Nan Chuyin was a doctor in Zhanganmiao Village in Meishan Area of Wanggang Town in Xishui County, Hubei Province. He was brutally tortured by Jiang Zemin's accomplices and died at the age of 53 without realizing his full potential.

His entire family of five practices Dafa. After Jiang's accomplices launched the crackdown on Falun Gong, the family went to Beijing to appeal to the Central Government to uphold justice for Dafa and to clarify the truth to the people. They also attended group practices to validate Dafa. As a result, Nan Chuyin was detained three times and was sentenced one year in a labor camp. His younger daughter was sentenced to one and a half years in a labor camp. His son was expelled from the Chongqing Oil Institute and then illegally detained for several months at the Xishui Police Station. His older daughter was arrested and detained three times and his wife was also arrested for practicing the Dafa exercises publicly. Such a happy family was totally destroyed by the political persecution.

When Nan Chuyin was arrested the third time, a malicious cop hit his head very hard with a flashlight. Then the police knocked him to the ground and kicked his body all over. Though he was seriously injured, he was nonetheless sent to a detention center. After a few days, the warden transferred him to a "notorious cell" in order to punish him. Because the warden incited the cell leader to beat up Nan Chuyin, the leader thus beat and tortured him at will, until he excreted and spit blood. He was all skin and bones above the abdomen and had edema from his abdomen down to his feet. Even then, he was still repeatedly interrogated and pressured. Then he was sentenced one year in a labor camp. After being detained for almost 9 months in the detention center, he was transferred to Huangshi Labor Camp. Seeing his serious health condition, the Labor Camp didn't force him to work. More than one month later, he was transferred with some other practitioners to Shayang Labor Camp. He looked horrible because of long-term edema and excretion of blood. He was released after forced to write a written "promise" [to give up Falun Gong] when he finished the one-year labor camp sentence in Shayang Labor Camp one month later.

After he came home, he excreted and spit a great deal of blood. Since he was a doctor, he knew his liver was seriously damaged. Even so, those vicious people kept harassing him and forced him to write "guarantee" letters [to not practice Falun Gong].

Because of the long-term physical and mental abuse, his internal injury relapsed two months later and he died of a hemorrhaged liver on February 15, 2001. At that time, his son had only been back from the detention center for about a month.

On the day of his funeral, dozens of practitioners attended, but the police illegally interrogated them by force and even tried to arrest some of them.

Nan Chuyin's death is another blood debt that Jiang's accomplices owe to kind-hearted people.

February 18, 2001