[Minghui Net] [Pingdu, Shandong Province] Party Committee Secretary Zhang Xiangfeng Offers Rewards of Large Sums of Money for Apprehending Falun Dafa Practitioners Since April, signs stating "Restore the Reputation of Falun Dafa", "Falun Dafa is Good," and so on have been posted all over the Pingdu area. This infuriated party committee secretary Zhang Xiangfeng, who then issued an order to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners. He offered rewards of large sums of money for apprehending practitioners who were destitute and homeless. Even elementary school pupils knew about the 4,000Yuan reward (roughly 8 months' income for an average worker in China) for the capture of the Falun Dafa practitioners who posted the aforementioned signs. The municipal party committee and the government of Pingdu persuaded elementary school pupils to scribble words and drawings to slander Falun Dafa. To all the kind-hearted parents of these pupils: for your future and the future of your children, please take good care of them and do not allow them to participate in any activities that are against Falun Dafa. [Pingdu, Shandong Province] The Local Government Cruelly Persecutes the Common People Here are some of the evil deeds committed by the township government and by the local police station of Liangmu Zhugou Village of Pingdu city, Shandong province: On the ninth day of the twelfth lunar month of 2000, at about 11 PM, the police initiated a desperate effort to capture Falun Dafa practitioners. They broke down doors and climbed walls to get into practitioners' homes. They forcibly seized the practitioners whether they had clothes on or not. In total, they took away more than ten practitioners, including two who had given up their cultivation. The practitioners were first taken to the local police station, where they were beaten. Then they were taken to the farm machinery and tractor station in the countryside, where they were brutally persecuted for more than ten days. These degenerate beings burned the practitioners' faces with red-hot coals, tied them up, forced them to stand bare-foot in the snow and ice with only one article of autumn clothing on; then they poured a basin of icy water on each practitioner. The weather at that time was very cold, so the result of this punishment was that the practitioners' feet were frostbitten and they were unable to walk for half a month. These vicious people also struck the practitioners' faces with lumps of coal and wooden planks. Their faces were smeared with their own blood and skin tissue and became seriously deformed. They also struck the practitioners on their backs and necks with coal hooks, and kicked their faces after tying them up and throwing them down. So long as a practitioner was firm in stating that he or she would persist in cultivation, he or she would be beaten and put out to freeze every day. Before beating the practitioners, the township government cadre, Mu Chunyang, would say, "I am Satan, come again" and then mercilessly beat the practitioners as well as insult the female practitioners in front of numerous people. He and another person with the surname Pan mercilessly beat one female practitioner's chest and breasts. Pan also hooked the practitioner's genitals with a fireplace poker. The practitioners could no longer bear the severe tortures from these evil degenerate beings and were finally compelled to write the 'guarantee statement' (The signing of the "guarantee statement" signifies that Falun Dafa practitioners pledge that they will not go to Beijing again to appeal, and that they will no longer practice Falun Dafa nor associate with other Falun Dafa practitioners) In addition, each was unlawfully fined 3000-5000 Yuan. One government official said, "So long as you do not practice Falun Gong, it is OK for you men to commit murder, set fires, or rob people, and for you women to be prostitutes. The government does not care about those matters; however, practicing Falun Gong is not acceptable." A chairperson of a labor committee said to one practitioner: "Remember me. My surname is Wang, and I have many friends among both the evil and the righteous outlaws. I can have you killed whenever I want to. Do you believe me?" Please note this situation. What are all these officials doing, feeding on the blood and sweat of the people? Zhang Xiangfeng cannot shirk his responsibility for this. Evil persons: Pingdu municipal party committee secretary Zhang Xiangfeng, telephone 011-86-7362355. Pingdu mayor, public telephone 011-86-7361000. Pingdu People's Congress, Yang Baoqin, telephone 011-86-7368668. Pingdu City Politics and Law Committee, which issued an order to award large sums of money for the arrest of practitioners who were destitute and homeless; telephone 011-86-7364722. Pingdu municipal public security bureau political security section Shi Weibing, who has sent nine Falun Dafa practitioners to mental hospitals and more than 10 students to labor camps. Under his charge, over one thousand practitioners were detained and fined; two practitioners were persecuted to death. Telephone 011-86-8319300. Thugs: Yu Bin, Sun Yuhai, and others. Pingdu Liangmu village township government officials, Mu Chunyang and Pan XX; Local police station thugs: Zhang Junjian burned practitioners' foreheads with a red-hot poker, and the scars still remain; Wicked policemen: Li Yaoguo, Yu Tao, Lu Yongyan, Zhang Faren, Zhang Degang, Long XX, and Jue XX. [Wuhan, Hubei Province] President of the Asia-Pacific Hospital of Wuhan University Sells Out His Professional Ethics Huang Congxin is the president of the Asia-Pacific Hospital of Wuhan University (formerly known as of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hubei Provincial People's Hospital). Wang Gaohua, male, is the Director of the Mental Disorder Section. Wang Xiaoyang, female, is the Deputy Director of the same section. Since July 20, 1999, all three have played criminal roles in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. They have sold out their