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[Zhengzhou City, Henan Province] Song Xu, a Falun Dafa Practitioner from Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, Suffered Persecution and Is Near Death

Falun Dafa practitioner Song Xu, 28 years old, unexpectedly disappeared on February 3, 2001. Three days later it was learned that he had been forcibly sent to the Baimiao Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City without any legal procedures. It was also learned recently that he has been on a hunger strike for 44 days. He has now developed edema over his whole body and is unable to speak. His internal organs have been damaged and his kidneys have become completely dysfunctional. Under these circumstances, the labor camp notified his family to take money to the Fifth People's Hospital in Zhengzhou City, so that he could undergo a kidney transplant. However, because his family is in financial difficulty and unable to afford the expensive operation, he is still being detained and his life is in danger.

We call for all kind-hearted people and all people with a sense of justice to stop these vicious crimes and support good and honest people!

The office phone number of Baimiao Labor Camp of Zhengzhou City is 86-371-3945372.

The political security section of Golden Water District Public Security Bureau of Zhengzhou City is 86-371-6256038. The director of the section is Li Xinjian.

The office phone number of the Public Security Department of Henan Province is 86-371-5963394.

[China] Children Distinguish between Right and Wrong and Get Their Teacher Back from the Police

Recently, a close friend told me this story. Her child's schoolteacher was forcibly arrested at school simply because he would not give up practicing Falun Gong. This matter evoked strong repercussions among many teachers and students, because this particular person was highly respected. The students all said, "Our teacher treats us with a golden heart." The parents all clearly knew that their children's teacher was truly responsible to the students, and was very good at teaching in addition to being upright and kind. But, disregarding the fact that their actions might interfere with the students' education, the police arrested this good teacher simply because he practiced Falun Gong. Is there such a government anywhere else?

Numerous teachers, students, and parents all condemned this unreasonable act by the government. In order to get their teacher back, all the students of his class voluntarily went to the Public Security Bureau and requested that the police immediately release their teacher and restore his freedom. Under the pressure of the children's insistent and just demands, the Public Security Bureau released this Dafa practitioner right away. The teacher came back to school and his students crowded around to welcome him.

[Beijing] More Than Ten Falun Dafa Practitioners Arrested in Shijingshan District of Beijing After Being Reported by Undercover Agents.

At about 10 p.m. on February 22, 2001 more than 10 Dafa practitioners were arrested without just cause by police from the first floor of Building 30, Section 3 of theYongle West Residential District, Shijingshan District, Beijing. As the situation developed, the practitioners learned that they had been reported by undercover agents working for the Public Security Bureau.

Currently the true colors of these undercover agents are being exposed. To avoid further difficulties, we hope that Dafa practitioners will take the Fa as Teacher, improve their understanding, and use their best judgment to protect themselves.

A practitioner from Mainland China

March 10, 2001

[Beijing] Jiang's Evil Politics: "Disregard Right or Wrong" when Dealing with the Falun Gong Issue

During this Spring Festival, I unexpectedly found instructions distributed by the Neighborhood Committees in Beijing, which had been issued from the higher authorities. When dealing with Falun Gong issue, they said "don't discuss right or wrong, but merely concern yourselves with success or failure. Those who succeed will become princes and dukes, and those who fail will become thieves." From such blatantly evil logic, it is obvious that the X party under the control of Jiang Zemin has been completely reduced to a pack of "Dark gangs and sinister groupsgovernments and bandits, one family."

[China] A Falun Dafa Practitioner's Family Members Join Forces to Speak the Truth

In a certain city, one Dafa practitioner and his non-practitioner wife distributed truth-clarifying materials at night. When they came to the entrance of a dormitory building, the practitioner saw a bulletin board; yet he didn't notice what was written on it and passed it by. Illuminating it with a flashlight, his wife found some slogans that slandered Falun Dafa and told him about it on the way home. After arriving home, the couple discussed the matter and decided that they should erase those slogans to prevent the people of the world from being fooled again. They immediately went into action. The next evening the couple and their child went to erase the slogans, and then put up a sticker that said, "Falun Dafa is Good." In this way, they eliminated the evil.

[South China] Practitioners Remove Slanderous Propaganda

On March 13, 2001, in a southern Chinese city, many banners and posters slandering Falun Dafa were hung at various locations. In order to clarify the truth to the people, practitioners bravely went onto the streets to clear away the vicious propaganda. Some practitioners ripped them down, while others covered them with self-adhesive paper. At every opportunity, they tore down the posters, threw them on the ground, and left at once. They felt pleased on their way home because they had spent their time suffocating evil and assisting the teacher in the human world.

[Shenyang, Liaoning Province] Three Practitioners Arrested in Shenyang

Practitioner Zhang Yulan, about 50 years old, was sent to a labor camp for "reeducation." Police suspected her of posting Falun Gong flyers, but failed to find any flyers at her home. They confiscated her books on Falun Gong and portraits of Teacher Li.

Practitioner Liu Xiangdang, female, about 40 years old, was also sent to a labor camp for "reeducation."

Practitioner Zhang Meijuan was arrested.

[Shengyang, Liaoning Province] Shenyang Classifies Practitioners for More Efficient Persecution

Recently, the authorities of the Residency Committee in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, classified Falun Gong practitioners into the following categories: those who said they would quit but still practiced secretly at home, those who distributed flyers; those who went to Beijing to appeal; those who were being detained, etc. They are going to monitor, transform, or detain practitioners according to these categories. This policy was reportedly based on a document from the central government.

In addition, young practitioners will be restricted when joining the army and finding jobs.

We remind all practitioners who have not been registered by the government: please don't "let down your guard" at any time. Do your best to avoid being registered by the evil forces, because this will hamper your efforts to clarify the truth and spread Dafa.

