On March 15, Falun Dafa practitioners in Denmark, along with practitioners from America, Canada, Australia and Sweden, conducted a full day of intense and successful truth clarification activities.

In the morning, the vice president of the Foreign Affairs and Human Rights Committee of the Danish Parliament and several other Parliament members interviewed us. They listened to the personal experience of American practitioner Jimmy Zou, Canadian practitioner Zhang Kunlun, and Swedish practitioner Anne Haksalo about how they were detained and persecuted in China. When seeing a group of such sincere and kind people who had received such brutal persecution, all parliament members showed great sympathy. Meanwhile, they asked us many questions and expressed their concerns.

At the time when we were shaking hands with Parliament members and saying good-bye to them as well as leaving each one of them a copy of the Falun Gong truth-clarification materials, there was already a reporter from Christianity News waiting outside to inquire about the result of the meeting. When he was asking some questions about the progress of the meeting and whether the Parliament would make efforts to help end the persecution, he got a positive answer. During that time, some parliament members also expressed to us that we should keep in touch with them and keep them updated on the development of the situation.

Right then, a parliament member who was in the meeting with us came back and asked if we could give an introduction to Falun Gong to a group of young students who were in the parliament building for a visit. "Certainly!" we replied. In succession, we spent about 20 to 30 minutes giving the students an introduction to Falun Gong and its persecution in China, and then we gave each of them an "I Support Falun Gong" button. As a coincidence, those students happened to come from the same community of the famous Danish high priest Janlindhart, who was going to attend our truth-clarification meeting later that afternoon.

In the afternoon, with the support of a major local newspaper, Aktualt, we held a press conference with some reporters from the Danish news agencies, newspapers and TV stations. They focused their interviews on Australian practitioner Zhang Cuiying and Canadian practitioner Zhang Kunlun, and they were shocked and infuriated after hearing of their personal tribulations while being detained and tortured in China.

At 5:00 PM, Aktual, and Amnesty International co-hosted a Falun Gong truth-clarification meeting. To prepare for the meeting, Aktualt conducted an interview with us in advance. They had designed an advertisement titled, "Peace, Freedom, Falun Gong, and China" that was shown on their newspaper for a week. At the entrance to the headquarter building of the newspaper, the advertisement patterns attracted much attention.

In the room of the truth-clarification meeting, the brutal persecution photos of Dafa practitioners were displayed on each wall. Videotapes of "Falun Gong ?The Real Story (Part Two)," booklets of Peaceful Journey, personal stories of five practitioners who had been tortured in China, and some "I Support Falun Gong" buttons were placed on the tables for people to take.

The meeting was presided by Stignielsen, the news director of the Danish branch of Amnesty International. The famous Danish high priest Janlindhart also attended the meeting. First, Stignielsen introduced to everyone what Amnesty International knows about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Then, a representative of the Danish Falun Gong practitioners, Marcohsu, gave a speech. He introduced Falun Gong and its current situation in China, and then he expressed appreciation to the audience for their attendance and support. Next, five practitioners told their personal stories of the brutal persecution they received in China. These practitioners included American practitioner Jimmy Zou, Australian practitioner Zhang Cuiying, Canadian practitioner Zhang Kunlun and Zhang Sumei, Swedish practitioner Anne Haksalo.

In the free discussion session of the meeting, practitioners answered all of the questions the audience raised. During the discussion a Danish woman expressed her strong indignation about the inhumane crackdown by the criminal gang of Jiang Zemin. To end the meeting, we played the videotape of "Falun Gong ?The Real Story (Part Two)."

The next day, the front page of Aktualt had a full-page special report regarding this event that detailed the experience of Zhang Cuiying and Zhang Kunlun combined with some big group practice pictures of Falun Gong practitioners.

This is the first time in Denmark that we conducted a large-size public event. With the Teacher's help, we not only made a stride forward while assisting the Teacher and protecting the Fa, but also brought a bright future to many lives.

North-European Practitioners

April 13, 2001