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A vile railroad policeman named Zhong Puqing escorted some Dafa practitioners to a so-called "Transformation Class." On his way back, he got into a car accident and injured himself. The medical expense was almost 20,000 Yuan RMB (Chinese dollar, the average monthly salary in urban areas is about 500 Yuan RMB). However, he did not take the accident as a warning and continued his bad deeds. This year, he got into another car accident, which disfigured him. Now his face looks like that of a ghost.

In the "Transformation Class" held by the Wuhan Railroad System, there was a male staff worker named Mei Ganghong. Although Dafa practitioners tried to persuade him to be a good person, he would not listen and often interfered with practitioners' exercises and Fa study. He also reported the practitioners' Dafa activities (their exercises, Fa study, promotion of Dafa, etc) to the persecutors. This year, he had an accident while riding his motorcycle. His victim had a cerebral concussion, and Mei had a fractured bone in his face. Mei received more than 30 stitches from his injury. He also had to pay more than 30,000 Yuan for his victim's medical expenses and personal loss.

Another vile policeman, Wu Jilin, often cursed Teacher and Dafa for no reason. People around him tried to persuade him not to do these uncivilized things that cause great loss of De. However, he did not listen; neither did he believe the practitioners. This February, he got sick and went to the hospital. Shortly after coming out of the hospital, he went back to work. After that, he died suddenly due to an acute disease.

People all receive their retribution, good or evil. Here we solemnly warn those evil people and police who persecute Dafa practitioners: don't take these retributions as something that happened just by coincidence. If you don't repent, what happened to the above people today could happen to you tomorrow. When the retribution comes, it will be too late.