[Minghui Net] [Shanghai] News From Shanghai We have recently learned more about the story of Dafa practitioner Yang Xueqin. After he was injured, he was sent to a hospital emergency room. After receiving medical treatment, he was out of danger, able to speak, and his mind was clear. His sister wanted to go take care of him at night, but she was not allowed to do so. Many armed policemen got into the hospital, probably trying to force him to make a confession. Yang Xueqin died the next day. Although we do not have know exactly what transpired that evening, , we are convinced that his death was at the hands of the authorities and a result of injuries he received due to persecution. Li Tao, a graduate student at Shanghai Transportation University, was sent to jail by his department. The authorities persecuting him in the jail failed to "transform" him, so they sent him to a labor camp. [Northeast China] Practitioners in The Northeast Region Distributed Over 560,000 copies of Falun Dafa Materials In a city in Northeast China, Dafa practitioners clarified the truth and offered people salvation. Materials telling the truth about Falun Gong could be seen everywhere in the city, and people liked the materials. Since practitioners first started to disclose the truth about the self-immolation incident more than 560,000 copies of the fliers have been distributed. There were colored characters reading "Falun Dafa is good," and "Restore the clean reputation of our Teacher" on the walls at the City Government, police stations, and on many streets. These greatly helped to suffocate the evil. A Righteous Middle-school Teacher In a city in Northeast China, a high school carried out the activity of collecting signatures against Falun Gong. A teacher, who is not a practitioner, told the students in the class, "None of us is going to sign. You can just study in the classroom during this time." Later on, this teacher told some Dafa practitioners, "I respect you Falun Gong practitioners." Persecution of Falun Gong Results in Increased Crime Rates In one city, the crime rate has increased significantly since the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999. Violent cases have increased more than 20% annually, and 30% of the murder cases remain unsolved. As a result, many murderers are at large. All of the policemen are busy arresting and torturing Dafa practitioners. Therefore, there is a serious shortage of manpower for public safety. [Beijing] A Scientist from The Chinese Academy of Science is Sentenced to Three Years in Labor Camp For Practicing Falun Gong Yu Sixia, a Male, is 28 years old. When he was only 13 years old, he entered the early youth class of the Wuhan University of Science and Technology. By the time he reached 17, he was admitted as a graduate student by the Chinese University of Science and Technology. In 1994, he went to Austria to study for his Ph.D. degree. During this time, he started to practice Falun Dafa. After he got his degree, he came back to China and worked in the Physics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science. He is an excellent scientist. Very energetic and capable, Yu Sixia is ready to offer his ability and wisdom to society. However, persecutors have recently sentenced him to three years of forced labor. [Changping County, Beijing] Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Changping Detention Center After unfurling a banner reading "Falun Dafa is good," I was arrested and sent to the Changping Detention Center. Policemen there dragged us off the bus and forcefully took pictures of us. The brutal persecutors almost broke my fingers while forcing me to give fingerprints. We were then divided into groups and sent to different police stations in Changping City. Perpetrators there tried to force us to tell them our names and addresses. We all refused. The next day, we were transferred back to Changping Detention Center. At first, we were put into a confinement cell, where there were already seven other Dafa practitioners. All of us went on hunger strike to protest against the persecution. By the next afternoon, persecutors started to force-feed us. One of the inmates, who was not a practitioner, seized my head while two others sat on my legs. A doctor from the detention center pressed one of his feet on my forehead. It seemed as though the bones of my legs were about to break. The doctor savagely forced a tube into my stomach, not even thinking about how far he should go. Another doctor named Hu was even worse. Twice, he forced the tube into my trachea. I could not breathe, so I struggled to grab the tube and pulled it out. I told him, "You made a mistake and put the tube into my trachea!" He replied viciously, "Don't you Falun Gong practitioners fear death?" I told him, "If you don't have any sense of responsibility, then do whatever you like." Knowing that he was wrong, he was speechless. My stomach hurt badly because of their savage moves, and I could not go to sleep. Every time they forcefully fed me using the tube, tears would run out of my eyes. I also got an inflammation in my trachea. Several other practitioners also had blood in their saliva. Two practitioners were menstruating, but the persecutors did not give them any toilet tissues for their personal care. Since there was no water, we could not even wash our faces. On the third day of force-feeding, right before the afternoon feeding, we strongly insisted they supply us with toilet tissue and also protested against the