professional ethics and their own consciences in exchange for indecent profits. They have conspired with the Wuhan City Police, who are attempting to legitimize their own criminal acts, and have turned the Mental Disorder section of the hospital into a prison for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. From what little information is known, it is certain that at least four practitioners have been held in custody by the hospital. One of these, a practitioner with the surname Yao, is still missing, and it is unknown whether Yao is still alive. Among these three mental health professionals, Deputy Director Wang is nefarious to the extreme. She arrogantly boasts, "I simply want to be the rogue, and who dares to touch me?" We hereby appeal to all people around the world who champion righteousness to help Falun Gong and to stop this inhumane persecution. [Chongqing, Sichuan Province] Report from the Chongqing Female Labor Camp December 28, 2000, in an attempt to break free of the cumbersome pall of the "dedicated assignment" system, quite a few practitioners in the enclosed public area started reciting "Lunyu" [Teacher's article at the beginning of the book Zhuan Falun]. Immediately, the "treatment educators," assigned to individually monitor specific Falun Gong practitioners pushed and dragged the practitioners back to their cells. Practitioners continued to recite "Lunyu" while being beaten and dragged. Those who persisted in practicing Falun Gong exercises were handcuffed and beaten by the "treatment educators," then thrown into small cells. A large majority of the practitioners went on a 5-day hunger strike to protest. After that, all practitioners were locked in their cells for several days. On January 7, 2001, the Bureau of Reeducation through Forced Labor and the Bureau of Administration of Justice sent someone with the last name of Jin to do the "transformation" job. Falun Dafa practitioners legitimately raised the point: "we do not listen to lies." To make her listen, one practitioner was beaten, her arms were twisted, her mouth was muffled, and she was held down on the ground. January 8, 2001: When gathered together at noon, all Falun Dafa practitioners stood up and recited the Teacher's article "Law Right,"[Essentials for Further Advances] and refused to respond to roll call for the headcount, to protest their persecution. The 24-hour "dedicated assignment" system prohibited recital of the Fa, practice of the exercises, and even free conversation. Practitioners who did so were immediately beaten and dragged into cells. Each of the next few days, practitioners were cruelly tortured for reciting the Fa and practicing the exercises. Some were tied or handcuffed with arms bent backward (with one arm bent down from shoulder and one up from waist) for wiping off articles that defamed Falun Dafa from the blackboard. After some practitioners had been on a hunger strike for several days, they were sent against their will to the headquarters of the labor camp to attend the so-called "getting a clear understanding of the situation" meeting. During the meeting, some practitioners proclaimed "Falun Dafa is the righteous law" and "To sabotage Falun Dafa is not allowed by the cosmic principles." Cadres and the "treatment educators" sealed practitioners' mouths shut with shipping tape, pulled their hair, twisted their wrists, and choked them. Afterwards, all practitioners were ordered to stand for 16 to 17 hours a day as punishment. This punishment lasted till February 22. During this time, some had been continuously handcuffed for over 20 days, while others were handcuffed for 15 days. While handcuffed, these practitioners could not wash their faces, take off their clothes when sleeping, or pull the blankets over themselves for over half a month. They had to sleep with the doors open. Urine and waste were held in basins, placed beside them. The basins were never emptied until completely full. January 27, 2001, Falun Gong practitioners were forced to watch a TV program called "Focal Interviews." Whenever Falun Dafa was defamed in the program, practitioners said "Evils should be suffocated" and "Falun Dafa is the truth of the cosmos." Immediately, they were hit and scolded by cadres and the "treatment educators," and had their mouths sealed shut with wide, transparent shipping tape. On February 24, practitioners were forced to put on labor camp uniforms and to wear badges on their chest. Whoever did not comply had their arms twisted by the "treatment educators," were beaten, or were even stripped down to their underwear. During the gathering on the 26th, some Falun Dafa practitioners recited "Lunyu" and were savagely beaten again. Some were handcuffed with only the tips of their toes touching the ground for seven days. Then they were made to do "forced standing from early morning to late at night. [Guangzhou, Guangdong Province] Politics and Law Committee Illegally Holds Falun Dafa Practitioners for "Transformation" The Politics and Law Committee of Dongshan District, in Guangzhou City, is illegally holding about 20 or so Falun Dafa practitioners in the 4th reception facility of Guangzhou Military Area Guest House, in Meihuayuan. These practitioners were arrested or abducted just before the Spring Festival or during the assemblies of the National People's Congress and the National People's Political Consultative Conference. Those who have been held the longest have been there for close to four months. Two practitioners have been sent to the Chatou Labor Camp. One has been sent to Huangpu Drug Treatment Center. One practitioner was sent home, but only to live under surveillance. There are still 16 practitioners in custody. The authorities have threatened that those who "refuse to be transformed" will be held indefinitely, or will be sent to Huadu for "compulsory transformation." To block the dissemination of too much information, the rules state that regular employees are not allowed to go home. These employees are in fact "in custody," as well. Supervisory