[Clearwisdom Net] I held up a banner in Tiananmen Square in November 2000 and was arrested. In the police vehicle I proclaimed with all my voice "Falun Dafa is Good!" "Falun Dafa is a Righteous Fa!" The policeman standing in front of me slapped my face vigorously, when as I suddenly raised my head and saw the emblem on his hat, I said: "Hitting people while wearing the National Emblem on top of your head, don't you feel ashamed in your heart?" At that, he lowered his hand that was raised high, and sat back down in his seat, his head hanging down like all the air had escaped from a balloon.

In Beijing's Xicheng Detention Center, I made use of every possible opportunity to tell people about Dafa. The majority of inmates were drug addicts at the time, one of them asked, "You say Falun Gong is good, what is good about it?" I very patiently explained the truth concerning Falun Gong over and over, in the end he became so interested that he asked me to come to his side to hear me talking about Dafa. Others said, "You are really serious about this?" He answered, "Don't you wonder, I am also going to learn Falun Gong!"

Another night, it was my turn "standing on watch" with another inmate. He suddenly asked, "Did you tell them your name and address?" I said, "No." He said, "Can you tell me?" I said, "That's not possible." Hearing this he put his arm around my neck and tried to strangle me. I was very calm, totally unafraid, when instantly I felt a stream of energy flowing from the top of my head to my soles of my feet. He suddenly stopped right then, loudly demanding, "Tell me what exactly in the world is Falun Gong!" I saw a good opportunity for Hongfa [spreading the Fa] again, so I told him the true stories about Dafa, and said to him, "Actually, as men live in this world, their good and evil deeds will all be rewarded accordingly." He often hit others, and once, after he hit someone, he came over pacing in front of me, looking very uneasy, and finally could not hold back from asking, "If I hit someone does he give me virtue or do I give virtue to him?" I answered, "When you hit others, you cause others pain and suffering, you have to use your most valuable possession of 'virtue' to compensate him. The harder you hit the bigger the compensation. Understand?" He sat aside feeling really sorry afterwards.

During my time in the Jilin Detention Center, guards on the night shift normally chattered to midnight on dirty and filthy topics using utterly coarse language that were unbearable to hear. Once I really could not stand it any more, and I could not go to sleep, I thought: "Master, what should be done to this?" Instantly the chief guard shouted, "Alright now, stop talking, all go to sleep." From then on, the same kind of situation became very rare.

At the New Years Evening gathering, inmates were roaming around with their mouths full of foul language. Come the next evening gathering, we fellow practitioners recited Teacher's poem "To Be a Human Being" and other short articles together to start it off, afterwards each of us gave a speech, turning the whole event into a way of Hongfa. As a result, righteousness filled the atmosphere for the whole evening. Some inmate requested at the close of the evening that, "tomorrow night you should tell us about Falun Gong as a special topic." Though our Hongfa effort, many have developed a real understanding of the meaning of life, and clarified their previously vague concepts about Falun Gong. Some of them said, "I will never believe what the TV says about Falun Gong any more. It's all lies, slander and propaganda." One person who was a serious offender said sincerely that, "If I had learnt Falun Gong earlier, I would not have committed this wrong doing."