force-feedings. Perpetrators told one practitioner to go get the toilet tissue. But, when she reached the hallway, they forced her down on the floor and force-fed her again. After awhile, two vicious inmates, Liu Lina and Zhong Chuhong, (we later learned that they were drug addicts) came in to pull us out of the cell. Since I am not very strong, I was pulled out. I wanted to protest using my life, so I tried to slam my head against the wall. However, they stopped me right away and force-fed me again. After the force-feeding, they kicked me onto the floor and dragged me back. On my way back, I saw another practitioner slam her head against the wall, and she fainted. Yet the perpetrators were totally inhumane. They slapped her face to wake her up, and force-fed her anyway. I asked to see the Chief, but they claimed that he had gone out for a meeting. The perpetrators found out that when we were together we became very strong, so they separated us into different cells. At this time a righteous thought arose in my mind: I vomited the food they forced into my stomach right away, soiling my face and head. The perpetrators could only get one or two syringes of the feeding solution into my stomach at most. For this, the inmates slapped my face many times, and said I was dirty. I was very weak, and they were afraid that I would die in the cell, so they put me into the same cell as Liu Lina and Zhong Chuhong. Persecutors instigated the two inmates to try to force me into eating or accepting the force-feeding. However, their scheme failed. I bore all the pain quietly. A doctor named Chen also threatened me. She said, "If we can not feed you smoothly, we will leave the tube in your stomach." I was not affected by his threats, and continued my hunger strike. On the 11th day of my hunger strike, I was finally released. During my detention, although the disciplinary guards did not torture us themselves, they inhumanely instigated the other inmates to beat us. This method is even more vicious. [Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Some Facts About the Persecution of Dafa practitioners by the Xingtanglongzhou Police Station In Dec 2000, I unfurled a banner that read "Falun Dafa is Good" in Tiananmen Square, clarifying the truth to people. Right after I lifted the banner, a policeman kicked me down to the ground breaking two of my ribs. For a moment, I could not move, speak, or even breathe. The policeman threw me into a police car and drove me to Tiananmen Police Station. Since there were simply too many practitioners (like myself) who would not tell their names and addresses, all the detention centers and police stations around Beijing were filled. As a result, I was transferred to the Xingtanglongzhou police station in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. To my surprise, persecutors there were even worse. Right after I arrived, a policeman said, "Tell me your name and address. Otherwise I will send you to a place in the mountains. From there, you won't be able to find your way home. Even if we beat a practitioner like you to death, it won't be a big deal. It's just like killing a baby chicken." I replied, "Aren't you afraid of violating the law if you beat people to death?" He said, "Beating you practitioners to death is not a crime." At first, I was a bit afraid. I feared that I would never see my child again. But, after thinking it over again, I decided to bear the suffering myself. If I went back, I would involve all the officials and policemen in my city. So, I kept my mouth shut. Seeing this, an officer named Chen ordered 7 or 8 policemen to beat me up. One policeman kicked me right on my broken ribs. I cried out, "My ribs were broken by the policemen in Beijing, please don't kick me there." The policeman said viciously, "I want to kick where it makes you suffer the most. In your case, it's your ribs. So, I will hit you right there. Here we are ten times worse than the police in Beijing. I will also curse you!" After he said that, he started to abuse me with a lot of dirty words. When they got tired, they asked me again for my name and address. I still would not tell them. Then they used electric batons to torture me. Seeing that electric batons did not work either, they tortured me with another instrument. They forced me to sit on a bench and handcuffed my hands together. Then, they tied my thumbs up with a kind of electric wire, which was linked to a hand-powered generator. The perpetrators then spun the rotor with their hands. The current got stronger and stronger. Afraid that I would move, two policemen held my shoulders from the back. Another policeman pulled my hair and beat me while saying, "Will you tell your address? Would you still practice?" It was so painful that I rolled down from the bench to the floor. They tortured me like this for about half an hour. Finally I could not bear it any more, so I told them my name and address, and they stopped. My faced was covered with black and blue bruises, and I could hardly breathe. I became so exhausted that it took me a long time to recover. All fourteen practitioners who were sent there together with me were tortured. As the result of being tortured with electric batons, some practitioners' faces were bleeding. Some had their hands and feet broken, and one became incontinent. The inhumane persecutors even tortured a pregnant woman. The electric shocks swelled her face. They kicked her in her lower abdomen, saying that they wanted to kill the baby inside. In those few hours