks, or even plead guilty on paper and then destroy themselves. In this way, the evil force will get the retribution and punishments that they deserve. And other people will be stunned by their acts and thus they will avoid the evil force and become more kind-hearted. Then more people in the world will have a bright future.

The above are my personal understandings. I wrote the article in a rush, so it just serves as a preface. I hope other practitioners will share their deeper insights with us later.