In an area of Gansu, Dafa practitioners have done a lot of work to spread the Fa and clarify the truth. They went to appeal several times and were repeatedly illegally detained. The following are the stories of some Dafa practitioners in this area. In order to protect them from further abuse, I have given them pseudonyms. Lu Fenglan Her whole family has been cultivating in Dafa. In January 2000, she and her husband went to Beijing to appeal. After they came back, she was arrested and sent to a detention center. Later on she was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor re--education, and was sent to Lanzhou Pingyangtai Labor Camp. During the labor re-education, she kept Dafa firmly in her heart. Among the 34 criminals detained in her ward, there was a drug addict who was known as "Chief". Chief was very arbitrary. In the ward, two people shared a one--meter--wide bed. "Chief" was intolerant of the cramped space, and thus frequently beat and kicked Lu Fenglan, who shared a bed with her. Lu Fenglan silently endured the endless bullying and humiliation. She still helped others, as before. Finally, this great benevolent power moved all the people. She used her words and deeds to spread Dafa to everyone around her, and helped many criminals in her ward obtain Dafa and study the Fa. They sincerely rectified their errors, and tried to become good people. Ma Yaofeng (Lu Fenglan's husband) After coming back with his wife from Beijing, he was detained in a detention center for 15 days. After that, he was sent to a fire brigade and detained there for 8 months. During the labor re--education, he suffered inhumane torture. He ceaselessly unloaded coal from trucks 24 hours a day and he had to unload 20 tons of coal each day. Even a strong young man was not able to withstand such a heavy burden, however, he surprisingly carried through firmly to the end even though he was an old man. He always spread Dafa whenever he opened his mouth. Later on, he resisted by holding a hunger strike, which lasted more than 10 days. Hao Jun He was once full of misgivings, overcautious, and indecisive. Thus, he could not step forward. After sharing experiences with veteran practitioners, he finally realized that he should remove his attachments and throw himself into the sacred act of Fa-rectification. He printed lots of Fa related material from the Internet. He delivered them from door to door, even to the nearby counties and villages and some remote villages. He also distributed appeal letters to various places. When he learned that the letters could be intercepted, he asked other practitioners to avoid distributing letters. While spreading the remaining material, he was arrested by the Security Bureau and was sentenced to 3--years of imprisonment. While in jail, another Dafa practitioner, Liu X, could not maintain his xinxing (mind or heart nature/moral charachter by/ed). He took public security officers in front of Hao Jun and said, "You asked me to print and distribute materials. Now I don't want to practice. You make a clear confession to them." Hao Jun sternly warned him on the spot. He then firmly told the public security officers, "I am so lucky to have obtained Dafa and benefit from it. I should let the people of the world know, and clarify the truth to them. I don't know (Liu X)." After Liu X came back, he felt very ashamed and regretful, and he wished to cultivate again. Zhu Lanxiu Zhu Lanxiu did a lot of work to spread the Fa and distributed a lot of material to clarify the truth to the people of the world. She went to Beijing to appeal twice and was detained three times. During her detention, she was not allowed to eat or drink for three days and three nights. Furthermore, she was hung up for 24 hours. It is unbearable for everyday people, yet she was fast asleep while being hung up. No matter how she was tortured, nothing could be extracted from her. Liu Guihua Liu Guihua went to Beijing to appeal once, and was detained. She also distributed a lot of Fa related material. During the detention, she was cuffed with both her hands behind her back in a way that she could neither stand nor sit for 15 hours. She had no complaint or hatred. The public security officers went to ransack her home at 8:00 in the morning, and took her away at 11:00. While they ransacked her home, there was a roll of Dafa articles on the windowsill and a reprinted Zhuan Falun, which was not hidden in time. Several public security officers all glanced over the Dafa book, and someone even picked it up and read it, taking it as a dictionary by mistake. Because her grandson, who went to school, was unattended, Liu Guihua was taken back home at noon, with her hands cuffed. Her grandson stared at his handcuffed grandmother and the people in the room, and didn't know what had happened. Liu Guihua cooked some food for her grandson, and then was taken away again. After New Year's Day, many Falun Gong practitioners were detained. The authorities haven't given a reasonable explanation to their relatives and friends. When arresting people, the police merely said that they were taking them for interrogation, and would send them back home. However, they haven't been released and their family members are not allowed to visit them. Those innocent detained practitioners have been on a hunger strike. A Dafa practitioner from Mainland China February 28, 2001