my body and heart went through the worst suffering that I have ever been through. The vicious faces of the policemen, violent curses, and the noise of electric batons... All of these are the result of my saying the truth that Falun Dafa is good, and all of these are the proof of "best period of human rights" as claimed by Jiang Zemin. [Mancheng County, Hebei Province] Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Mancheng Detention Center In the police Department of Mancheng County, there are some vile policemen and policewomen headed by Zhao Yuxia. Using extremely vicious methods, they persecute Dafa practitioners. They arrest innocent citizens and put them into the detention center. Liu Dongxue (the husband of Fan Shuyin) has been detained in the detention center for several months. Persecutors have sentenced him to prison. Fan Shuyin was arrested at the same time, but Fan went on hunger strike for nine days and was released. She was fined 4000 Yuan RMB (The average monthly salary in urban areas is about 500 Yuan). Depending on each other, she and her son led a life filled with many hardships. Now is the time of spring plowing, so she has been busy working in the field. Yet, she has been arrested again and sentenced to two years in prison. Her young son has been left behind at home with no way to support himself. The Administrative Protection Division of the Police Department often uses two methods of persecution. One way is that they extort money. If they see a practitioner is very determined, they will cheat the family members. Police threaten them that if the practitioner does not write a written pledge against Falun Gong, he/she will be sent to labor camp. Also, their children will be expelled from their school, and their parents will be fired from their jobs. Many family members believe these lies and become terrified. They pay briberies or fines. The other method is to illegally sentence the practitioners or send them to labor camps. Some practitioners' family members are very poor. So, they cannot afford the fine or bribe. Some other family members know that Falun Gong practitioners are good people, and they refused to pay fines. Persecutors cannot extort money, so they frame these practitioners and either sentence them to prison or confine them in labor camps illegally. [Yushu City, Jilin Province] Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Yushu Detention Center Yushu Detention Center in Jilin Province is a dark den of evil forces. From the director to the disciplinary guards, all the staff in the detention center cannot tell right from wrong. In the past two years, they have been brutally persecuting several hundred Dafa practitioners. The two directors led the group of vicious disciplinary guards into the cells with inch-thick plastic pipes (they call the pipes "small white dragons") and beat up every practitioner who has been practicing or reciting Dafa. A disciplinary guard named Xu Jiufei said viciously, "Beat them as hard as you can. We have permission from above that we can beat three persons to death every year!" Dafa practitioners went on hunger strike to protest against their illegal action of stealing Dafa books from practitioners. However, the perpetrators still forced practitioners to do hard labor on the fourth day of their hunger strike. The two directors said, "They are not human beings, so we must treat them like this!" Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, we got up and started to practice. Some disciplinary guards came in and beat us up, and then forced us to stay outside in the freezing cold. We were not allowed to wear cotton stuffed coats. The temperature outside was about --28 C or --18 F. We were often forced to stay outside like this for 2 or 3 hours at a time. In one extreme case, eight practitioners were tortured by four disciplinary guards for an hour and a half. Then the guards forced the practitioners to stay outside in the freezing weather wearing thin clothes. Even though some of the practitioners fainted, two disciplinary guards, named Sun and Zhang, stood at the doorway and would not allow practitioners to get in. The guards said, "They faked it." Another time, disciplinary guards Wang Fei and Jiao Shuxia forced Dafa practitioners to lie on the floor facing down. Then they splashed cold water onto the practitioners, soaking their cotton-stuffed clothes. Practitioner Liu Shujuan did the exercises, so the perpetrators put handcuffs and shackles on her for many days. Since the handcuffs and shackles were linked together, she could not straighten her back and could not even use the bathroom without help. The persecutors even forced her to walk laps with the handcuffs and shackles! It is very clear that the people who execute the law violate the law when putting us into the detention center. Yet, they viciously accuse us of being selfish and that we do not care about our family and our relatives. We only want to study Dafa and do the exercises. We have not violated any law. Yet, we have been inhumanly persecuted like this. Is this what Jiang Zemin means by the phrase, "Manage the state with the law, manage the state with virtue"? [Yushu City, Jilin Province] What We Witnessed in Yushu City Detention Center On September 21, 1999, leaders of the Education Department and No.1 Middle school, afraid of being fired, lured myself and a group of practitioners to our work units, and from there sent us to the city detention center, where we underwent persecutions worse than anything