[Minghui Net] My alias is Lien. I have practiced Falun Gong for four years. Since the suppression of Falun Gong in July of 1999, I have witnessed and experienced on my own body and soul the various results of persecution and abuse heaped on practitioners of Falun Gong. I still cannot believe that all these atrocities are committed by China, that beloved, grand, historic and scholarly Oriental country, known all over the world for its art, literature, music and grand historic traditions. One of the reasons for my bitter disappointment in my beloved China at this time is the fact that the government continues to promote, increase and foster the suppression and slander of Falun Gong. However, this has certainly not persuaded me to give up my firm determination to keep on practicing Falun Gong. Instead, my determination to practice Falun Gong becomes firmer and firmer, while my intolerance to the persistence of injustice becomes stronger and stronger.

In the last ten days of December 2000, I went to Beijing again, to peacefully present to the government my petition for restoring the good reputation of Falun Dafa. After unfurling a banner reading "Falun Dafa is good!" at Tiananmen Square, the heart of China, policemen jumped me and immediately pushed me toward a vehicle, while another practitioner was badly beaten by the police. Meanwhile, I heard the wicked police say: "We'll let you experience the fierce torture of the Tiananmen police!" On the way to the Tiananmen local police station, the police did not stop beating and poking us with batons, until the batons were finally all broken. While none of us fought back or cursed, we nonetheless urged the police not to hit us any more.

At the Tiananmen local police station, I saw that one practitioner did not provide his home address and name to the interrogators. The police maliciously hit the practitioners' lower abdomen with their fists and burned his face. The People's Police should be there FOR the people, but instead, the police officials are AGAINST the persons striving to behave as good citizens. Instead of protecting the law--abiding people of China, the police, at present, and since 1999, on Jian Zemin's orders, have and are torturing, mistreating and extorting huge fines from innocent fellow Chinese. The more evil their police conduct, the more their monetary reward or the higher their promotion will be.

After I was sent to Chaoyang District Detention Center in Beijing, I was immediately and illegally detained, without the benefit of proper legal process. I heard many stories of injustice in this center, so horrible to imagine that they could only occur in hell. When I questioned the police officer why he was arresting me without proper legal documents, he responded by saying: "I don't need any!" When I asked him how long I would be illegally detained, he replied: "Unlimited time!" Before entering the jail, we were forcefully ordered to hand over all our belongings and money. All our belongings would be confiscated later, anyway, if they were found. Without notifying us or asking our permission, the police took more than 200 Yuan from each Dafa practitioner's money to buy things. Those items were mainly the belongings of the practitioners who had been detained here before. From just this one example, it is easy to see that these police have made an unexpected fortune from ignoring the law, by stealing money and illegally detaining and beating Dafa practitioners.

I was sent to cell 5. The police told several of the common, criminals in the cell, such as tyrant/swindler Zhang Jinzhou and other criminals to remove my clothes and do a procedure called "the inspection." After having been admitted to the cell, I realized that the police used these "cell--tyrants" as their tools to carry out their violent plan. The jailer would physically punish and torture these common criminals if they permitted Falun Dafa practitioners in their cell to go on a protest hunger strike. Thereupon, these cell--tyrants became extremely fearful. A practitioner in Zhang's cell was on a hunger strike. Zhang was afraid of receiving physical punishment. To avoid his own physical punishment, he in turn meted out physical punishment to the practitioner. He would force that practitioner to stand 13 hours without a break. During that time, the practitioner is not allowed to close his eyes and cannot use the restroom. If that practitioner slightly disobeyed the instructions, the cell--tyrants would mercilessly beat him. The scene was extremely horrifying to watch! That practitioner was beaten so badly that his face was swollen and his head showed serious lacerations. While Dafa practitioner firmly stayed calm and endured Zhang's merciless beatings, the cell--tyrant Zhang cried out all of a sudden, to compensate for the practitioners' silence. Maybe, Zhang thought, if there is no noise he might in all likelihood receive extra physical punishment. Later on, some female practitioners who persisted in there hunger strikes were tied up on the "plank." They were beaten; not allowed to go to the restroom or to speak; their pants were stripped down to the knees. Some of these female practitioners had their menstrual period, yet the police did not care and allowed them no privacy to cover themselves. Some of the shameless male police gave the women no dignity and even walked and gawked around these female practitioners as if it was an everyday occurrence.

After 10 days' detention in Chaoyang District Detention Center, I was sent to the Qinhuangdao City Detention Center in Changli County [Hebei Province], and was illegally imprisoned again. On that particular day, the police used more than 100 vehicles to transport more than 100 Dafa practitioners from Chaoyang District Detention Center to Qinhuangdao City Detention Center. Each Dafa practitioner was watched by several policemen. We Falun Gong practitioners were unarmed, yet we were illegally sent to Qinhuangdao City Detention Center by an ARMED police squad. My thoughts were: what is it that makes the government this scared, simply because some good citizens are telling the truth? What is it that they cannot handle in their minds? What are they afraid of?

When I was in Qinhuangdao City Detention Center, the chief of the public security department of Shanhaikuan City [Hebei Province] fabricating a ruse, took away my only 600 Yuan. He lured me into believing that he was going to buy me a return ticket home. He did not give me any receipt for MY 600 Yuan. Several other fellow practitioners also fell victim to that unscrupulous man's criminal tactics and lies. Who gave those so--called "civil servants" the right to take the law into their own hands and profit from deceptive lies? One fellow practitioner suggested that those unconscionable people get away with these actions because of Jiang Zemin's policy of suppressing Falun Gong. Jiang Zemin's motto is: "Take away their economic resources, torture their human flesh, and defame their reputation." Ever since the suppression of Falun Gong began, these public "servants", sensing an opportunity, have taken a free hand in interpreting the "higher--up" directives, to suit themselves, since no--one seems to hold them accountable for their despicable deeds of brutal torture and personal enrichment, extorting money that does not belong to them.

During my time of illegal imprisonment at Qinhuangdao City Detention Center, I became aware that each Dafa practitioner's family member was forced to pay a different amount of money to obtain the release of a Dafa practitioner. My family wanted me released and had agreed to pay the amount of money those thugs asked for, but insisted on a receipt with an official seal affixed to the document. The police officer pondered this request for a while and finally said to me: "I could not find the official seal." I wondered: This detention center has detained a great number of practitioners; many of them have been forced to pay a certain amount of money to acquire the release. How can it be that this detention center does not have an official seal?

On my 10th day at the detention center, one newly arrived female practitioner was grossly tortured, simply because she did not provide her name and home address to the police. Due to outrageous beatings to her head and face, her forehead required 6 stitches to close the wounds. Because of the severe beatings, her body was swollen all over. Her legs were so cruelly tortured that they were not the same length any longer. They had become uneven. This female practitioner told me an even more unimaginably debased incident: while another female practitioner was still undergoing those horrible tortures, those lascivious male police, who seem to have lost all sense of humanness, even humiliated her further by indecently putting their hands into her pants.

I hope sincerely that this testimony will disclose to a certain extent some more of the antagonistic, vile deeds the evil has committed. Hopefully it will eventually serve as additional factual evidence when the devilish evildoers will be placed on trial in the future.

Dafa Practitioner

February 25, 2001