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  1. A Mute Girl Started to Speak When She Obtained the Fa
  2. She was an orphan and she was born a mute. She begged for food with an old woman ever since she was a little child. After the old woman died, she begged her way to Beijing. At that time, Falun Gong had already been labeled as a "XXXX". One day, she begged for her bread at a practitioner's house. The practitioner owned a snack bar, and took the girl in. She stayed and did odd jobs at the snack bar.

    One day, the practitioner played the music "Pu-Du". She heard it and said, "Heaven". Later the practitioner found out that she wanted to tell him, "The music is from heaven."

    The dumb girl could speak now! The practitioner realized that this girl might have a predestined relationship with the Fa, so he asked the girl to watch the videotapes of Teacher's nine-day lecture. When she finished, she said, "Falun Dafa is good!" Then she went to Tiananmen Square to validate and protect the Fa.

    She told her story to other practitioners after she was arrested. An old woman practitioner took her in as her daughter. Later she and the old woman practitioner were sent to a detention center in the suburb of Beijing. There she saw a big Falun and Teacher's very large Fashen [law body/ translator]. She came to the old woman practitioner's home when they were released. Next, a story began spreading in the suburb of Beijing -- "A dumb girl started to speak when she obtained the Fa. And she started to protect the Fa right away."

  3. Took a Peek at a Heavenly Book
  4. His experience of obtaining the Fa sounds like a fable.

    He is a practitioner from Jiangxi Province. The first time someone introduced Dafa to him, he didn't take it to heart. One day, he went out with a friend who is a Dafa practitioner. The practitioner forgot something and had to go back to fetch it. So the practitioner left his bag with him and asked him to wait. He had nothing to do, so he took a book called Zhuan Falun from his friend's bag and skimmed through it. He thought it was a good book. However, he still didn't take it to heart.

    A few days later, he died suddenly. However, he came to just when his family cried over him. He told them that he went to the nether world after he died. The King of the nether world then judged him by checking the records of his merits and demerits during his lifetime. The last page of the records read, "Took a peek at a heavenly book on the date of so-and-so."

    The King was shocked and said, "So you have read a heavenly book. Then I can't take you here. Just go back." So he floated back.

    After he came to, the first thing he wanted to do was to find out which book was the heavenly book that he read. But he could not find it anywhere. At last he came across that practitioner friend. After learning what happened, the practitioner laughed and said, "I guess you must have read my book Zhuan Falun, right?"

    All his family have obtained the Fa since then.

  5. Stories of Our "Elder Sister-in-Law"

Our "elder sister-in-law" and her family with over ten members, all practice Falun Dafa. She is the wife of the first son in the family, so practitioners at the practice site all affectionately refer to her as our "elder sister-in-law".

Her younger brother obtained the Fa first. Before she began practicing Dafa, she once had a picture taken and there was a Falun at her chin in the picture. So hurriedly she started to learn Dafa with her brother and her celestial eye was opened immediately. She said, "How beautiful it is in other dimensions."

The Teacher would wake her up when it was time to practice Falun Gong exercises in the morning. And the Teacher would remind her to study the Fa when she forgot to do so. She said, "The Teacher is so benevolent to me. The Teacher knows that I don't have a good enlightenment quality so he always reminds me." One year later, she became a really determined practitioner. And when she came to know that she should keep striking forward, the Teacher never reminded her again.

In their village, there was once a practitioner who not only practiced Falun Gong but also did some kind of animal practice. Later he brought animal possession onto himself. Other people in the village didn't know the real reason for this so they said bad things about Falun Dafa. Our "elder sister-in-law" went to that practitioner's home and explained to his family the importance of practicing only one cultivation way. Their misunderstandings on Dafa were cleared up. Then she read the Fa to that practitioner and that practitioner became clear minded also. That night, the animal came to fight with our "elder sister-in-law" and our "elder sister-in-law" beat it away by simply doing the exercise of "Jin Gang Pai Shan." [Vajra Toppling a Mountain/ translator]

There was another story of our "elder sister-in-law". One time in her dream, she saw a demon dragging a few people away. She thought, "I should save them!" So she fought with the demon and beat it away. A few days later on the street, she saw those people that she saved in her dream. She realized that Teacher had encouraged her to spread the Fa to others. So she started to spread Dafa.

After July 22 1999, our "elder sister-in-law" and her family came to Beijing. They did a lot. They helped practitioners from other regions with board and lodging. They organized experience-sharing conferences. They gave their own clothes to practitioners from southern areas on cold days. And they save every penny to provide food for practitioners that escaped to Beijing.

Later, our "elder sister-in-law" and all her family were arrested. We've never heard from them again.

Provided by Practitioners in Mainland China

April 12, 2001