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At 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. on June 3, several practitioners joined the practitioners all over the world to send forth our righteous thoughts and eliminate evil. We did not actually see how magnificent it was in other dimensions when we used our supernormal abilities and divine powers to eliminate evil, but we deeply and specifically felt we joined and melted into the process of rectifying Fa at those moments. When Dafa practitioners all over the world joined together as a whole, the power was boundless.

Practitioner A: When I raised my right hand vertically in front of my chest, my heart and mind were pure. I felt that space and time were stagnant. Then I started to send the purest and firmest thoughts. When I silently recited the Fa-rectifying verse, I felt it was our Teacher's voice!

Practitioner B: I had never experienced something so splendid and magnificent before. Teacher was of great stature and right beside me. I concentrated and sent out righteous thoughts. Just for a little while, I sweated. I knew all of my supernormal abilities were actively joining into the process of eliminating evil. It must have been a very intense and grand sight in other dimensions.

Practitioner C: All of my divine powers and supernormal abilities were ready for me to dispatch. Right after I raised my hand and sent out righteous thoughts, gong (cultivation energy) emitted from my palm, body and head. I kept sending out righteous thoughts. Without holding anything back, I emitted all the gong I had to eliminate the evil. Suddenly, I wanted to cry: All I had waited and searched for thousands and millions of years was today--to eradicate and eliminate all the evil.

Practitioner D: I did not have much feeling in the whole process, but I firmly believe in Teacher. I take and follow Teacher's every word. I know the evil forces were being eliminated. When it ended, I felt tired and my legs were painful. I knew I did what I should do.

Practitioner E: Teacher said, "When this evil sees that it's going to be eliminated it runs totally rampant." (Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference) I felt, under the field of Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts, the evil desperately resisted and struggled trying to take advantage of any loophole. As long as we maintain strong righteous minds all the time, the evil will eventually be eliminated.