Last December 29, I, along with other Dafa practitioners, took the train to Beijing, which made it my fourth validation of Dafa. Since I carried no identification card, I was sent to the special office set up by the Heilongjiang Province Police Department at Shanhaiguan in order to stop Falun Gong practitioners from going to Beijing. I will relate to you what transpired and how I overcame all the tribulations the nefarious forces put in my path.

The police locked us in a room that had almost no heat and then questioned us one by one. They forcefully took away my 500 Yuan RMB and a watch. Police said, "No one who came in here ever refused to give us their name and address." However no matter how they threatened me, I did not answer one word. They then showed their true ugly nature. They hit my mouth and slammed my head against the wall. Finally they handcuffed my arms behind my back, one from over my shoulder and the other from behind my back. After a while the handcuff cut into my flesh, they then started to take it off. Four policemen stepped on the back of my waist and could not take it off. One policewoman said, "This is such a hardship. Bear it just a little longer." I remembered Teacher's words, "If anyone can harm you, he or she would be able to harm me. Put simply, that person would be able to harm this universe." I said to myself, "I am a never-degenerated Vajra body, no one can harm me. I can get through it no matter how hard it is." Once the righteous thought came out, I had no pain and it passed easily. We went on a hunger strike for 3 days. Under the guidance of the Teacher, we escaped. Late at night, another practitioner and I walked along the roadway and finally reached Qinhuangdao (a city close to Beijing).

We borrowed money and got ready to head to Beijing, but we were captured again. Around 7 pm we escaped, but at that time I had no money on me. However this did not change my mind one bit about going to Beijing. I borrowed 150 Yuan and started to walk there. However, after walking for one day, I was arrested again by the police. They took away my money. Since I did not cooperate with their illegal behavior, they took me to Mount Langya (that's over 10 miles away from Qinhuangdao) and left me there at a little past 11pm.

I calmed myself and took a look around me. On both sides of the road were dark forests. I sat on the road. I was sleepy and tired but I was not scared. I felt as if the Teacher was right next to me and that the Gods guarding Dafa were also protecting me. I lost my sense of direction and did not know where the road leading to Beijing was. There was only one righteous thought in my heart: no matter how much tribulation I have to go through, I must go to Beijing to validate Dafa. There was not a single person or village in sight. At the dawn of the next day I reached Beidaihe (a famous resort close to Beijing). However, no matter which road I took, I could not find the road leading to Beijing. At this time, the heel of my shoe was loosened, which made me really concerned that the heel would come off and I could not reach Beijing. I had already walked for one day and two nights. Hunger and exhaustion shadowed over me. My foot had a bruise of the size of an egg. I really did not know what to do. My tears dropped and I thought about the Teacher. I said, "Teacher, what should I do?" A truck stopped in front of me. The driver asked me, "Which way leads to Beijing?" I said, "None of the roads here leads to Beijing, I want to go there also." He said, "Come in then." I went up to the truck and noticed a sign that said, "Star and fire encourage you." I started to shake since I immediately knew that it was Teacher guiding and encouraging me.

I spoke the truth and introduced Falun Dafa to the driver along the way. He said, "Beijing is very restricted. How about I give you some money so that you can go home and celebrate the New Year." I knew that was a test for me. He took me to road 3102 and found a small restaurant for a quick meal. He then went on his trip. I followed 102 country road going forward. There were more and more bruises on my feet. Every step was like stepping on steel needles. I remembered Teacher's words "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." My body was immediately relaxed. I forgot the pain and exhaustion. Police and police cars were patrolling everywhere along the way. I paid no attention to them and walked on my own. It was as if they did not see me.

When I reached Tangshan (a city in Hebei Province), my shoes could not be worn anymore. I went to one family and asked for a pair of thin shoes. It snowed for the whole night and the shoes immediately became wet. However, I did not feel a bit of cold and continued walking towards Beijing. Whenever I couldn't bear the pain and did not want to walk, I would sit down and rest. When I was too exhausted, I sat on the snow and felt asleep. But the sharp pain on my feet woke me up very soon. A strange sad feeling came up to me. I really wanted to just pass out on this deserted road covered with white snow. But I immediately denied the thought, realizing that I am a practitioner. The Teacher said, "The tribulations a cultivator goes through are unbearable to everyday people." (not official translation) Gods in the heavens were watching me. I was ashamed of myself. I knew that the Teacher arranged the path I was taking. If I need to crawl one step at a time to Beijing, I would do so. I struggled to get up and continued. When both feet could no longer bear the pain, I would sit down and rub them. I also ripped the sleeves of my sweater and used them as cushions in the shoes. I had to struggle for half a day to walk from the east to the west side of a town. I continuously recited Teacher's "Tempering One's Mind and Heart" and "Knowing Heart" (poems by Teacher) and forgot the pain. I also picked up the speed.

When I was hungry I begged for food; when I was thirsty, I grabbed some snow; when I was sleepy, I took a quick nap on the snowy ground; when I was tired, I took a rest on the side of the road or on bridges. I went through hardship and humiliations from police and bad people. After nine days and night nights, I finally arrived in Beijing. I went to Tiananmen Square and broke through layers of police checkpoints. I came in front of the national flag and started the Falun Standing Stance exercise facing Tiananmen. Over ten plain-clothed police rushed up to me and struck me to the ground. I yelled out, "Falun Dafa is good." Many days of hardship came out of my throat along with the words "Falun Dafa is good." It shook the universe, suffocated the devils and thereby fulfilled my wish of safeguarding Dafa.

I was brought to the Qianmen Police Station in Beijing. Policemen took turns in torturing me. They slapped my mouth, grabbed my hair and slammed my head against the closet and kept me from sleeping. No matter how vicious they appeared, I was not afraid even a bit. They then insulted me personally with unbearable dirty words. One policeman took half a bucket of cold water and poured it down my neck. But I did not feel either wet or cold. They saw my wounded feet and came up with cruel ideas. They asked me to stand in the middle of the floor for 2 hours. I bit my teeth and stood up. I said to myself, "I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. There is no tribulation that I can't get through." They released me before 30 minutes had passed.

This time walking to Beijing, I was captured four times. But based on the righteous thoughts and faith in Dafa, I overcame many difficulties and tribulations. Teacher's compassion and Dafa's supernormal capabilities were shown everywhere. I deeply comprehended what Teacher said, "If you are steel, I will not make you iron." (not official translation) Every test Teacher arranges for us is passable; we can overcome all tribulations if we remember we are genuine practitioners. Fellow practitioners: do not let down Teacher's great compassion and his waiting. Hurry and blend into the flow of Fa rectification and return to your true origin.

Provided by practitioner in China

May 5, 2001