Since Jiang Zemin and his group of criminals started the persecution of Falun Gong, practitioners all over China faced home searches, interrogation, detention, and beatings. Their family members are concerned about them. Practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal were arrested and sentenced to jail. Practitioners who did not appeal were forced to hand in a guarantee letter to the employers, the police station, the public security bureau, the neighborhood committee, and the related departments of the town, the village, and the county to declare that they would "stop practicing Falun Gong." Otherwise they would be expelled from work, deprived of their Party membership, and lose the right to be a public employee. The salary or retirement pension would be deducted. They would also get punishments such as fines, unemployment, interrogation, detention, beatings and confiscation of identification card. The following are several specific cases of the crackdown on Falun Gong practitioners in Sichuan Province.

  1. Huang Xuerong, a senior engineer, is a 58 year-old male practitioner. He was sentenced to 3-years in prison for refusing to write a "Guarantee Letter." He is currently serving a term at the Mianyang Prison of Sichuan Province. He was also dismissed from his job and his retirement pension was stopped.
  2. Yu Yufang is a 50 year-old female practitioner, and was the factory manager of the Ice Factory of Guanghan City. 21 fellow practitioners and her were all detained for just sharing experiences at one practitioner's home on October 21, 1999. She was illegally sentenced to 3-years in prison and three others were sentenced to four-years, 3-and-half-years, and one-year in prison. The rest were all detained. Their family members and friends were not allowed to visit them.
  3. Xiao Youqiong, a 43-year-old female practitioner, is a middle-school teacher. She was arrested illegally for sharing experiences one day during a summer vacation with 20 fellow practitioners at a park in the south suburb of Chengdu City. She was locked up with drug addicts and was beaten by the police for several hours. The policemen used electric batons to shock her and stuck smelly shoes in her mouth. She refused to write a "guarantee letter" no matter how hard the police tried. As a result, her salary was stopped and she lost her job. On this New Year's Day she went to Beijing to speak out the truth about Falun Dafa and got arrested. Her legs were broken during the beatings. We hear that she might be sentenced to jail.
  4. Female practitioner Zhou Hai is a 59-year-old retired official. She was arrested for appealing during this year's Spring Festival and was tortured severely. She was later sent to her hometown for detention. The police locked her and over 30 other Dafa practitioners who went to appeal in Beijing in a warehouse. They were not allowed to leave this warehouse and they had to relieve themselves inside. The policemen forced her to write a guarantee letter and she refused. As a result, the police forced her to stand bare-foot for nearly 3 hours in the freezing cold. They then put a sign saying "Stubborn Falun Gong Practitioner" on her chest. She and 8 or 9 other fellow practitioners were often sent to the village to parade through the streets. She will be sentenced to jail.
  5. Shu Yunhuan is a retired 50-year-old female practitioner. The local police often harassed and questioned her family; her home was also ransacked. She went to Beijing during the Spring Festival to clarify the truth about Dafa and was illegally detained. The police threatened her to write a "Letter of Regret," or her son would lose his job. She refused and her son lost his job. During the time she was detained her 90-year-old father passed away. She was not told and not allowed to say farewell to her father. She will be sentenced.
  6. Yao Xinli is a 36-year-old female practitioner. She has a bachelor's degree, and was the office clerk at the Department of Food Supply, and was also one of the young female carders trained by the city government. She was detained for appealing in 2000, and was illegally dismissed from her job. She went to appeal again after coming out of prison. She has been wandering around since then. No one knows her whereabouts.
  7. Huang Liping (female) is 35 years old. During the year 2000 she was illegally arrested by the public security while she was sharing experiences with fellow practitioners in a park. At present she is wandering about. She could not go home.
  8. Zhou Yong is a 26 year-old male practitioner; he is a farmer in Hexing County. One day in the year 2000, he was reported for practicing Falun Gong exercises at home and was taken to the county's police station. The city's Public Security Bureau was examining the police station that day. Seeing him, a policeman slapped his face twice and forced him to smoke. They put one cigarette in his mouth and another in his nostril. He shook his head to get rid of them and got two more slaps. The policeman burned his chin with a lighter and forced him to chew and swallow cigarettes. He then asked him whether he would continue to practice Falun Gong or not. "Of course," he said, "I will continue to practice Falun Gong." The policeman then forced him to do push-ups. When he was exhausted, the policeman asked for a basin of water to "wash his face." His whole head was pushed into the water. The policeman continued to ask him whether he would continue to practice or not. He said, "Yes." The police officer poured all the water down his back, and asked him to take off his clothes and clean the water from the floor. He also threatened to urinate on Zhou Yong. Zhou Yong was released after the policemen took a picture of him. Later on he was arrested for appealing; he will be sentenced.
  9. Wang Wansheng is a 46-year-old male practitioner, and is a farmer. He was arrested for appealing, and was told to curse the founder of Falun Gong. He refused and was beaten in turns by 5 policemen, and they used electric batons to shock his lips. The policemen then used wooden sticks to hit him in the head, face, and all over his body; he was bruised all over. The police forced him to stand for a week, day and night, and only gave him half of a pound of rice a day. Later on he was forced by those criminals to write a "Letter of Regret." Is this the so-called "Education Transformation" broadcasted through the Chinese Central TV station?

All practitioners would have their identification cards confiscated if they did not write a guarantee letter declaring that they would give up the practice. In China, without an ID card there is no opportunity to work or to survive. This is to kill numerous people slowly and to achieve the slogan by the Jiang Zemin's group: "to undermine the Falun Gong practitioners economically, to slander them politically, to confuse them spiritually and to ruin them physically!"

During this year's Spring Festival, our local police arrested over 170 practitioners after midnight (between 12:00 am and 2:00 am) and detained them in a so-called "Transformation Class" where Dafa practitioners were held illegally for sometimes over 20 days. During the detention, all practitioners were subject to inhumane treatments. For example, to get a small portion of porridge one first had to curse Falun Gong and the originator of Falun Gong. Otherwise they would be forced to stand, to run, or they were beaten! After February 16, the police began to release practitioners conditionally. Everyone who wanted to go home had to write a "guarantee letter" to stop practicing Falun Gong and pay a fine of 1,000 ?5,000 Yuan RMB (roughly 2-10 months' income of an average worker in China)!

There are too many other stories that are too painful to hear about.

Finally what we still want to say is: Falun Dafa is the cultivation of Buddha's Law. It is the great law and truth of the universe!