March 9, 2001 at Judong Women's Labor Camp

[Minghui Net] We are Falun Dafa practitioners from Suining County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Simply for appealing for Falun Dafa, we were arrested and subjected to severe torture in the detention center, mental hospital and labor camp. On November 24, 2000, after being taken out of the Xuzhou mental hospital, three of us were directly sent to the Judong women's labor camp. (There are still a few other practitioners, who are not sentenced to the labor camp and are still being detained at the mental hospital.)

We were detained at the mental hospital for over 3 months. During that time we were forcefully tied to beds and given injections and force fed medicines. Medical staff members injected us with large dosages of unknown drugs. Right after the injections, we would lose consciousness. After a period of time,we would regain consciousness. The medical staff would then untie the ropes from us. When the drugs took effect, it was so painful that it was as if our internal organs were being torn apart. We would roll on the floor screaming with pain. After we regained consciousness, we questioned the medical staff, "Why did you inject and feed these drugs to people who are not sick?? They answered with shame, "It is not up to us; people at the top instructed us to do so. We don't want to treat you like this but we don't want to lose our job either.? They also said, "You will not die from these drugs but they will cause you great pain. If you stop practicing Falun Gong, we can stop giving you the drugs. Do not leave the hospital on your own. If we don't gradually reduce the dosage, you would either go crazy or die. Even if you run away, people would treat you as an insane person and send you back here. The pain from the reaction of the drug is very scary and hard to imagine...? The mental hospital separated us female practitioners and locked us up with male mental patients.

One day, a practitioner put her legs in full-lotus position while sitting on a chair. The head of the hospital came over and viciously said, "Are you still practicing? We will increase the dosage until it is like you are neither dead nor alive. See if you still practice then!? It's really hard to imagine how someone can be so evil and vicious!

Since the dosage given to us was so large and it was not reduced gradually before the police took us to the Judong women's labor camp, the reaction of the drug was very strong. One practitioner all of the sudden acted as if she was insane. She was rolling on the floor in extreme pain and running around uncontrollably. Two people couldn't even hold her down. Her body was shaking vigorously and her head was down; her eyes were lifeless and she could not sleep. The pain she felt was unbearable and she ran towards the wall and tried to kill herself by striking her head and body against it. Another practitioner's whole body was cramped and in shock. She couldn't stand up or walk. People had to carry her around. During the night she felt as if her heart was burning and she spat out saliva with blood. Practitioners had different degrees of reaction for nearly 50 days before the effects of the drug started to weaken. Even though physically our bodies are basically back to normal, our mental pain can never be erased. The people in the world will not tolerate this kind of cruel persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners!

Due to the severity of the [physical] disorder, the Judong labor camp sent one of the practitioners to the Zhenjiang city mental hospital for an official check up. The official record sent back by them reads: "Her nerves in the brain are normal; severe disorder is due to the reaction of a strong drug dosage.?

Before we were sent to the mental hospital, the police viciously beat practitioners, using the excuse that it was a punishment for our going to appeal. They used a stick to force a towel into the mouth, tied both hands behind the back and suspended the person on the back of a chair for seven days. The whole body had large black and blue bruises after the beating. The swelling was so severe that the clothes could not be taken off. When we were sent to the detention center, they refused to accept us. They said, "How can you send someone to jail when she is beaten to such degree?? However, the practitioners were still locked up for nine and a half months in the detention center. For over seven months their legs were chained. They were not allowed to wash their clothes during this time period.

Other people in the detention center were deeply touched by the practitioners' high moral standards and firm belief and righteous energy while protecting the truth of the universe. So, they voluntarily learned Falun Gong. As a result, 90% of the people in the room had their legs chained together for learning Falun Gong. They strongly requested the release of the innocent practitioners. The entire room went on hunger strike with the practitioners. Everyone was beaten severely by the police and they were forced to sit on a circle-shaped chair (a torture device used in prison).

Finally, under everyone's strong protest, the police pretended to release us. When we were holding the release note and walking out of the metal gates of the detention center, the police cars were waiting for us on the other side. We were forced into the police cars and directly sent to the Xuzhou mental hospital, where we received even more severe persecution. The police deceived our family members by saying, "We know it is wrong to detain them for the long term, but it is hard to send them home unconditionally because the 'government' would lose face. Therefore, we will send them to a hospital to rest for a bit and then send them home.? They asked our family members for money and used our family members names to have us sent to the mental hospitals. But our family members were not allowed to visit until two months later, and they had to secure a so-called "government?approval before coming to visit us. In the mental hospital, the evil people tortured us for three months. Without any legal procedures, they sent three of us to the Judong labor camp. We didn't see the document for labor education until after a long period of time.

These vicious people's crimes should be brought to the attention of the world and they should be exposed to let the people in the world determine right from wrong and judge the good from the evil themselves.