When Duozhuang Town, Mengyin County, held a transformation class, all kinds of vicious means were used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Malicious supervisors led their accomplices to do evil and caused serious injury to practitioners' bodies.

On January 4, 2001, because some practitioners insisted on practicing Faun Gong at the transformation class, the supervisor of the police sub-station, Du Zhongtai ruthlessly beat 13 practitioners with plastic rods. All practitioners were beaten more than 20 times on their heads.

Du Zhongtai broke the nose bone of Wu Zengjian and beat Wu's face until it was swollen. Du beat Yan Guangxin to such an extent that Guangxin's face was covered with blood. While beating, Du kept shouting, "You want to practice! Now I'll teach you a lesson."

On January 5, practitioner Gong Quanyun was brutally beaten by supervisor Zhang Shimin because he refused to give up practicing Falun Gong and his leg was trampled until it broke. Zhang Shimin once beat an over 60-year-old practitioner, Mr. Wei, more than 60 times with a plastic rod until he fell to the ground paralyzed.

During the transformation and education class, the Deputy Secretary of Duozhuang Town, Li Xiufu, the supervisor of local police sub-station, Du Zhongtai, and ex-secretary of the town Communist Party, Wang Qin, took turns beating practitioner Lu Xingde with a plastic rod; Mr. Lu lost consciousness on the spot. After he woke up, supervisor Du Zhongtai took off his own leather boots and slapped this practitioner's face with such force that his face was swollen for several days. Lu Xingde was transferred to the Mengyin County detention center and 15 days later was relocated to the transformation class at Duozhuang Town. During the transformation class, Deputy Secretary Li Xiufu instigated hired thugs to pull Lu Xingde out of the room. Eight perpetrators took turns brutally beating Lu Xingde with a wooden stick and kicked him to the ground. While some of these accomplices stepped on Lu's face and squashed his head and hands, others bashed him with a wooden stick over 200 times. His buttocks were beaten black and blue and he lost consciousness for over half an hour. When he was still unconscious, Lu Xingde was handcuffed to a tree and was in the end tortured almost until his last breath. He was not released until he was thought to be dying. At last Lu Xingde was forced to hand in a fine of 1300 Yuan RMB (nearly 3 months' income of an average worker in China); a strong man was forcibly tortured until he was emaciated and could only lie in bed unable to stand or walk until half a month later.

During the transformation class, the supervisor of Legislation Department, Liu Xiangyu, beat practitioner Mr. Liu until he lost consciousness and then poured cold water on his face to wake him up. This practitioner's waist was seriously wounded and two plastic rods were broken during the beating. Liu Xiangyu also kicked the practitioner to the ground, trampled on his face and waist so brutally that this practitioner couldn't walk naturally for more than 3 months. During the transformation class, Liu Xiangyu often phoned his accomplices to instigate them. A hired thug told the practitioner, "It is not my fault. Liu called us again and didn't allow me to sleep. He told me to beat you."

When one perpetrator at the transformation class beat Wang Jianli, he was afraid that the practitioner would retaliate. So he covered the practitioner's face with a cloth, handcuffed the practitioner then held his own nose and spoke to this practitioner in a strange voice, "Liu Xiangyu told me to take off one layer of your skin." A large group of hired thugs proceeded to beat Wang Jianli over 90 times with plastic rods. Liu Xiangyu threatened practitioners at the transformation class, "In the future if any of you dare to go to Beijing to appeal, when you come back I will take off the tips of your toes." He also often incited his accomplices to brutally beat practitioners at will.

The head of the Arms Department, Fang Simin, often led hired thugs to ruthlessly beat Falun Gong practitioners. Fang Simin also kept 6 out of 9 practitioners' underwear for his own use and privately ate the foods (such as chicken and meat pies) and fruits that practitioners' family prepared for practitioners, and threw the leftovers to practitioners. This head of the Arms Department even shamelessly said, "If you have money to go to Beijing to appeal, you should use your money to get a woman and enjoy this life."

