Fifty male Falun Gong practitioners are currently detained inside the 3rd Platoon at the Dalian City Labor Camp. They keep the Fa in their hearts and hold righteous thoughts in their minds to when up against brutal persecution.

The leaders at the labor camp organized a so-called "re-education/transformation assault campaign" from February 1st to February 28th. They found all kinds of characters to give "lectures." The worst "lecturer" was a history professor from the Liaoning Province Teacher's College named Tian Youchuan. During his "lecture" on the 20th, he did everything he could to verbally assault and slander the Dafa. While he was talking, many practitioners stood up and pointed out his lies.

From February 19th to 24th, more than 40 practitioners were forced to perform highly-intensive manual labor work that lasted much longer than the normal work hours at the labor camp. On some days, they were not allowed to stop working until midnight. The evil guards tried to destroy the wills of the practitioners by forcing them to perform backbreaking labor, but they did not succeed. At the beginning of February, the guards tried to read anti-Falun Gong newspaper articles to the practitioners out loud. The practitioners took steps to stop this, and as a result, several practitioners were sent to isolation cells. Later, the guards tried to play cassettes that had anti-Falun Gong content. The practitioners stood up together, and the guards had no choice but to give that up as well.

On February 27th, the guards again gathered all the practitioners together. The head of the Dalian City Justice Department with the surname of Hao personally gave a "transformation lecture" that lasted a whole day. He said, "The Minghui Net called me a force of evil. I am perfectly willing to be called that kind of evil." Showing obvious desperation, he went on to say, "I know that you never applaud no matter who is giving the lecture. Why is it so difficult to transform you? I am talking to a group of Gods! I ask you to let your spirit leave your body for just a moment, so you could listen to what I am saying! I will fulfill my promise and let you go home even if you waver just a little bit!" At the end of his "lecture," he even begged the practitioners to applaud him. He made the request three times, but the practitioners refused to comply, and he left in a huff. That evening, the practitioners were gathered again to talk about what they heard. Even the head of the labor camp was powerless to stop the practitioners from publicly denouncing the talk.

On March 1st, the head of the 3rd platoon with the surname of Xing made a public announcement. He said that the practitioners would be allowed to go home if they were willing to write statements of remorse, promise to give up Falun Gong, and write statements attacking Falun Gong. One practitioner used the occasion to openly nullify a statement of remorse that he had previously written and declared his will to steadfastly cultivate in Dafa. Xing then revealed the truth behind the "Self-Immolation" episode on his own. He said, "Based on the information gathered by the police, it is clear that we knew what would happen in Tiananmen ahead of the time. Why did we decide not stop it from happening? We chose to sacrifice the lives of these people to educate the rest of you!"

The names of all the Dafa practitioners being held at the labor camp are as follows:

Zhang Lianpeng, Zhang Ruiming, Chen Wenyi, Li Renlong, Liu Changhai, Zhang Shaohua, Zhang Xiaodong, Cao Zongwei, Yin Libin, Song Guangming, Wang Yue, Du Hua, Yu Xiangjia, Liu Zhengwei, Bao Weidong, Yu Zuojia, Li Zhe, Sun Shulin, Wu Yuanjun, Zhang Renguang, Wang Zhongqiang, Pan Shijie, Guo Fulin, Xu Xiangyou, Zhou Jiazhu, Qiu Dianyou, Yu Jili, Wen Guobin, Yu Dong, Gu Zhaoxue, Lu Dedong, Liu Jilian, Liu Shifu, Guo Qian, Xia Zhiqiang, Chang Cheng, Jin Mingzhi, Xue Dianshi, Liu Hongyou, Wang Shouyun, Ni Jinghua, Zhang Renzhan, Dong Yadong, Jiao Liang, Liu Zhongyao, Jiang Yuntian, Wang Xiaoxin, Gong Guowei, Liu Zhonglin, and Liu Xiaoguang.

The above 50 male practitioners are all being held in the 3rd Platoon of the Dalian 5th Labor Camp. They were arrested and sent to the labor camp from October to November of 2000.

Practitioners in China

March 14th, 2001