[Minghui Net] Last November, Minghui published an article about a Falun Dafa practitioner and Huazhong University staff member named Xu Chunzhi. Since she was forcefully sent to the Hewan Detention Center in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, on July 11, 2000. Xu has refused to eat. At present, Xu Chunzhi is still on a hunger strike. In addition, she has been locked in a room that is completely blocked on all sides. There are two prisoners watching her. She is force-fed with a tube everyday and the short end of the tube is left outside of her nose and taped to her face to keep it stabilized. To add to the abuse, the tube is taken out and cleaned only once a week. Nobody is allowed to visit her except for those who are trying to transform her. As a result, nobody knows what kind of condition she is in. The detention center has made many practitioners suffer in quite an unbearable way. We strongly ask that those with mercy and kindness take this situation into consideration. We request that Xu Chunzhi and all other Dafa practitioners be released.