[Minghui Net] [China]"Your Article Cannot Be Published Because the Word "Truth" Is Included in It." To cooperate with the process of the Teacher's Fa-rectification, and make sure that more predestined people obtain the Fa, I have recently been promoting Dafa by posting articles on the guest books of various major websites. Several days ago, I tried to post the Teacher's 'Lun Yu' [the forewords in Zhuan Falun] on the guest book of the Souhu website. However, I was unable to post it no matter how hard I tried. I read the error message carefully, and this is what I found: "Sorry, your article cannot be published because the word "truth" is included in it." I was shocked. When the villains had control, no matter how vicious they were, they still needed some way to veil their words. I really don't know how to explain Jiang Zemin's followers, who brazenly forbid the "truth," a moral standard unanimously recognized by the people of the whole world. If the Chinese Internet cannot tolerate the "truth," what is left? [Shashi, Hubei Province] Police Brutally Torture Falun Dafa Practitioners The Shashi Public Security Bureau of Hubei Province has continuously persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners. They used various means to extort about 10,000 Yuan RMB from family members of each local Dafa practitioner, illegally detained by the public security officers. Since Dafa practitioners have been illegally detained or sent to labor camps, the means of torture used by the police have continuously escalated, especially recently. In the last ten days of December 2000, Dafa practitioners Liu Yazhen, Chen Youhong and Chen Jingjiang were arrested because they had distributed materials clarifying the truth, and they were sentenced to 3~4 years of imprisonment. Meanwhile, other Dafa practitioners including Du Huifang, Li Delin and Tao Shue were arrested and illegally detained for about 3 months. In March 2001, another 7 Dafa practitioners were arrested because they distributed materials clarifying the truth about the "self-immolation incident." They were all brutally beaten and tortured, and are still being illegally detained at Shashi's Detention Center, Number 1. Among them, Deng Tianyu was beaten to the point that his retina became detached, and one of her eyes went blind. Xu Ying was forcibly interrogated, and was not allowed to sleep for nine days straight. Her whole body was bruised from the beatings she received, and the joints of her body still cannot move. From March 6 to 14, Yang Xianfeng (female) was not allowed to close her eyes in order to take a rest. Guo X, Liu X, Xu X, Yang X and Li X from Section 1 took turns to guard her, and four of them, excluding Li X, successively beat her brutally. Xu X threatened, "Don't give her external wounds, we should beat her in order to cause internal injuries. If she dies, we can say that she committed suicide!" They put chili water into Yang Xianfeng's eyes and mouth, and inserted a lit cigarette in her nostril. Then they used a towel to gag her and covered her head with a quilt. She was forced to raise her hands behind her back with head down, which is called "flying an airplane." They used an iron plate to brutally slap her face and violently stomped on her back. Her whole body was bruised as a result of the torture, and two joints of her left arm were dislocated. Dafa practitioner Wan Xuanfang was arrested on March 7. The police detained her along with a male drug-addict in a cell of Chaoyang Police Station. Half an hour later, while the police were taking pleasure in watching the situation, they saw that that criminal had an attack of drug withdrawal. He didn't hurt Wan Xuanfang at all. They then brought in two other male criminals and told them, "Take good care of her!" Those criminals understood the policemen and went into the cell. At that moment, they had come to a critical point. Wan Xuanfang kept shouting in her heart, "Teacher, please protect me!" Just at the crucial moment, her family members "happened" to arrive, and Wan Xuanfang escaped from being raped. [Hefei City, Anhui Province] Police From Nantong City of Jiangsu Province Drop Murder Cases in Order to Pursue And Capture Dafa Practitioners Near the end of 2000, several Falun Dafa practitioners from Nantong City of Jiangsu Province went to Hefei City of Anhui Province in order to elude persecution. They continued to clarify the truth and expose the evil to the people who lived there. Police in Nantong City used a great deal of manpower and spent a lot of money