After Jiang Zemin and his followers staged the "Self-immolation" incident, they immediately followed it up by playing the "Million Signature" farce all over the country. As they attempt to pull as many people as possible into the dirty water, they do not even spare primary school students who are not yet able to make informed judgments. If they refuse to sign, they are expelled from school. On the other hand, the school will praise a student who turns in a copy of Dafa literature. Such mean-spirited methods make people bristle with anger.

However, a farce after all, is nothing more than a farce. No matter how many tapes they make, or how long their signature lists become, they cannot cover up the viciousness that lies at the heart of their effort.

"Hurry and sign, one Yuan [about US 12 cents] per signature!"

On February 18, there was a major open market in Yangting Town, Weihai City, Shandong Province, and the local government saw it as a good opportunity to collect signatures. They hung up a long plain white cloth on which to collect signatures, and asked their staff to send the following message to the people: "Hurry and sign, one Yuan per signature." It was sad to see those innocent people, who came to sign their names, selling out their consciences and virtue for just one Yuan. Those organizers who chose to be accomplices in order to protect their official posts not only harmed others, but also harmed themselves by helping innocent people "fall over a cliff." They are really pitiful.

In addition, on the same day, Li Guihua, the director of women's affairs for a village in Yangting Town, went to the home of former Falun Gong contact person Mr. Zhang and tricked him into going to the market to watch a video tape. When he got there, he was asked to be in the video recording.

Police Break into Homes Without Just Cause

Wang Liang, the political instructor of the Baishi Road Police Station, Yantai City, is in charge of suppressing Falun Gong practitioners. He turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to whatever his policemen do to beat and shock people. He also gives the policemen hints on the most efficient ways to torture practitioners. Recently, in hopes of a big bonus, he ordered the policemen with him to break down a practitioner's door and take him away without showing any identification or giving any explanation.

Wang Liang illegally detains innocent practitioners and steals their hard-earned money by force or trickery, such as illegally searching, escorting practitioners from Beijing, and taking pictures [to charge fees].

Local policemen Zhao Zhiyi and Wang Hanming harass Dafa practitioners at home almost every day. They broke into one practitioner's home when he was taking an afternoon nap, and carried him to the police station without a word of explanation. Not getting the information they wanted during interrogation, Zhao Zhiyi slapped the practitioner on his face several times.

They had no reason to arrest this practitioner, but they illegally searched his home anyway and found nothing.

If they cannot find any evidence through interrogation or ransacking a person's home, they will detain a practitioner for a month on the charge of "suspicion of doing something related to Dafa." It seems more and more like our country is returning to the rude and violent period of the Great Cultural Revolution.

Practitioner in China

March 22, 2001