[Harbin, Heilongjiang Province] The Inside Stories of Wanjia Labor Camp

At present, the Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, is holding more than 200 Falun Dafa practitioners. The special report about the Wanjia Labor Camp, broadcasted by Harbin TV station on February 25th, was not true in many aspects. In actuality only very few people were "reformed" [Note: forced by the government to give up the practice of Falun Gong]. The majority, however, still persist in practicing. Moreover, many practitioners have learned how to understand Fa based on Fa amidst tribulations, and how to calmly deal with everything.

The following accounts will give readers a picture of how Wanjia Labor Camp persecutes practitioners.

(1) On January 31st, policemen in the Camp forcefully dragged two practitioners away for reciting Jingwen (articles written by Mr. Li Hongzhi). Then Dafa practitioners appealed for release. However, the Camp director Shi XX ordered policemen to drag practitioners from the cafeteria on the second floor to the first floor. Policemen cuffed and kicked practitioners heavily. Dafa practitioners said: "The People's policemen should take good care of people, instead of beating them!" While kicking practitioners, those policemen denied however:" Who beat you?" Some policemen even pulled two handfuls of hair off of Dafa practitioners' heads. What a dreadful scene! That night policemen sent more than 40 practitioners to special small cells for more severe persecution.

(2) After being put in small cells, practitioners were not allowed to speak the truth or risk being cursed. Their mouths were sealed by yellow tape, and they were handcuffed. We have benefited a great deal from Falun Dafa and our great Teacher has purified our bodies and minds, and let us become selfless, good people. However, vicious people have tried to destroy the practice of Falun Dafa through all available means. Therefore we continue to clarify the true facts of our practice to them. Those people no longer have any human nature or righteous thoughts left. In order to achieve the goal of "reforming" practitioners, they use all kinds of persecution. They force Dafa practitioners to sit on iron needles, they handcuff practitioners' hands, and they punish practitioners by forcing us to stand 17~18 hours a day, sometimes even up to 20 hours a day! During that month, more than 40 practitioners were sent to small cells. Up to now 10 practitioners are still in small cells. Within the first 6~7 days, the Camp only provides corn gruel and only two meals a day.

The age of practitioners jailed in small cells ranges from 30 to over 60. We maintain our kind nature to bring out their humanity. Although the vicious people persecuted us severely, we have no anger; and we kindly tell the policemen the truth everyday, which makes them have a certain understanding of us.

In order to validate Dafa, practitioners hold practice the exercises and meditation together. Sometimes we sit on the bed. The Camp director Shi XX together with other policemen, forcefully dragged practitioners from the bed to the ground to stop them from practicing. But Dafa practitioners are afraid of nothing. Wanjia Camp only provides a small piece of corn cake and vegetable soup per day, and occasionally some rice and steamed buns. That is far from being enough. We, genuine Dafa practitioners, are suffering all kinds of tribulations. The Camp is like hell in the human world.

Worldly people, please wake up! The great Buddha Fa is right before you! The darkness will disappear and the Dawn is approaching.

(Written by Mainland Dafa practitioners at the end of February 2001)

[Beijing, China] The Encounter of a Practitioner from Northeastern China

I went to Beijing Tiananmen Square on December 10, 2000. As soon as I arrived at the square, a plainclothes man stopped me: "Are you a practitioner?" I asked, "How do you know?" He said, "You look suspicious." Then he pointed to a mini-van in the middle of the square: "You should get in the van immediately." I said, "What reasons do you have! How can you seize people so casually?" At that moment five policemen came. They beat and cursed me then dragged me into the van. They beat me on the head after I was sent into the van. At that time someone was videotaping. I pointed to that man:" Please be a good person and record the real situation here to the higher officials." That person only smiled.

The van was soon filled with arrested practitioners and they sent us to the Zhanqian police station. That afternoon 49 practitioners and I were sent to Beijing Fangshan criminal collecting Post. On the 4th day, policemen came to our place and beat practitioners severely. To validate Fa and clarify the truth, 31 practitioners and I rushed out from the room. Then those policemen handcuffed and shackled us. The vicious policemen even linked the handcuff and shackle so that I could only walk by squatting down. We were not allowed to speak out otherwise we would be beaten. On Feb 16th, policemen attempted to force-feed us but we did not cooperate. So they subjected us to much more brutal torture. They beat an elderly lady so hard that her face was swollen, her eyes became black and her teeth bleeding. Vicious policemen even pulled a bunch of hair from her head!

Our hunger strike lasted for 12 days. One day the associate director of the Post and a junior monitor wanted to talk to me. At that time I could not stand up, neither could I squat. So I had to sit on the ground. Because I had been handcuffed and shackled for nine days and nine nights, the handcuff had already cut into my flesh and the pain was beyond description. The associate director forced me to tell him my address and name. Since I refused, the junior monitor angrily picked up a plastic bag and hit me on my face heavily. Moreover he kicked my breast heavily several times. After that the associate director asked if I was afraid. In addition he told me, "I do not care even if you pour gas on your body to burn yourself or you bite your tongue off."

At that moment I saw that they were too vicious. I was very rational and did not listen to them. If I were to listen, would I be the same as said on TV. As a genuine practitioner, I understand the principles taught by the Teacher. To kill an animal is killing, and to kill a plant is also killing. Suicide is sinful and how can I do that? Only those who persecuted Dafaí scum of human societyí may do that, Worldly people, please wake up and do not let lies confuse your lost hearts!