Yu Lixin, female, 27, Dalian City, Liaoning Province

Dalian is a beautiful ocean-side city, welcoming visitors from all over the world. Her citizens are hard-working and industrious. It is difficult for any kind-hearted people to imagine that behind such a beautiful fa ade exists the Dalian City Detention Center. The administrators there are following the bad example of debased officials at Masanjia Detention Center in Shenyang City, viciously persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, illegally detaining them, and treating them with the most inhuman means. Such inhumane treatment cost 27 year old female practitioner Yu Lixin her life, and critically injured Xue Nan.

On April 15, people in a "support and education group" from other cities came to Dalian Detention Center and called a secret meeting with the female police unit, making plans for further persecution of the female Dafa practitioners who refused to be "reformed." In the evening, the guards started torturing the practitioners, requiring them to curse our Teacher. As a punishment for practitioners who refused to do so, the guards forced practitioners to stand in a severe and painful position, with their hands clasped behind their heads and at the same time bowing down 90 degrees. Anyone found not standing this way to the guards' satisfaction was beaten and kicked. Some of the women guards kicked the practitioners with their high heels shoes. Those practitioners who still refused to follow the instructions were shocked on the neck with electric batons. Many practitioners were shocked to the point of sustaining bruises all over their bodies. Early the next morning, after enduring the overnight torture, the guards ordered the severely tortured Yu Lixin and Xue Nan to clean up a room on the fifth floor. All the rooms in the detention center, except this one room, have iron parapets enclosing the windows. Soon Yu and Xue were seen falling from the window. Yu Lixin died on the scene. Xue Nan was gravely injured and is in critical condition, currently being treated in a hospital.

Although the truth remains to be exposed, the Dalian detention center guards are implicated in committing this murder and abuse. We demand they be punished by a court of law. We know that they will receive retribution from the Law of the Cosmos as punishment for their crimes.

May 22, 2001