Li Zheng (pseudonym), a little Falun Dafa practitioner, is eight years old. He and his mother obtained the Fa (law and principles of the universe) in 1998. Their house was a practice site at that time, and six-year old Li Zheng studied the Fa and practiced the exercises with the others. He went to sleep quietly if he was tired. Whenever his mother was studying, Li Zheng would say: "Mom, please read the book for me. I like to listen."

Once, when Li Zheng was knocked to the ground by a bicycle turning a corner, he stood up and said to the cyclist: "You can leave, I'm fine." He went home to tell his mom: "I'm not injured. Our teacher says: 'Good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought. Moreover, he didn't do this on purpose."

Li Zheng's mother was forcefully taken away from their home by the police and held in a detention center for insisting on practicing Falun Dafa since July 22nd, 1999. Li Zheng was also taken to the police station. The director asked him: "Do you still practice?" He replied: "Yes, I do." He then began to do the sitting meditation. The director threatened him with a knife upon seeing this, saying, "If you keep practicing, I'll cut off your penis." Li Zheng was sent home that night. He told his mom later, "Dad was not at home, only myself. I felt frightened and I missed you. As soon as I wanted to cry, a very joyful music came into my ears, and I didn't feel scared at all."

Last March, the village cadres came again to Li Zheng's house and asked his mother whether she still practiced Falun Dafa. His mother dared not tell the truth since she had been severely tortured by the police. Li Zheng spoke to that man at once when he saw his mother's silence. "My mom practices every day." As a result, the men went away dejectedly.

Last October, Li Zheng's school asked every student about whether they practiced Falun Dafa. If they did, they were not allowed to stay in school. Li Zheng felt very sad about this. Since learning Falun Dafa, he had been an excellent student "both in morality and knowledge." Little Li Zheng cried when he came home and said to his mother, "It's my fault. I didn't tell the truth. I can't always do what our teacher has told us."

This March, the school encouraged students to sign a cloth banner, which was used to oppose Falun Dafa. Li Zheng refused to do so. The schoolteacher dragged him to the banner to force him to sign. Li Zheng firmly refused to sign the banner and later was taken to the office. The principal and several other teachers all spoke to him, saying, "If you don't sign, you will not be allowed in school." Li Zheng spoke to them with justice these serious words: "Falun Dafa is very good!" One teacher couldn't persuade him and then threatened him, saying, "If you still refuse to sign, the police will arrest you." Li Zheng said to them tearfully, "You are all very pitiful."

By Falun Dafa practitioners from Mainland China

On April 12th, 2001