At the transformation class, Liu Yuanzhen from Quanqiao Village, made several hired thugs to wear helmets after 9:00PM, covered female practitioners' faces with a cloth and pulled them outside with hands cuffed behind them. They harassed female practitioners in the darkness with obscene and shameless means until early morning. Some hired thugs covered female practitioners' entire face and two perpetrators pulled one practitioner to the ground and dragged her. This practitioner had difficulty in breathing and could not eat for several days.

In the fall of 2000, more than 20 Falun Gong practitioners were arrested, brutally beaten and then transferred to the transformation and education class of Mengyin County for cruel so-called transformation.

From the end of 2000 to the spring of 2001, seven Falun Gong practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal were brutally beaten and detained in prison and forced to stand in water after they were sent back from Beijing. Practitioners couldn't sit or lie down but only stand in water. They were sent to the transformation class after one month's detention and are still enduring the persecution and torture by the evil authorities. Many practitioners were secretly detained. Even their families are not allowed to visit them, nor could they find them or know their whereabouts.

The persecution of Qi Chenrong, a Falun Dafa practitioner in Duozhuang Town:

The town government arrested and illegally detained him for 18 days because Qi was suspected of going to appeal in Beijing on July 23, 1999.

On September 10, 1999, Qi was illegally detained for 30 days in Mengyin detention center.

On October 14, 1999, he was illegally detained for another 30 days.

On December 28, 1999, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, Qi was once again illegally detained for a total of 107 days. He was transferred to the detention center of Mengyin County after being detained for over 30 days in Duozhuang Town. After one month's detention, he was again transferred to the transformation class organized by the local town government. From October 5, 2000, to March 15, 2001, he was detained for a total of 160 days.

Qi Chengrong got transferred to the County Transformation and Education Class after being detained for more than a month at the County Detention center. County Administrative and Judiciary Secretary, Li Zhiye, ordered Duozhuang Town Militia Vice Deputy Fang Simin, along with more than a dozen thugs, to collectively beat Qi Chengrong. Hou Li village militia leader, Liu Changping broke Qi Chengrong's leg after beating him hard. For close to 50 days Qi could not get out of his jail cell; he was forced to relieve himself in that dark cell. Even with so many wounds he still had to endure physical punishment, such as standing on one foot for more than 10 hours. After the Class was temporarily suspended during the Chinese New Year, Qi was transferred back to the Detention Center; just a month afterwards he was sent to the Duozhuang Town Transformation Class. Later, after he went on a hunger strike they dared not keep him there and sent him back to the Mengyin County Transformation Class; there he continued to receive abuse. He is now sentenced to 3 years of labor education.

Accounts of persecutions against other Dafa practitioners in the Town of Duozhuang:

Zhao Chuanwen was illegally detained for 6 days and fined 3,000 Yuan after going to Beijing to appeal and to validate Dafa on July 22, 1999. In the fall of 1999, the police detained him for 15 days after he returned from a trip out of town to exchange cultivation experiences. Then he was transferred to the detention center and illegally detained for 30 days. He was fined 1,500 Yuan. The police ransacked his home when he went to Beijing to appeal again during the Chinese New Year in 2000. All his money at home was confiscated and he was illegally jailed for one month, "house arrested" at the Transformation Class for 2 months and endured harsh inhuman treatment. He was fined 11,000 Yuan. In the Fall of 2000, the police seized his motorcycle after discovering him distributing Dafa material. He was forced to abandon his home and went into exile, and has not been seen since then.

Liu Fenghou was illegally detained for 3 days after going to Beijing to appeal and to validate Dafa on July 22, 1999. After appealing in Beijing during the Chinese New Year in 2000, he was put in criminal detention for one month, held in the "Education Class" for two months, and fined 10,800 Yuan. He was forced to abandon his home and went into exile. He has not been seen since then.

Liu Xiuling was illegally detained for 3 days after going to appeal and to validate Dafa on July 20, 1999. After appealing in Beijing during the Chinese New Year in 2000, she was put in criminal detention for one month, held in the "Education Class" for two months, and fined 11,000 Yuan.

