Dear Mom and Dad:

Thanks for your concern and care to me for so many years.

My lack of a righteous mind and firm belief in Dafa caused me to enlighten improperly to Falun Dafa and to write guarantees [to give up Falun Dafa] and statements of repentance. In addition, the evil actions around me made my heart fearful from the propaganda and TV reports and I lost the ability to distinguish right from wrong. The supervisor of my workplace used the threat of changing my job as an excuse and tricked me into saying some unfavorable words against Falun Dafa on TV, such as Falun Gong is X (slanderous words omitted) religion, etc. Now I regret bitterly that I shouldn't have allowed myself to have been utilized by the evil-minded people and viciously slander Master Li and Dafa. Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance) is the great law of the cosmos. It is a righteous law that teaches people to be good and to upgrade their morality. However, people today cannot tell goodness from evil and label such a righteous great law as a X (slanderous words omitted) and want to ban it. It is really pitiful.

Mom and Dad, do you know how those policemen have treated your daughter? What is shown on TV is not true. On March 22, 2000, guards from a labor camp took away several Falun Gong practitioners, claiming that they attempted to escape. Around midnight, some policemen came to our dorm with plastic batons and fiercely beat us by very despicable means. The practitioners who were taken away didn't come back, so the rest of us started a hunger strike, asking for their return. Police first beat us brutally with police clubs, and then some policemen began searching our bodies to see if we were hiding any Falun Dafa books. They grabbed my breasts and then extended their hands to my lower abdomen. I said one word; "Disgusting" and they immediately beat me ruthlessly. After searching us, they pulled me into a room for force-feeding. I refused to cooperate with them, and they once again brutally beat me on my head and waist with police clubs until I couldn't move any more. One policeman saw that I couldn't move and cruelly kicked my lower abdomen.

Lying on the ground, I thought that Falun Dafa practitioners should be compassionate to all beings; they were so pitiful; they didn't know what they were doing; how can this be human behavior? They pressed me onto the ground to force-feed me, talking and laughing. I held back my tears and told myself, "Tolerate it, you are a Falun Dafa practitioner!" Mom and Dad, your daughter never resented them even under such a dreadful situation and I only thought about forgiving their ignorance, because this is what Falun Dafa requires us to do.

Please think about it. Falun Dafa practitioners are so compassionate; will they go against the government? In order to help more kind-hearted people understand Dafa, in order for the government to know the truth, Falun Gong practitioners go to Beijing to clarify the true situation in spite of great pressure. However, they are accused by malicious perpetrators as being involved in politics and are sentenced to forced labor. Many Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested at home. I was arrested while cooking at home and was said to have disturbed the social order. Who knows how I could have disturbed social order by cooking at home? I was thus sentenced to 2 years of forced labor. I was not allowed to appeal, but even if I had appealed, no one would dare to accept and hear my case because Falun Gong practitioners are under order to be "specially treated" [denied legal representation or constitutional rights].

Falun Dafa practitioners are the clarifying truth to the world to save the people of the world. They are doing remarkable things for the Fa-rectification. If your daughter hadn't learned Falun Dafa, I couldn't have survived the inhuman treatments I received at the hands of the police. Dafa has supported me to firmly continue my life because Master Li has told us that it is a sin to commit suicide. No matter what kind of persecution we Falun Gong practitioners receive, we will live on strongly. Therefore, what is reported in TV about the self-immolation incident is all fabricated and can only cheat those people who are not aware of the truth and don't really know about Falun Dafa.

Mom and Dad, under pressure, your daughter said some words that I shouldn't have said. I have let down your education of so many years, but I have even further let down Teacher Li's painstaking efforts of salvation. I failed to stand up for Conscience and Justice as you have taught me in so many years. Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. This evil will soon be eliminated. One righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils. Justice will always defeat evil in the end. All those who stand on the side of evil against Dafa will receive the end they deserve. Your daughter was really useless and allowed demonic interference from my own heart in the labor camp and enlightened improperly to the teachings of Dafa. I find myself pitiable and sad when I look back now. In the labor camp, those who were forced to repent pretended to become sick or insane in order to be released back home. They even spoke vicious words and didn't appear to have any kindness left. I have witnessed how terrible one person without a righteous mind could become. Without a good heart, one could commit any bad thing.

Mom and Dad, do you know how these practitioners have repented? Those police took turns to "brainwash" practitioners, disallowed them to have rest, distorted some sentences in Teacher Li's articles in order to trick practitioners into thinking it was words from Teacher Li and cheated practitioners into enlightening improperly to Dafa principles step by step resulting in the end to opposing Dafa. These practitioners thought they had enlightened to principles at higher levels. We were used by evil-minded people as tools to slander Teacher Li, but still thought they were doing good things. How pitiful they are!

Mom and Dad, your daughter has now decided to turn over a new leaf and live as a genuine Falun Dafa practitioner, firmly practicing Dafa and closely following Teacher Li. I am now very clear-minded and also very lucky to be able to continue my cultivation before the Fa-rectification period ends. It is already the best luck despite all misfortunes. I didn't want to tell you how I was persecuted so as not to make you feel sad. However I will be very glad if I can help you know the facts and truth and understand that Falun Dafa is good. Before I was released from the labor camp, those guards repeatedly told me not to disclose how I was persecuted there because they are afraid of having their evil actions exposed. My home phone is monitored and I cannot talk about Dafa on the phone, or I will have trouble. Now on some farms anyone who wishes to take a bus has to swear against Teacher Li. Those who refuse to do so will be deemed as Falun Gong practitioners and sentenced to 2 years labor camp. It is extremely evil. I will gradually explain to you the truth about Dafa in the future. I hope that you won't believe the vicious lies and remain clear-minded and believe that Falun Dafa is good. If not, why would your daughter still choose the path to firmly cultivate Dafa in spite of so many tribulations? My whole family is cultivating Dafa now, so you don't need to worry about us.

The time when Falun Dafa illuminates the human world will come. I wish both of you good health!

Your daughter

March 5th, 2001