May 25, 2001

[Minghui Net] Around New-Year's Eve of 2001, government officials and policemen in the city of Langzhong, Sichuan province, secretly arrested more than 20 practitioners through the use of lies, threats, and deception. All of the arrested practitioners were beaten, fined, handcuffed, and abused in other ways, and some were sent to labor camps.

On Dec. 29, 2000, these dishonest officials secretly brought practitioner Tian Yimei to the Public Security Bureau without informing her family. Her family searched for her everywhere before finally being told that she was in police custody. Tian was detained in the Public Security Bureau building, where she was deprived of food and sleep, and the vicious policemen Hu Tianjiong, Wang Qi and He Guangyuan took turns beating and abusing her for two days. Tian's legs and buttock were severely swollen after the torture, and she was unable to walk for half a month.

Dafa practitioners Ren Lijun and Zhang Qin were arrested just for saying "Falun Dafa is good" on the street; they were interrogated and tortured, and sentenced to 2 years in a labor camp by the local authorities.

Dafa practitioners Du Ziming and Da Jianying are two honest and upright official functionaries. They were trapped and arrested by the vile police. No matter how the police interrogated, intimidated and threatened them, they were always determined in their belief in Dafa. As a result of this, they were sentenced to one year in a labor camp and were expelled from their jobs and also from the party. When Du was put on display for public humiliation, he said "I am not wrong because I try to be a good person." Two policemen immediately beat him down to the ground. His son, who worked in the government, was implicated because of him and was also removed from his position without valid reason.

Dafa practitioners Ran Yuande, Zhao Xueying, Ren Yuqing, Peng Shuzhen, and Liu Xingyu went to appeal in Beijing during the New Year's celebration of 2001. However, Beijing police arrested them and jailed them in the Chaoyang district police station. There the policemen took off their clothes and bound them, naked, to trees, exposing them to the winter cold for four hours. The police also beat their heads and ripped out their hair. More viciously, the sadistic guards put their electric batons into the practitioners' mouths to burn the sensitive flesh there. When policewoman Liu Menghua from Langzhong city went to pick up the detained practitioners and found some of the practitioners wearing red clothing, she madly tore the practitioners' clothes and ordered them not to wear red anymore, because she is afraid of color red. After they were sent back, the practitioners were again handcuffed and beaten, and all of them were sentenced to 2 years in labor camps.

The evil police of Langzhong ransack practitioners' homes and even their relatives' homes frequently. In order to search for Dafa materials, they have torn open sofas with scissors and rummaged through chests and cupboards. Their actions are like those of bandits.

The government of Langzhong and its police force illegally detained more than 20 practitioners in its detention center and attempted to force them to relinquish their beliefs. Under the guise of the fee for "study class," they extorted 1000 Yuan RMB from each person, and they also fined each one a further 5000 Yuan. The heartless people forced the practitioners to guarantee not to practice, appeal, contact or gather with one another. However, the practitioners opposed the evil force with their determination and, meanwhile, they exposed the evil and clarified the facts of Dafa to the related personnel. Some of them have been detained for over 4 months. "In today's society power and money represent reason," some policemen there said. "Jiang Zemin gives us 800 Yuan every month, and we will do whatever he tells us to do." The vicious policeman Hu Tianjiong even claimed: "We just act according to what the central government has instructed--to spoil your reputations in public, to cut off your family incomes, to damage your minds and bodies, to get your relatives involved by expelling them from jobs and from school, to destroy your families completely, and finally, to persecute all of you to death."

The facts clearly indicate that everything the Langzhong government and its police force have done brazenly violates the constitutional law of the country and infringes upon the basic human rights of its citizens. Actually, they have lost any sense of human decency. They are Jiang Zemin's tools, implementing his policy to eliminate all who dare to resist his rule. We appeal to the international society to help stop the inhumane persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners committed by Jiang Zemin's criminal cohorts.

Attached is the list of practitioners who were illegally sentenced and detained:

People sent to labor camp: Ren Lijun, Zhang Qin, Ran Yuande, Ren Yuqing, Liu Xingyu, Du Ziming, Da Jianying, Yao Jianhua, Peng Shuzhen.

People detained and forced to "transform": Song Shuqing, Luo Zhi, Yang Shengben, Hu Wenqiong, Zhao Defang, Zhao Yingfang, Feng Ping, Chen Hong, Pei Zhongli, Yang Guihua, Tian Yimei, Chen Ruixian, Song Lihan, Wang Peizhi, Gou Zaizhi,

Du Wenjun, Lin Chengliu, Si Dahua, He Suhua, Yang Xiaoxue, Wang Yinhua, Zhao Xueying, Jiang Suhua, Li Yufang.

The telephone numbers of the responsible institutions and persons:

The XX party secretary committee of Langzhong: 86-817-6222207,

The police and law office: 86-817-6267868,

The national security team office: 86-817-6231505,

The vicious policeman Hu Tianjiong: 86-817-6223478.

Note: By May 22, all the detained practitioners except for those who were sent to labor camps had been released.