In January, when American companies were downsizing, my husband lost his job with the company where worked. Our friends and colleagues all worried about our family's standard of living and possible life changes. As practitioners, we knew as Teacher tells us, that nothing happens accidentally. The more difficult the situation, the better we should act at the time. In February, we found out that the meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Commission would be held in Geneva. My husband and I both thought we should go to Geneva to expose the viciousness of Jiang Zemin's criminal regime, to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to the public, and to prevent Jiang Zemin and his accomplices from deceiving and harming innocent people in the world. At that time, although my husband immediately found another job, we were unable to transfer the work visa within the necessary time period. We didn't see any hope for the trip. After a discussion between us, we thought that so long as we put our heart into the Fa, everything should happen naturally. The next day, my husband's company supervisor unexpectedly called us and told us that there was a opening for a position and he hoped that my husband could return to the company to work. When we got this news, we realized that this opportunity was offered to us by our compassionate Teacher to safeguard Dafa in Geneva. My husband returned to work for the company. The only request he made was for one week's leave to go to Geneva, to report the persecutions towards Falun Gong practitioners in China to the United Nations and the international society. The supervisor gladly approved his request. My husband got his job back after less than one month of unemployment. Looking back, we lost nothing materially. He even received a raise in salary. The severance pay-bonus paid to him for finding a new job when he was laid off was sufficient to pay for the expense of going to Geneva. Best of all, during this tribulation we became more determined to practice Falun Dafa and became mature in our cultivation.

Only two weeks after returning from Geneva, we realized that there was still a great need for additional Dafa practitioners to come to Geneva to clarify the truth to the public and expose the viciousness of Jiang Zemin's criminal regime. Once more, my husband decided to go to Geneva. But he had only been at his job for several days. If he went to Geneva again, he needed to ask for a week off again. Personal sentimentalities popped up. How to ask for a leave? We also attempted to find some excuses for not going, such as "we also need to spread Dafa in our local area." But, after we weighed the priorities with a calm heart, we thought the objective of going to Geneva was neither for personal goals nor for individual benefit. It was for the purpose exposing and reducing the viciousness of the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China, and to prevent more innocent people from being deceived. What we had done was not being irresponsible toward anyone, but indeed compassionate toward others. After getting a clear mind, my husband calmly asked his supervisor for a leave again. This put his supervisor in an awkward position, because the vacation time had already been used up. Finally, since the supervisor knew that my husband really wanted to go, he agreed. But, according to company rules, some amount of my husband's salary would have to be deducted. At that time my husband was full of gratitude for his boss, because in no way could this opportunity be traded with money or material considerations. But before long, the supervisor talked to my husband again and told him he was making an exception and his salary would be the same as before. We were happy for this righteous thought. We knew he supported Falun Dafa and human righteousness. In the mean time we became more sober in our realization of Falun Dafa. We cannot treat everything with personal sentimentality. In order to inspire people's compassion, we should validate Dafa by showing the general population our determined heart towards Dafa and rid ourselves of all personal attachments with the true compassion we obtain from Dafa.

Thus, for the second time, my husband went to Geneva to safeguard Falun Dafa.


Practitioners A, B and C are students. Two of them are a pair of newlyweds. Several months ago, the wife had newly come to America. After her arrival, she began Dafa cultivation. It was Spring Break when they went to Geneva the first time. Due to their student status, they assumed that they could not get the visa to go to Switzerland. Later they found out by chance that they could. They obtained the visa at the last moment and got on the airplane for Geneva. After their return, they thought they should go to Geneva for the second time. But their situation was more precarious than the first time. It was the end of the semester. The instructors were very strict, and they had prearranged this period for the "curriculum summary" report (end of semester report). In addition, they did not have enough money. In this way they postponed the trip again and again. But, they still thought they should do something. They happened to go to an out-lying city to spread Dafa on a weekend. After they studied the Fa and shared experiences, they thought these personal attachments should be gotten rid of. Practitioners in China do practice with their lives to "assist Teacher in the human world." How can we be attached to the advantages of daily living which prevent us from safeguarding Dafa in Geneva, they asked themselves. So the three students booked the tickets immediately. When they asked for a leave, their teacher unexpectedly approved their vacation. And the "curriculum summary" report was also undertaken by their classmates in their group. As our Teacher says, "after you pass the shady willows, there will be bright flowers and a new village ahead," (from Zhuan Falun) and "if you are not afraid, the reason for your fear will also disappear."


Practitioner D, whose husband is not a practitioner, began to practice two years ago. The first time she went to Geneva, her husband tried to obstruct her in every possible way, both with persuasion and threats. But practitioner D was very calm. She knew there were some factors disturbing his righteous thoughts. She was not upset. She explained to him the importance of going to Geneva. Jiang Zemin's criminal regime sent people to spread false rumors about Falun Dafa in the United Nations. As a Dafa practitioner, how could we not go to expose the rumors? Finally, she firmly withstood her husband's pressure. Not only did she go to Geneva, she also brought along her two sons to safeguard Dafa. After her return, she wanted to go to Geneva a second time. She hesitated, however, when she thought of her husband. Finally, she decided to dip into her own savings. She monetarily supported those practitioners who had financial difficulties and made it possible for them to go to Geneva. Those practitioners experienced several setbacks and could not go to Geneva. She enlightened that she should get rid of all fear and "step out herself." Thus, she once again booked the flight to Geneva for herself.

One by one, other practitioners determinedly went on their journey to safeguard Dafa in Geneva. Time and time again, they broke the bondage of attachment for fame and personal interests. We all know that actually, no one is able destroy Dafa. But our great compassionate Teacher waited for us again and again to provide the opportunities for all lives in the universe to position themselves and created opportunities for us to step out of our worldly being. As our Teacher said in the article "Cautionary Advise," "If every one of you can understand the Fa from the depths of your mind, that will truly be the manifestation of the Fa whose power knows no boundary--the reappearance of the mighty Buddha Fa in the human world."[ Essentials for Further Advancement]

The above are stories of personal enlightenment. If anything is not correct, please point it out.

From a practitioner in North America