Since the opening of the "610 office" (note: A special branch of police assigned to repress Dafa practitioners) in December 2000, the Yunlong Training Base of Chenjiagou Security Company, located in the Bailang Developing Zone in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, has become a headquarter for the city's effort to "transform" Falun Dafa practitioners, and has detained more than 40 to date. Following are some events related by inside sources.

During the first "transformation class," one staff (last name Jiang, a doctor of the City's Chinese Medical Hospital) placed Teacher Li's photo on the floor and ordered a female practitioner, He Ning (pseudonym) to step on it. Because she refused to do so, Jiang grabbed her hair and madly hit her head against the wall, injuring her canthus [the corner of one's eye] causing bleeding. Once, two staffs held and lifted up practitioner Zhao Baorui (pseudonym) (female, 50-years-old) and attempted force her to step on Teacher Li's photo. When she resisted, they threw her on floor and beat her, injuring her waist. Practitioner Mao Lanzhong (pseudonym) (female, 70-year-old) was locked into a tiny cage for more than ten hours after she insisted on practicing the Falun Dafa exercises. Another female practitioner, whose "crime" was use of the bathroom without reporting to a staff member, was handcuffed for more than an hour. Because she stated that she did not commit any wrong doing, the staff kicked her fiercely and encaged her until the next afternoon.

The majority of the attendees were female practitioners. They were detained in a large room with one toilet. Because of the terrible stench, practitioners requested to use the bathroom instead, but the staff snapped, "You must use the toilet inside the room!"

One female practitioner's mother died of an illness. Her family hoped that she could attend the funeral, but the staff said that she must pay 5,000 Yuan if she wanted to go. In the end, the practitioner wasn't able to come up with the money, and could not even say a final farewell to her mother.

Although the cost of housing for each of us was no more than 30 Yuan a day, we were charged 100 Yuan per day. Female practitioners were not allowed to use the bathroom or to have a shower. One day when a female practitioner was taking a bath, a male staff entered the room without knocking. His excuse was to check if there was anybody practicing inside.

In the early morning of March 7, all the practitioners were ordered to get up and go outside to run. Practitioners knew they hadn't committed any crime, and so did not obey their orders. Seven female practitioners refused to get up. Several staffs then dragged them out of their beds. Seeing practitioners' resistance, policeman Liu Hua from Wudang Road Police Station put Master Li's photo on the floor and stomped on it. All practitioners tried to stop his behavior, but he said, "I want to make this a big issue." About a dozen police from Maojian District Police Department were called in at noon. In the afternoon, practitioners refused to go to the "class," but were forcibly taken there. Some were beaten until they went, some were dragged, and some were carried. One female practitioner couldn't get up from the floor for a long time after she was beaten and had to be carried to the "class." Two other practitioners, one male and one female, were detained by police for a month.

All practitioners requested their release, but their requests were denied. Therefore, practitioners went on a collective hunger strike. On the fifth day, female practitioner Yan Xiujing (pseudonym) was carried upstairs and forced to have an intravenous injection. Female practitioner He Xinyi (pseudonym) was forced to drink some liquid. She was thought to have organized the hunger strike, so she was detained for one month. He Ning (pseudonym) was thought impossible to "transform," and was sent to Shayang Labor Camp for 2 years of forced labor. Female practitioner Wang Lanhua (pseudonym) was sent to a labor camp for 1 year of forced labor. The other 2 male practitioners Xiao Anda (pseudonym) and Zhang Li (pseudonym) were sent to Shayang labor camp for 1 year of forced labor. There are more than 20 practitioners still detained there.

Practitioners from China