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  1. The Wuhan Womens' Education Station
  2. The Wuhan Womens' Education Station was originally designed for detaining prostitutes; but now Falun Gong practitioners have been detained there without justification. Everyone from the station director to the police officers all say, "What is the law? What we say is the law!" The police also trained a group of prostitutes to brutally beat practitioners.

    On the night of December 15, 1999, dozens of practitioners (including myself) were sent to the education station. The police first searched us and then forcefully took our Dafa materials from us and destroyed them. The following morning, I saw a prostitute pour a bucket of cold water over a practitioner. A sixty-year-old woman also had cold water poured all over her. This was the coldest time of winter. Two practitioners, however, wore the wet clothes and were forced to work in a workshop for nearly twenty hours.

    In the workshop, a practitioner entered the police officers' restroom by mistake. As a result, the police punched and kicked her. In the end, they asked her to stand in the corner. In the dining room, a practitioner let others wash their bowls before her as a gesture of kindness; she saw that there were not enough faucets and as a result she was a little bit behind the others. For being late due to her kind act, fists and sticks rained down on her head.

    Each day the practitioners did not have enough food to eat. Despite this, they had to work from 7 am to 12 am. Among the practitioners were a seventy-year-old woman and a teenage girl. The practitioners work included: packing batteries, taking goods from the work building to cars, moving the final goods to the building, etc. If the practitioners made a small mistake, they would be sworn at or beaten by the prostitutes. This was beyond the practitioners' forbearance, so they reported their situation to the police officers. The officers did not listen to them and, on the contrary, physically punished the practitioners, beating them, handcuffing them, and putting them into a small cell. They also called additional people to beat the practitioners. Several of them beat one practitioner causing the practitioner's nose to bleed. Others had bruises all over their bodies.

    Even more shameful was that the police forcefully took off the practitioners' clothes. They forced the practitioners go barefoot and wear thin clothes in the vegetable field; they poured cold water on them. One night, after they worked the whole day, a group of police officers and prostitutes held down dozens of practitioners. They trampled on the practitioners' heads with their boots and punched and kicked them. In addition, they took off the practitioners' clothes and tied them with ropes; they took them to the exercise yard and let the cold wind blow on them for four to five hours.

  3. The Wuhan No. 1 Detention Center for Woman
  4. On December 31, 1999, I was deceived by the police in charge of residency registration while going to the Wuhan Police Department, the Wuhan No.1 Detention Center for Woman. During my detention, I experienced the darkest time of my life. I was hung on an iron door, detained in a small cell, and forced to stand for extended periods of time. I was also beaten and tied to an iron board for four days. I experienced all the various types of punishment that could be possibly used. I experienced hunger, solitary confinement, filth, pain, and more---all the tortures in this world. To put it precisely, I am a person who came back from death. I could not describe the darkness of the detention center using human language. I only want to expose one or two of the many torture cases.

    Around the time of Spring Festival in 2000, a large number of practitioners were sent to the detention center and the center became crowded immediately. Many practitioners slept on the cold and damp concrete floor. The police tried all types of punishment on the practitioners; they put the practitioners in small cells and tied the practitioners to an iron board. The board had a hole in the center with a basin placed right below the hole. The hole was for the practitioner to pass urine and feces. If there was a young practitioner, they took off her pants, put handcuffs on her hands and feet, and tied her to the iron board. After that, they closed the two-sided iron door and left the practitioner in complete isolation.

    The practitioner in Cell 29 lost consciousness after she was hung on the door for two days. A fifty year-old practitioner in Cell 25 was tied to the iron board for a month. After that, a group of people brutally put a tube into her nose and force-fed her. The blood from her nose stained her clothes and quilt red. In Cell 9, the police hung a practitioner to the door by her handcuffs for a week. In addition, Chief Zhu and Chief Lei yelled at her and verbally abused her. A practitioner in Cell 8 became greatly emaciated and had a hoarse voice after being tied to the iron board for a month; the police still did not let her go. One person grabbed her hair and the other punched and kicked her. Another practitioner was handcuffed for a month. Chief Zhu also forced the practitioners to make a statement denouncing Falun Gong over the center's radio. When a practitioner was transferred to the labor camp, the police did not allow her to take the money her family members had sent her; nor did they allow her to give the money to other practitioners. In the end, the money went into the pockets of the supervisor for the inmates.

  5. Wuhan Drug-Healing Center
  6. On April 18, 2000, I was illegally sentenced to a year in a labor camp. Afterwards, I was transferred to a drug-rehabilitation center. Over one hundred drug addicts and twenty practitioners were detained in one floor of a building. There was only one restroom that had four toilets for us to use. Each room was over ten square meters large, with four bunk- beds. Sixteen people slept on the four bunk-beds and the other eight or nine people slept on the floor. All of the work, such as folding newspapers and taking apart yarn was also done in the same room. At times, there wasn't even any room to stand. With the small space, the large number of people, the smoke from the drug addicts, and the fruit peels left from visiting day, in addition to the bites from mosquitoes and bugs, the center seemed like a garbage heap. In the center, we had to take mail and newspapers from the first floor to the forth floor and back. The police monitored while we worked. They also asked one or two drug addicts to monitor us twenty hours a day to prevented us from talking.

    One morning, Officer Xu saw a practitioner reciting Master Li's articles, so she woke up the drug addicts and encouraged them to beat the practitioner. One drug addict covered the practitioner's mouth with her hands, and another pinched her nose. They put a smelly towel into the practitioner's month to stop her from breathing; the practitioner almost choked to death.

    One night, a group of drug addicts surrounded a practitioner and tried to take away Master's article from her. With no choice, the practitioner put the article into her mouth. They forcefully took the article out of her mouth. Team leader Yang stood at the door, watching this. She did not do anything to stop them.

    The drug addicts also punched and kicked the practitioners during the morning exercise. One day, while in the exercise yard, two twenty-year-old drug addicts held down a fifty year-old practitioner. One sat on her and beat her while the other covered her mouth to stop her from shouting. The police officers, however, pretended not to see anything.

    In the "transformation" class, the practitioners were not allowed to sleep. In addition, if they did not write statements denouncing Falun Gong, they would be isolated from others and brutally beaten by the drug addicts.

    We speak out about our experience today because we want to expose the criminals that the Wuhan Government, the Wuhan Bureau of Justice, Wuhan Police Department, and Wuhan 610 Office have committed. Heaven will prove all we said is true. We also want to warn them that if they did not stop their persecution of the kind Falun Gong practitioners, what is waiting for them would be the endless punishment in hell.