During the recent spring festival, almost no Falun Gong practitioners in the Shanghai area have gone to Beijing to appeal. This is because during the eve of the festival, nearly all determined practitioners were sent to transformation classes. General practitioners were detained for two weeks while backbone practitioners were detained for two months. The two-month transformation class was very hypocritical and extremely vicious. They asked so called "transformed" people (the people whose minds have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture by Jiang Zemin's regime) to do the transformation work on determined practitioners. The transformed then tried to confuse practitioners by saying wicked things like, "You have already reached consummation," and "Let go of the attachment to Dafa." They confused some practitioners who did not have a deep understanding of Dafa. At the same time they claimed, "If you are not transformed, you will be immediately sent to a labor camp."

Some practitioners refused to attend the transformation classes and the public safety officers kidnapped them as a result. We still do not know the whereabouts of those practitioners who have not been transformed.

Some practitioners who were coerced into writing the "three statements" letter promising to give up Falun Gong, realized that they had made a mistake soon after they were released. After studying the Teacher's new Jingwens (articles written by Master Li), they prepared to write statements saying that they will continue practicing Falun Gong.

The vicious people are preparing to have a second transformation class. We hope that all Dafa practitioners can resist the evil. They should not take us away.

Labor camps in Shanghai have detained more than 100 practitioners. Jailers use fake Jingwens to confuse practitioners inside the labor camps. Upon learning this, a practitioner outside the labor camp sent genuine Jinwens into the labor camp. Some practitioners who were confused immediately made statements to say that they would firmly cultivate Dafa. After doing this, they were tortured inhumanely to tell the source of the genuine Jingwens. Policemen then rushed to capture the practitioner who delivered genuine Jinwens. This practitioner was forced to wander outside.

A very determined senior practitioner with the last name Pan who is over 70 will be sentenced just because Dafa materials were found in his home. He has been detained for almost half a year. Is it a crime to cultivate kindness? Is there any political motivation for an elderly person?

Actually the so-called "transformation" is totally a lost cause. Although the vicious people can act violently for the time being, the truth will eventually be widely known.

Hu Zhiming, a nephew of Jiang Zemin, is a very viscous person. By the relationship with Jiang, he was promoted from a policeman of the lowest rank to chief officer of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. After he was on duty, he sent nearly 100 practitioners to labor camps in a short period of time. He often illegally ransacked practitioners' homes and persecuted practitioners in Shanghai severely. These actions destroy the image of Shanghai as an international metropolis and violate human rights. They will surely receive a just sentence because of this.

We sincerely hope that policemen of all ranks do not take the same path along with him (I know that you may have the chance to read this article). At critical moments you should make decisions based on your conscience. This way you will not commit wrongdoings that you will surely regret forever. As to the order given by higher officers, you can act flexibly in the actual situation to follow your conscience.

Practitioners in China

April 17, 2001