to try to capture them. Nearly forty policemen were sent to Hefei. By the end of January 2001, they found and captured two of the practitioners. In early February, they arrested Junior Lu and two of his family members at their rented house. One by one they arrested all but one of the other practitioners. The police in Nantong City offered an unbelievable reward in the amount of 200,000 Yuan (equal to $25,000/by translator) for his capture. What is even more ridiculous is that the police in Nantong City dropped all of their homicide cases in order to use the manpower to pursue Dafa practitioners. In early April, they finally captured the last practitioner from Nantong City. In the meantime, Zhen Quan, a practitioner from Wuhu City of Anhui Province suddenly disappeared. It is said that the police from Nantong City arrested him. Liu Gang, a college student from Anhui Architecture Engineering College, was arrested as well. Telephone number of the 1st Politics and Security Section of Nantong Public Security Bureau is (86) (513) 351-2265. [Weifang City, Shandong Province] Criminals in the Xincheng Neighborhood Office in Weifang City, Break into Practitioner's Homes to Arrest Them On April 11, 2001, about 20 thugs including Cai Jinsan, Li Yongjie, Wang Baoxue etc. from the Xincheng Neighborhood Office in the Newly Developed Zone of Weifang City, climbed over the wall and broke into Falun Dafa practitioners' Dai Yongxue and Zhang Daozhong's homes in an attempt to illegally arrest them by force. Their attempts failed because the practitioners strongly and justly denounced them. On the night of April 18, between 11:30 and 12:00, those same thugs broke in again. This time they had electric batons and other lethal weapons in their hands. They knocked down Wang Xinjun, (Dai Yongxue's wife, also a Falun Dafa practitioner). They were so loud that the neighbors woke up. They witnessed and denounced the criminals. Telephone number of Xincheng Neighborhood Office in the Newly Developed District of Weifang City: 86-536-8880787 Criminal Cai Jinsan's home number: 86-536-8880086 [Hubei Province] The Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Shayang Labor Camp. In Sub-Team 203 of Shayang Labor Camp in Hubei Province, policewomen Gong Sanxiu and Ouyang Daixia are active in persecuting detained practitioners. When practitioners continue cultivating Dafa, they sometimes give them a hypocritical look or try to persuade them with "pleasant words". Sometimes they sneer at or mock the practitioners. Other times they swear at the practitioners or unleash all of their ferocity. They even assign drug-addicts to watch over Falun Dafa practitioners, who are not allowed to talk or even to look at each other. In addition, the practitioners have to report before they can use the toilet. Once the practitioners were asked to take a class. The so-called class actually consisted of slandering Falun Gong. A practitioner named Lei Xiaoyun refused to go. As a result, Gong Sanxiu ordered two people to drag her there by force. The practitioner didn't even have chance to put on her shoes. In December last year it was very cold. At about 4 o'clock in the morning, female practitioner Chen Guozheng was stripped naked except for her pants simply because she practiced Falun Gong exercises and bothered no one. Another morning, police called her to the office and handcuffed her hands behind her back because of her practicing exercises. Xu Xizhi has been detained over term until now because she continues to cultivate Dafa and refuses to be transformed in the labor camp. As long as practitioners read the Fa, practice or transcribe Teacher's scriptures in the labor camp, their detention terms will be prolonged. The practitioners who persist in cultivating Falun Dafa and refuse to "reform" [note: give up their belief] will be sent to the 2nd Brigade to do excessive forced labor. When they are not able to finish their grueling assignments on time, they are punished by being made to stand for long periods of time or to do strenuous military training. [China] The Power of Falun Dafa Helps A Practitioner Avoid Illegal Imprisonment One practitioner was arrested due to her carelessness while promoting Falun Dafa. The authority planned to sentence her to at least three years of imprisonment. The policeman told her that if she was "reformed" they would release her immediately, but she firmly rejected them. Shortly after, this practitioner suddenly became afflicted with an eye disease. Both eyes turned red and she couldn't see