[Clearwisdom.Net] On the morning of March 1st, a primary school in Changchun City was holding its First Day Ceremony at the schoolyard. A banner with the slogan: "Upholding Science, Purifying the School Environment, Boycotting the X [slanderous word omitted] sect" was hanging on the wall behind the platform. Some leading cadres were giving speeches in the front, while about 2,000 people including the faculty and the pupils were standing in rows in the schoolyard.

In the past, on similar occasions, the speakers would all stand on the platform to give speeches. But today, they were all down on the ground in front of the platform. The pupils in the back rows couldn't even see their faces. Usually their voices were loud and clear, but today, they became raucous, and even stuttering and stumbling over their words. When one of the speakers was talking about the Tiananmen incident, many of the staff and pupils knew that this was the persecution against Falun Gong plotted by Jiang Zemin who was trying to escalate the persecution even more. Some of the pupils started talking loudly over the speeches and some used their hands to block their own ears. One pupil cried out with a soft voice: "Falun Dafa is Good, Falun Dafa is a righteous way."

While a leading cadre was repeatedly stumbling over some words copied from the TV shows slandering Falun Gong, the Chinese character for "evil" from the phrase "evil sect" was suddenly blown off the banner by the wind, causing uproarious laughter from the students. Someone rushed over to pick it up and tried to stick it back on the banner while standing on top of a table. While he was doing so, he almost fell down from the table, causing another round of uproarious laughter. After a while, the character "sect" of the phrase "evil sect" was also blown off from the banner, while the speaker kept on stuttering accompanied by the continuous laughter from the students. Many people realized that what had happened was a hint --- Falun Dafa is a righteous way, being labeled as an evil sect is absolutely unforgivable by the heavenly laws.

When going back to their classrooms, one pupil said: "At my cousins' school, every pupil was forced to sign a paper opposing Falun Gong." And another one said: " I would rather die, I will never sign my name."

The First Day Ceremony was concluded, however, the laughter at the scenes of the day would remain unforgettable.

Disciples from Mainland China

March 2, 2001