that had happened in our lives before. Because I hadn't committed any crime, I refused to participate in any forms of "transformation," refusing to attend the drill and recite the rules. I also insisted on doing the exercises and asked to see the Mayor to get an unconditional release. In the beginning, Officer Wei Fucheng held a meeting for us, using both threats and persuasion. He also said, "You know what a detention center is; if you don't comply with the regulations here, we have many means to deal with you." We were not frightened by his words, and still insisted on studying the Fa and doing the exercises. In the end, we went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. The prison officials got scared. They rounded up a group of thugs, who rushed, shouting, into our cells. They violently beat practitioners Wang Baogong, Han Yuzhu, Wu Xiaoguang, Tan Qiucheng, and Zhang Liyou with plastic tubes. The policemen's hands were wet with blood when they finished. They then handcuffed the practitioners and squeezed them into vehicles. One practitioner's shoes were missing, and they did not allow him to pick them up. We witnessed the brutality of these policemen persecuting Dafa practitioners. We shouted, "Don't beat people! Don't beat people!" I also shouted, "Police shouldn't beat people, only criminals beat people." However, these malicious policemen had abandoned their human nature. They kicked open the door of my cell, and charged at me, eyes red with rage, and kicked me down to the ground. Several held me on the ground, while the others whipped me madly with plastic pipes for a long time. Finally I couldn't endure the pain and groaned. They then stopped the torture. They handcuffed me; then one policeman grabbed my clothes, some others lifted my feet, and they carried me to the corridor and threw me on the ground. My chin hit the ground first and became black and blue right away. I struggled to stand up; the guard Hu Haijun slapped my face brutally. I did not hate them, but felt that these malicious policemen who carried out their superiors' evil plans were so pitiful. Right after that, a policeman grabbed me by my hair and pushed me into a police vehicle. Several policemen threw me into the vehicle. I fell right on top of a male practitioner. We were then transferred to a detention center. A big bunch of my hair had been pulled out. I had to sleep facedown for several days and was unable to turn my body. Even in my dreams I moaned, "it hurts, it hurts!" Two months later, because what I did was not enough to be sentenced to a labor camp, and I refused to be "transformed" and give up my belief, they sent me back to the detention center. I learned from other practitioners that while I was gone, several practitioners were tortured for practicing the exercises, and were forced to lie on the cold cement floor. Some practitioners were beaten for refusing to attend the drill; one practitioner suffered a dislocated jaw. Two other practitioners were "stretched" for three days and nights after torture [Note: "stretching" means binding people's hands and feet then widely separating their limbs while keeping them in this position for a long time. It is very painful]. After several days, Practitioner Liu Shujuan (a 50-year-old lady) who appealed in Beijing and two other practitioners who were arrested on the way to Beijing were sent back to the detention center at the same time. On the next morning, they practiced the exercises. The guards summoned them to the office, and began not only punching and kicking them, but even beat their faces with a leather boot. They were then physically punished by being held in the "flying plane" position [ Note: a physical torture position with head forced down, and arms bound at the back and raised up high]. Several days later, one practitioner recited Teacher's articles, and practitioner Liu Shujuan practiced the exercises. They were then handcuffed, with both hands chained overhead to two iron poles, so that their bodies were fully stretched out. In the evening, Liu Shujuan needed to defecate. We then asked the guard for a pan, but they said that they did not have any pans. We then asked the guards to open the handcuffs, but our request was rejected. The next morning when the guards came to work, we asked the female guard Jiao Shuxia to allow Liu's to go to the bathroom and resolve the problem, but she said, "Not my business." We had no choice but used two plastic bags and the excrement still sprayed on the bed. During the rest period, some personnel from the Politics and Security Section came in. We practiced the exercises as a form of protest, asking them to solve the problem of going to bathroom for those who were suffering the "stretching". However, guard Xu Jiufei grabbed my hair and dragged me to the ground from the bed, and then started kicking my private parts (for a long time after that, I felt pain when urinating.) They then seized my hair and dragged me barefoot to the guardroom, shouting abuse at me. The guard on duty that day, Yang Zhifei, beat me with a plastic pipe, and said, "If I were Jiang Zemin, I wouldn't correct my mistake even if I realized it. I would continue the persecution to the last minute!" I don't remember how long the torture lasted; he finally became tired and out of breath. The plastic pipe was broken. I said, "You see, even the plastic pipe was broken." But the guard Wang Fei said, "We have plenty of pipes here." Upon saying these words, he got another one. Probably the