After reading the news from Minghui Net about Wang Yue, who was deceived and forced to involuntarily attend a "conversion class," I was incomparably sad and angry. For persisting in her belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," she was forcefully locked up in Beijing's 7th division police station. The Chinese government does not distinguish between good and evil; instead, it reverses right and wrong. It is turning China into a living hell.

Because we both practiced Falun Gong, I was fortunate to get to know Wang Yue in 1996.

Wang Yue graduated from Beijing University in the mid 1980's with a degree in Philosophy. She was assigned to be an editor at the People's Press.

I calculate that she is about 46 or 47 years old. Many members of her family work as government officials.

Sharing the same beliefs and goals, Wang Yue and I had many chances to interact. Wang Yue was very enthusiastic about Falun Dafa. She often said with profound feelings, "I majored in Philosophy, a science that deals mostly with thinking, but Falun Dafa changed my concept of the world. I truly believe it is the truth of the Universe, a true science."

Because of her practice of Falun Gong, Wang Yue set very high standards for herself. She was a good person in any situation. She was frequently heard to say: "I am willing to contribute."

I remember an incident from when I just started to practice Falun Fong. There was a manager from a small factory that was about to close down. Already, his company couldn't pay salaries. He saw that many people were practicing Falun Gong, but there was a shortage of audiotapes from teacher Li Hongzhi on the market. So he made a set of audiotapes and tried to sell them at Wang Yue's practice site. Since the practitioners were eager to listen to Falun Dafa, they purchased them without thinking. When they went home and listened to them, they discovered that the quality of both the tape and sound were very bad. Some of the tapes were even blank, yet they had not been cheap. Under these circumstances, many practitioners asked for their money back.

The manager of that company panicked. He found Wang Yue in a hurry (Wang Yue was one of the coordinators at the practice site). Almost in tears, he said, "Miss, I am so sorry. The quality of the tape is a bit low. We will re-record the ones that were not properly recorded. Please don't return them. The company already can't pay salaries. We planned to make some money from these tapes but didn't realize it would fail this way. Even the money to buy the blank tapes was borrowed! What shall we do now?" Wang Yue then discussed this with the group. Not everyone had the same opinion. Finally Wang Yue said, "If you feel the tape is acceptable then keep it; otherwise return it." Privately, however, she told a few practitioners, "I will pay for all the returned tapes. I am willing to sacrifice. I can't let that business go down." The cost of all the tapes was 10,000 Yuan RMB [Approximately 20-month salary of an average urban worker]. For Wang Yue, who worked for a salary, it was not a small burden. Many practitioners asked her not to do it. Some even criticized her, but Wang Yue insisted. She said, "Teacher asks us to always think of others, so I feel that I should do it this way."

That incident made a deep impression on me. Since I was just starting to practice, I did not completely understand why Wang Yue handled the situation that way, but I seriously respected her moral values.

Even though Wang Yue was a senior practitioner and a coordinator at the practice site, she never acted like she was better than others. She was always smiling. When something went wrong, she always tried to see how she may have been responsible. All the practitioners liked her, and were eager to share their experiences with her.

Even though Wang Yue was very busy, she cared for her family a great deal. Her mother was not in good health, and a teenage daughter still lived at home. Every day after work, Wang Yue rushed home as soon as she could to shop and cook so that her mother and child would receive the best possible care.

At her job, Wang Yue got along with people very well. She often volunteered to help others. For her own duties, she was even more serious and responsible. She participated in editing many health related books that received good comments from the readers.

What is difficult to understand is that such a good person was deceived by her company and made to attend a "Conversion Class." When they did not reach their goal, they put her in jail at Beijing's 7th Division police station. They attempted to turn a good person into a bad person. That was so vicious!

I request that all the people who are hurting Wang Yue immediately put down your weapons. I ask all the people who can help Wang Yue to get her out of the trap she is in.

He Shi (pressing hands) to Wang Yue.

Provided by Practitioner Xiao Ming from China

March 18, 2001