anything clearly. Her father (a non-practitioner) used to have the same disease, (which would reoccur whenever he got angry.) She, however, had never had this disease before. The police became afraid and released her. She went home and kept on studying Dafa and practicing the exercises. Soon after, her eyes healed. [China] Ask For the Release of Detained Family Members Who Practice Falun Dafa Once the chief of a public security bureau put a practitioner into a detention center. The next day, the practitioner's son (also a practitioner) went to see the chief and said, "Chief, I heard that my mother refuses to eat. First, I want to clarify that the reason she refuses to eat is not because of practicing Falun Gong, but in protest of her illegal detention. You blindly follow orders from higher-ups and are illegally arresting and detaining Falun Gong practitioners. But you don't even know the real reason you are doing this. And you don't truly understand Falun Gong. Falun Gong is a good practice; and the practitioners are all good people. We are not against the government and country. These people who have benefited from Falun Gong just want to speak out the truth and say some just words for Falun Gong. It is absolutely right and doesn't violate any law. Jiang XX persecutes Falun Gong out of his selfishness and desire. He will certainly come to no good end. When Dafa is rectified, all those accomplices who have persecuted Dafa will be buried with Jiang." The chief nodded his head and thought the son's words were reasonable, so he said, "I will let your mother out of the detention center." The practitioner told him, "This also saves your own virtue." The next day, the practitioner's mother was sent back home. [Baishan city, Jilin Province] Police Illegally Arrest Falun Dafa Practitioners The higher authority distributed a quota for arresting a certain number of Falun Dafa practitioners. Under the pressure of the quota, policemen Song Shengshun and others from Wangou Town of Jiangyuan County, Baishan city, Jilin Province went to practitioners Sun Jifeng and Li Xinmei's homes and deceived them to the Wangou Town Police Station by saying that the mayor of the county wanted to talk with them. When they arrived, there were already three other female practitioners being deceived into going to the police station. After the policemen interrogated them and knew that they would persist in practicing cultivation, they illegally detained the practitioners in Jiangyuan county detention center and overloaded them with heavy work. After 24 days, each one was fined 1000 Yuan (without receipt) and released. In addition, Ma Xiaodong, a practitioner from Xinglongshan Town, Kuancheng District, Changchun City was arrested from home before New Year's Day. He was sentenced to one-year of forced labor re-education. The police ransacked his home and confiscated some Jingwen and flyers exposing the vicious forces. Ma Xiaodong is now detained in Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp, leaving his old mother unattended at home. [Huanggang city, Hubei Province] Practitioners from Huangzhou District Are Sent to Labor Camps Between May and July 2001,12 practitioners from Huangzhou District of Huanggong City, Hubei Province have been illegally put into labor camps. They are: Xu Xizhi, Liu Juhua, Lin Zeqing, Xie Hua, Liu Lianhua, Liu Zhihong, Yu Fuxiang, Long Guiquan, Hu Jun (male), Chen Santao, Fu Chunmei, and Xiong Suzhen. Last September, police of Ezhou City arrested two practitioners Wang Jiansheng and Shi Wei for speaking out the truth. They are still being detained. [China] A Case of Live Retribution One day, a practitioner attended an alumni party. During the dinner, one alumna spoke slandering words defaming Dafa. The practitioner advised him to stop. A few days later, the practitioner met him again and saw him worried and not feeling well. The schoolmate said that after the party, he felt pain in the abdomen. The doctor said it was appendicitis. His parents asked him what happened but he said nothing. His parents asked him again if he had said anything against or defaming towards Falun Dafa. (His parents used to practice Falun Gong.) He answered that it was just a joke. His parents understood the reason and told him it was a live retribution. After hearing this, the practitioner felt that the people were so lost in this world and he understood why it was so important for the practitioners to save people. We hope people will wake up. Treating Dafa kindly is the same as treating yourself kindly.