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The Tiananmen Police Sub-bureau arrested me at approximately 12:00 noon on January 23 after I appeared in Tiananmen Square to safeguard Dafa. After I refused to tell them my name, the police put me into an iron cage-like cell. Many practitioners were later locked up in this 'cage.' Several of them told us that they had by chance witnessed the staged self-immolation event occurring in Tiananmen Square that day.

A veteran practitioner witnessed the whole event and other practitioners observed part of it. They held identical views that it was a ploy intentionally directed by the government. While we were sitting around the veteran practitioner listening to his story, the police outside of the 'cage' also heard what he said. Shortly afterwards the police took him away and didn't bring him back. We didn't see him until 10:00 PM when we were sent to different police stations. It seemed to us that the police themselves knew that the self-burning spectacle had so many obviously flawed that they were afraid of the truth being exposed to the public by eye-witnesses.

A female practitioner also told us her story. She planned to find other practitioners in Tiananmen Square so that they could affirm Dafa together, then the self-immolation event occurred. She went over to the scene and found two persons lying on the ground as if dead. It seemed that both of them had suffered severely from fire burns and their thick clothes had been burnt black all over. It was impossible for me to identify their gender. Some police stood beside them, holding either blankets or fire extinguishers in their hands. It looked as if they had no desire to save these two people at all; they just stood and watched them. Suddenly, the inconceivable happened. After lying on the ground for a while, one of the two dead-like persons suddenly stood up and started jumping and running madly. A person carrying a video camera videotaped the whole scene. At this moment a policeman came over, asking the female practitioner if she practiced Falun Gong. When she said "yes," she was forcibly sent to a police van.

(To be continued)