[Minghui Net] In a certain Elementary school of a certain city in Mainland China lives a lively and lovely little second grader named Tong Tiantian (pseudonym). The school he is in adopted an encouragement and reward policy in order to stimulate students to study well: any student whose examination scores rank among the top five in a class will be automatically appraised as an "excellent student" and admitted into the Young Vanguard League. Tong Tiantian's scores happened to be among the top five of his class. However, he was not appraised as an "excellent student", nor was he admitted into the Young Vanguard League. After school, he went home and laid down on his bed without saying anything. Seeing that he was not in a good mood, his mother Jiang Nan (pseudonym) came to ask why. In the end, the boy tearfully told his mother what happened in school. It turned out that Tong Tiantian's mother. Jiang Nan. has been continuing to practice Falun Dafa and refused to write a "renouncemnent" letter in spite of great pressure from various sources. Who would have guessed that just because the mother cultivated, her nine year old son would be affected. A similar thing occurred in 1999. Chaoyang (pseudonym) was a first grader in a certain Elementary school. After the summer break he carried his satchel to school, but was refused entry. His mother practiced Falun Gong and went to appeal in Beijing many times. At the time, his mother was detained in the city's detention center. His father went to the school with him to make an inquiry. Teachers in the school told him that it was because Chaoyang's mother practiced Falun Gong, because she had gone to Beijing to appeal many times, and because she was being detained at the detention center that the school made the decision to refuse him. Chaoyang's father was extremely shocked, so he argued with the school based on The Education Law of the People's Republic of China. Unfortunately, leaders of the school indicated that laws do not control the reality: the government is persecuting Falun Gong, and there is nothing they can do. In the end, the school still would not take him. Because the mother wants to cultivate Buddhahood and strive towards compassion and being a good person, her child was deprived of the right to attend school. Jiang Zemin and his associates are currently exercising a brutal policy by persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, and have no mercy even for innocent children. This is what the government brags about as the "the period of the best human rights record and a perfect legal system." On March 22, 2001, a Heilongjiang Province TV station broadcast a shocking announcement during its noon news program: "Following the requirements of related superior government agencies, of all the candidates who participated in the nationwide College Entrance Examination in 2001, anyone who has practiced Falun Gong before, even if his/her examination scores pass the admission standards, will not be admitted to any university." In the persecution of kind and innocent people, Jiang Zemin and his accomplices have done whatever they wanted, and have punished people at will. Ever since the persecution of Falun Gong began, orders for various punishment methods have always been passed down from the central to regional governments orally without written documents. They dare not publish these orders for the public to see. Practitioners in Mainland China