malicious policeman was too tired; he did not beat me any more, but he physically punished me by forcing me to stand on the cement ground with bare feet. I was in the middle of my menstrual period; I had not eaten anything in the morning; then there was the torture. All of these made me feel weak: I vomited up some bile, and I felt like I could not breathe. I could hardly hear their voices, and had a feeling of being isolated from the world. My instinct told me that I was about to pass out, so I asked for some cold water. I recovered after drinking some water. I then squatted down on the ground. They realized that I really couldn't endure any longer; so they returned me to the cell. After one year, my legs still bear the marks of the beatings. This is an example of what Jiang Zemin claimed is "the best time in history for human rights in China!" I hope those policemen who were deceived by Jiang's lies can wake up soon, become good people, and don't ruin their future. [Fuping County, Hebei Province] The Evil Acts of Policemen On July 22, 1999, after the government started to persecute Dafa, Fuping Dafa practitioners Yuan Guihua, Zhang Lianfen, Liu Gairong, and Xin Guozhi went to Beijing to appeal and were illegally detained in Fuping detention center. The tortures used there were very inhuman. Liu Gairong's hands were handcuffed. One policeman grinned hideously and shocked her two hands unceasingly. Another policeman said with surprise, "Dafa practitioners are so remarkable; she has no reaction to the shock." The policeman grabbed the electric baton and shocked Liu's face repeatedly, while verbally insulting her. Electric sparks flew all about Liu's face. When this policeman saw that she still didn't give up, he said ferociously, "Ask the security guards to torture them." During the 40 days of illegal detention, the policemen not only inhumanly tortured the practitioners but also did not allow them leave their cells. Policemen also threatened practitioners' families until they paid money; the highest fine reached 10,000 Yuan. Yuan Guihua, Zhang Lianfen, Liu Gairong, and Xin Guozhi are good wives and loving mothers at home, and they like helping other people; their moral qualities are very high. Whoever met them would say they are nice people. Falun Dafa teaches people to be benevolent; they could not understand what they have done wrong by following Falun Dafa's principle of being a person with good moral character. Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. The evil people's crimes are being recorded by heaven, the earth, and history. [Beijing City] Beijing Dafa Practitioner Yang Xienan Sentenced to Eighteen Months in Labor Camp Beijing Dafa practitioner Yang Xienan is a retired teacher from Xinxing Elementary School in the Xicheng district. She was sentenced to one and a half years in labor camp recently for cultivating Dafa firmly. Yang was arrested on the third day of the Chinese Lunar Year; the information about her sentence was obtained recently. Yang Xienan was very nice and modest. She was loved by her colleagues and students. She was the center of her family, which included parents-in-law and children. [Beijing City] Beijing Dafa Practitioner Li Chunyuan Sentenced to One and A Half Years in Labor Camp Beijing Dafa practitioner Li Chunyuan, a male of Korean nationality, is a college teacher from Central Nationality University. The Beijing Police arrested him on December 28, 2000. The information obtained recently verified that he had been sentenced to one and a half years in labor camp. Before the arrest, Li Yuanchun enthusiastically promoted Dafa and validated Dafa. He tried to sue Jiang Zemin through legal channels, petitioning the Department of Law Establishment and Judiciary to try to restore the reputation of Dafa. His arrest may have something to do with this. Li's mother is old, and can only speak Korean; it is difficult for her to communicate with people in Beijing. She cries every day, waiting for her son's return. Some kindhearted people inquired at the Nationality University, but the school evaded its responsibility by saying that the arrest was done by the police department. I met Li Chunyuan last year. He said that he had no concern about his own life. His heart is selflessly devoted to Dafa. [Beijing City] Please Pay Attention to Beijing Dafa Practitioner Shan Jiming Dafa practitioner Shan Jiming, originally from Shandong province, retired from his job as security guard. Minghui net has published articles mentioning his great efforts in promoting Dafa. According to inside information, Shan was arrested several months ago, and is still being detained in Beijing Security Bureau, Branch Four, undergoing all kind of tortures. Shan's case is unusually serious; Luo Gan has taken an interest in it. Thus the inside sources didn't dare to say too much. It is revealed that Shan looked down on the evil; he is being viciously tortured by his captors with all kinds of instruments. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] List of Ruffians in the Changchun Train Factory Wang Guotai, Ma Shukun, Hu Yongqi, Guo Hongwei Those who were punished for practicing Falun Gong since July 20, 1999 include: Zhang Jianhua, Xie Changchun, Meng Fanwu, Liang Meihua, Li Qiaoyun, Li Wenlong, Zhou Yangang, Xiao Benying, Sun Guanghua, Xing Zhong Those who were dismissed from their factory and labor contracts for practicing Falun Gong include: Wang Juncheng, Wang Hongge, Chang Shige, Meng Fanli, Yang Xuemei, Shao Weixin April 22, 2001