Fellow practitioners, please keep your identification cards, photos, phone numbers, and home addresses on your residency booklets in a secure place. Don't let them be seized by police. Please watch out for neighbors who might report you. When contacting practitioners who are being monitored, please be alert to the dangers.

[Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province] Hangzhou Intensifies Monitoring of Practitioners

Two days before the Spring Festival [01/24/2001], the police in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province detained many Falun Gong practitioners by means of deception. They planned to keep them until Lantern Festival Day [02/07/2001]; however, for some reasons, they were released on the eighteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar [01/31/2001]. Every practitioner was charged an accommodation fee that his or her workplace was required to pay. Whether or not the workplaces then transferred the charge to the practitioners is being investigated. After they were released, two persons were assigned to monitor each practitioner day and night.

The family members of the practitioners who had not been detained were required to pledge that the practitioners would not go to Beijing to appeal during the period of the Spring Festival. Their phone calls were tape-recorded, and security personnel watched them in front of their doors. Two police cars stayed in front of each building where a practitioner lived. At night the police locked the doors with handcuffs to prevent them from going out.

The practitioners' family members were informed about the TV program, "Self-immolation on Tiananmen Square," before it was broadcast. That evening, the authorities assembled them together, and a dozen reporters and photographers were assigned to shoot video footage and interview the families as they watched the program. As soon as the TV program finished, those family members were asked their opinions about the "self-immolation." The program provoked anger towards Falun Gong in some family members who did not know the truth. In order to further hide the truth, the authorities also intentionally separated family members from practitioners. The TV program of the interview has been broadcast on a Zhejiang TV station.

[North China] Government Leader Ashamed of Advanced Title Award

Recently, at some government units of a city in Northern China, some "Advanced Title" awards were given to those people battling against Falun Gong. Leaders of each unit in which there were Dafa practitioners could be awarded this title. But one unit leader frowned after learning that he was to receive an award: "This is not a good deed! I don't want this title," he said. He went to see the supervisor who was in charge of this task. No matter how he tried to reject the title, his efforts were in vain. Finally the supervisor got angry: "If you still don't accept it, you'll be considered unconformable to the central Party!" The leader was thereby forced to accept this shameful title against his will. But like a thief, he dared not tell this to other people. In fact, he exhorted those people who knew of this matter not to disclose it.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] "It's Just Some Old Men And Women Practicing Exercises. What On Earth Is Going to Happen?"

Before the two conferences, all government units in Shijiazhuang held meetings and applied pressure level by level: "During the two conferences, strictly guard the Falun Gong practitioners," they said. "Do not allow even one practitioner make 'trouble' (ie, legally appeal)." Some districts then lured Dafa practitioners to the Police Substation by asking them to come in for a talk. In fact they were detained. Some were detained in the Agency Office and some were detained elsewhere.

One secretary of a Residency Committee complained: "The situation is always like this whenever a sensitive day is approaching. It's just some old men and women practicing exercises. What on earth is going to happen? They're the ones who messed things up. (referring to Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan). I don't fear losing this insignificant title of a low-ranked official, but I won't do anything to lose De (virtue). Isn't it better to have a clean and clear mind?"

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Behind the Scenes of the "Voluntary" Signature Campaign

On the 1st day of the new semester after winter vacation, all elementary schools in Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City began forcing pupils to participate in the signing activities of "refusing X religion." Led by class directors, all classes lined up together, and everyone was forced to participate.

In one school, a pupil in Grade 2 said," Teacher, I won't sign." The teacher got very angry after hearing this, and said, "No way. You must sign." While saying this, he hit the pupil twice on the head with a book he was holding. The child got very frightened and signed his name against his will. This is the truth about the "voluntary" signature campaign.

Relevant people who ought to take responsibility:

Education Bureau of Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City:

Party Secretary Li Shiliang: office phone: 86-0311-3837846;

Bureau Director Gao Jianhua: office phone: 86-0311-3817848

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Annan Visited China, and Dafa Practitioners Were Kidnapped

We are Dafa practitioners from Shijiazhuang City. Before the Spring Festival, while United Nation Secretary Annan was visiting China, the Qiaodong District of Shijiazhuang City lured many Dafa practitioners out of their homes and sent them directly to a Detention Center. During their illegal detention, they used all means to forcibly transform the practitioners, intimidating and cajoling them to change their faith. But the practitioners' faith in Dafa was resolute and unshakable. Forced by Jiang Zemin to endure their unreasonable detention, the Dafa practitioners had no choice but to protest with a hunger strike. Three days later, when Annan came to China, the authorities relocated the 38 illegally detained practitioners to the affiliated Agency of Qiaodong District. Later they coerced the practitioners' families to send money for bail, and then released some of them.

Up to now, there are 16 Dafa practitioners who are still being illegally held at the Detention Center or the Agency. Kindhearted people, please pay close attention to this matter and help them regain freedom!

The names of those practitioners who are being illegally detained are listed below.

There are 38 people, including Wang Hua (home phone: 86-0311-6836345), Sun Xiaoer, Hu Mingzhi (home phone: 86-0311-6836745), Hu Mingru, Lu Sujun, Wen Fenglan, Ma Shuling, Wang Yun (home phone: 86-0311-6823732), Hou Xiulan, Wu Yuxiu, Gao Hanzong, Liu Zenqun, Zhao Xiuli, Zhang Li, Liu Weiqun, Zhang Jinzhi, Qi Zhenqing, Wang Xiaoying and her two daughters (home phone: 86-0311-6838539), Ren Yanchun and his father (home phone: 86-0311-6827985) etc.

March 20,2001.