June 6, 2001

[Minghui Net] The following are some of my recent thoughts. Now I share them with you to see what you think of them:

1) We cannot disassociate personal tribulations from the Fa [Law and Principles] rectification.

I used to believe that the tests and tribulations that I have encountered are my own issues. Now I have realized that in the critical period when the Fa is rectifying the cosmos, Dafa (Great Law and Principles) has endowed us with sacred responsibilities. As a result, our behavior at every moment, no matter during a tribulation or in daily life, should manifest the realm of a particle of Dafa as it is closely related to the Fa rectification. Thus, we cannot disassociate personal tribulations from the Fa rectification at our own will. All evils should be eradicated. If we fail to pass the tests or endure hardships because we are not strict with ourselves, aren't we unknowingly helping the vices? If so, wouldn't other particles of Dafa have to suffer more because of this?

2) At all times be alert of vices taking advantage of the omissions in our thoughts and take actions to eliminate them.

My feeling is that in their last struggles the vices have been trying all means to look for and use the omissions in our thoughts. By taking advantage of the attachments or ideas of our human side, they are attempting to make it so that we do something that directly interferes with the work related to Dafa, or practitioners' cultivation. For example, our Teacher talked about the Fa of "eradicating evils," allowing us to recite his Fa rectification verse and send forth righteous thoughts to directly eliminate the vices that damage Dafa. Some of us felt the extraordinary effects and as a result, the attachments of zealotry and show-off mentality have begun to germinate. Some even asked other practitioners to add some additional movements and mind activities they had "enlightened to," which apparently diverted from the cultivation of "Regarding the Fa as Teacher." In my case, whenever I loosened my main consciousness (such as when walking or waiting for the bus), some bad ideas would come up. I used to think they were just my thought karma. Now I have realized that they also come from the last struggles of the evils before they are completely eliminated and they are taking every chance to attack the omissions in our thoughts.

Thus, we should stay alert. Whenever there are bad ideas coming up in our minds, we need to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them. The righteous thoughts we practitioners have are powerful, and we should never yield to vices inadvertently because of our negligence. Meanwhile, when confronting people who are expressing demonic words or behaviors against Dafa, we need to take action to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the vices behind them and that are controlling them. Our every word and action is among the Fa rectification.

3) Endure for all sentient beings calmly

Right now, at this critical period when the Fa rectifies the cosmos, as Dafa particles we should be able to, at different individual levels, forsake whatever we own as much as we can for all sentient beings. When being brutally beaten by the vicious police, when enduring hardships in prisons, when being lured by fame and interest in the society, shouldn't we endure for others calmly and make efforts while taking action to eliminate our vices? We cannot let our benevolent and great teacher endure for all beings. This is one way for us to build our mighty virtue during the Fa rectification, and it is also part of our "Assisting Teacher in his journey in this world." Moreover, it is also one way for us to forever leave references for the future.

4) Take all opportunities to clarify the truth

I realized that, we can always clarify the truth at any time and under all circumstances. Since different people may have different perspectives, so we may need to use different ways to get into this topic. In addition, when clarifying the truth, we cannot be strongly purposeful for that individual to change his or her mind and agree with us.

Finally, I would say articles from Clearwisdom Net helped me a lot in improving my understanding. They made me find places where I could do better, so that I could keep cultivating diligently. From this, I also realized that, writing and reading good articles is an important component for us to validate the Fa and clarify the truth. So, I will put more effort to upgrade my level and write better articles. I hope Clearwisdom Net will become better and better.