Zhao Chuanwu was illegally detained for 6 days and fined 3,000 Yuan after going to Beijing to appeal on July 20, 1999. After appealing in Beijing during the Chinese New Year in 2000, he was illegally jailed for one month, detained by the "Education Class" for two months, and fined 11,000 Yuan. In the Fall of 2000, the police and government officials confiscated his motor tricycle after finding several Dafa books while searching his home. He was forced to abandon his home and went into exile after he was threatened with having to post a fine of 5,600 Yuan; he has not been seen since then.

Liu Mingxin was fined 6,000 Yuan because of his appeal. He was forcefully detained for more than 4 months and endured inhuman tortures.

The home of Zheng Baoling was searched and ransacked by government people after she signed her name on the appeal letter. Personal properties seized include: 8 pieces of wooden furniture, 1 sofa, 1 sewing machine, 1 21' color television, 1 quartz clock and 300 kilogramme of wheat.

In Spring 2000, the government illegally froze bank accounts of Dafa practitioners who refused to pay the illegal fines. Based on an incomplete survey, Dafa practitioners who were forced to leave home and who went into exile were: Zhao Chuanwen, Liu Fenghou, Zhao Chuanwu, Wu Zengjian, Feng Yujiang, Yan Xuefu, Li X, Duan X, Liu Shuanglan, Liu Qinglian.

There are still large amounts of documents on persecutions against many Dafa practitioners yet to be sorted and catalogued for various reasons.

List of Ruffians in the Town of Duozhuang

Li Xiufu is the Town Party Secretary of Duozhuang; he is the arch-criminal behind persecutions of Falun Gong. During the government reorganization, the new management did not want him due to various records concerning his abominable conduct and governments in other towns and villages did not want him either; he shamelessly hung onto his job in this town. Xiufu illegally detained Dafa practitioners and ordered his men to beat, slander and physically punish Dafa practitioners. Family members were not permitted to visit or bring food; he did not allow practitioners to go outside to urinate or defecate. He personally jailed Dafa practitioners for as long as 4 months. Even now there are more than 10 Dafa practitioners who were detained at the courtyard originally belonging to the 2nd Construction Company in Duozhuang. They would ransack the home of Dafa practitioners who could not come up with the fine payment. They also paid good money to get 6 hoodlums from the organized crime syndicate so that they could brutally persecute Dafa practitioners. This is the conduct of the XXX party officials.

Fang Simin is the Head Deputy of Duozhuang Militia; he is the key ruffian beating Dafa practitioners. Simin confiscated and ate food sent in by family members of the jailed practitioners and he even kept 6 out of the 10 pieces of underwear sent by family members; he is really one worthless hoodlum. When it came to beating up practitioners, Simin was the one who had the most tricks, such as beating the face, the mouth, or more than a dozen thugs beating one female Dafa practitioner until her legs were broken; they did not stop at that; they did not allow her to sleep, and made her stand on one foot for 10 hours a day for punishment adopting the most insidious means.

Sheng Yongzhu was the Duozhuang Administrative District Party Branch Secretary; he was fired from his position due to patronizing prostitutes and was fined 2,000 Yuan. However, he was "discovered" by the County Vice Secretary Wang Changli, and Administrative-Judiciary Secretary Li Zhiye and got transferred to Mengyin to join the ranks of the "Falun Gong Transformation Class" to "Educate and Transform" people. If one with such lowly conduct tried to "Educate and Transform" generous practitioners, into what would these decent people be "transformed"?

Liu Changping is a famous ruffian from Hou Li village, Duozhuang Town. Because he was so vicious when beating Dafa practitioners, he was well trusted by the government.

Zhang Huamin is the Deputy of the Duozhuang Police department who had beaten a Dafa practioner and broke the practioner's leg.

Liu Xiangyu is the Head of the Judiciary Department. He has done just about every despicable deed and has come up with the most atrocious means; he ordered his hoodlums to beat Dafa practitioners until they were unable to walk and some were beaten into unconciousness. Four practitioners were blindfolded and physically abused and humiliated for two hours; he did not allow family members to visit or send food; he forced practitioners to urinate and defecate right in the jail cell and he personally jailed some practitioners illegally for 4 months.

March 27, 2001.