departments do not dare allow employees to talk too much with the practitioners who are firm with Falun Dafa. They are afraid of employees being transformed by the practitioners, once they learn the facts, and the truth is clarified. They have also hired temporary employees and off-duty police officers to substitute for regular employees. This facility was originally the legal training center of the Dongshan District, but it has been converted into a base where the continued persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners is carried out. [Huizhou City, Guangdong Province] Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province Yang Lihong, Zhou Li, Ji Xiumei (female), Lei Jianming, and other Falun Dafa practitioners were sentenced to 2 years of forced labor for going to Beijing to appeal or distributing Dafa materials to clarify the truth. They were sent to Sanshui City, Guangdong Province and have still not been released from the labor camp. Six Falun Dafa practitioners, including Chen Qiang, were forcibly detained in a labor camp in Huizhou City by the Politics and Law Committee and other departments for their persistence in practicing Falun Dafa. They were forced to attend a "reform" class (class where practitioners are forced to give up practicing Falun Gong). The "reform" work has not been finished yet. Li Hengjun was held in the Detention Center of Huizhou City for 16 days for going to Beijing to appeal. Practitioners, including Li Guanping and Chen Jingsong, have been held since January 2000 in the Detention Center of Huizhou City for going to Beijing to appeal or distributing Dafa materials that clarify the truth to people. The Party Committee, the government, the Politics and Law Committee and so on of Huicheng District in Huizhou City issued an order to forcibly detain Falun Dafa practitioners in Huicheng District in January 2001. Those practitioners who belonged to work units were detained by their work units, those without work units were sent to a Drug Rehabilitation Center. They were not allowed to go home. They have been detained for 3 months and have not yet been released. Deng Yuping and Huang Weiying were detained in the office building of the rural cooperative credit union of Huicheng District. Ten practitioners, including Ji Cheng, Zhang Haikuan, Feng Guofu, Li Shujun, Zou Meixin, and Li Guiying were detained in the guesthouse of Weiguo Machinery Factory in Huizhou City. One practitioner's critically ill father called many times asking that his son be allowed to go home. However, the Politics and Law Committee of Huicheng District, the Politics and Law Committee of Huizhou City and other departments would allow the practitioner to go home only if escorted by police, but with the requirement that the practitioner pay for all the police's traveling expenses. Because this practitioner has had financial difficulty to this day, he still has not been allowed to go home to visit his relatives. Practitioners other than those mentioned above were all monitored; their phones were tapped and they were followed. Special personnel were assigned to take the responsibility of monitoring them. The Organizational Section of the Party Committee required the Falun Dafa practitioners who were Party members to write a statement promising not to practice Falun Dafa or participate in any Falun Dafa activities. [Zhang City, China] Loudspeakers Suffocate the Evil One day in early April 2001, Falun Dafa practitioners installed a loudspeaker in the Xuanhua Detention Center in Zhang City. The broadcasted contents included "Regarding the criminal means used by the evil forces to "reform" Falun Dafa practitioners." It lasted for about half an hour and effectively suffocated the evil. [China] With Firm Righteous Thoughts, the Evil Force Dies on Its Own Recently, while distributing truth-clarifying materials during the day, a Falun Dafa practitioner was arrested and sent to a local police station. At that time, he still had some materials with him that had not yet been distributed. He pondered about how he could send these precious materials to people with pre-destined relationships. At night, two policemen handcuffed his hands to the heating pipes and went to another room to watch TV. He gently rubbed his palm along the handcuff and his right hand was able to slip free. This practitioner then jumped out of the window with the handcuffs still on his left hand. He got over a hill, arrived in a nearby county and distributed the rest of the materials. On April 24, this practitioner was arrested once again. He thought that he should not let the evil force take him away. The police went to search the house he was renting, leaving only the driver in the police car to watch him. At that moment, the driver discovered that the rear tire had gone flat, so he drove to the closest auto shop for a new tire. But this auto shop could not do the repair work. Therefore, the driver had to drive to a more distant auto shop. At this point, the practitioner manage to open the door of the car and once again break free from the evil interference and throw himself back into the mighty torrent of Fa-rectification. At any time, if we just have firm faith in our Teacher and Dafa, and have righteous thoughts, the evil force will die on its own! [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Residential Committee Registers Falun Dafa Practitioners In recent days, the residential committees of all local districts in Changchun City began to register Falun Dafa practitioners under their jurisdiction. We call on people to pay attention to this matter. [Beijing] Beijing Will Hold More "Reform Classes" Around "May 1st" It is said that around "May 1st", Beijing will assemble together all the steadfast practitioners and hold a so-called "reform" class for them. The practitioners are forced to pay for all expenses incurred during the "reforming" period. We hope that all Falun Dafa practitioners will resist these actions that violate the constitution and the law. April 26, 2001