Many Falun Dafa practitioners have been illegally imprisoned and brutally tortured at the Feidong Detention Center. What practitioners are experiencing in this facility should be sufficient to make rational people with a sense of justice understand the real human rights situation in China, and to see who is righteous and who is wicked. The following is only a small part of what is happening at the Feidong detention center:

On July 17, 2001, around 5 PM, Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Junru was taken from the Feidong Police Department to the Feidong Detention Center. When she refused to reveal her name during registration, a female officer came up to her and said, "Wait and see how I'll punish you!" After they finished registering, the officer took her to the "warning line" and ordered her to say, "reporting to officer." Zhang refused. Then the female officer kicked her legs and almost knocked her down. The two bowls Zhang was holding at that time fell down to the floor. The officer ordered her to pick them up and Zhang refused again. Then the officer boxed her ears more than a dozen times. Immediately, Zhang's face became discolored and swollen. Later, several officers handcuffed and fettered her, and ordered several detainees to carry her into the cell. They did not give her anything to eat for dinner.

About 20 days later, two more Dafa practitioners were brought in; one was Zhang Guiqin (who was persecuted to death), and the other's last name was Liu. The three of them were fettered together. Zhang Guiqin and Liu went on a hunger strike. On the fourth evening, the three of them were dragged outside and force-fed by several officers. Zhang asked them, "I'm not on a hunger strike, why do you force-feed me?" They answered, "Who can prove that you are not on a hunger strike? You drink up the water in this big basin now, otherwise we will force-feed you." Three days later, when an officer from the procurator's bureau came to review cases, Zhang reported this incident, but to no avail.

Around 10 AM on August 4, Zhang came back to her cell after being interrogated. As she was about to enter, a female officer stopped her and ordered her to wash a pile of clothes with four other female detainees. There is an unwritten rule in the detention center: everyday female detainees are required to do some washing for the officers, which may include quilts, shoes, (both adult's and children's) or even women's dirty shorts. They may also be required to clean pork intestines, prepare and cut vegetables, and other chores. One has to come when one is called, no matter whether it is in the day or night. This is known as "labor education." When Zhang did not follow orders this time, the officer jumped out of her chair, pointed to the corner and ordered Zhang to "kneel down over there! Don't get up until they finish washing." When Zhang refused to kneel down, the officer grabbed her hair, kicked her down and dragged her to the corner while continually kicking her legs and ordering her to kneel down. Zhang shouted, "I would rather die than kneel." When the officer heard this, she punched Zhang's face several times and said, "You have to kneel! The rule here is to do whatever you are ordered to do!" The officer kicked and dragged Zhang like this for over half an hour. Zhang's hair was ripped out and strewn all over the floor. Then the chief and several officers came and told Zhang, "You have to humble yourself here; otherwise, we have many means to deal with you." After that, they brought in Zhang Guiqin, fettered them together, and pushed them into a cell.

On the morning of January 2, 2000, all the detainees were ordered to sit and face the "rules of the detention center." At that time there were five practitioners in the cell: Ding Qizhi, Zhang Yushu, Sun Shoufen, He Jiming and Zhang Junru. Zhang Yushu did not sit in the manner required, so the chief and several other officers started dragging her outside. Everyone knew that whoever was dragged outside would be beaten brutally, so the other four practitioners did not allow them to drag Zhang Yushu out. As a result, they dragged all the practitioners out, and beat and fettered them. Sixty-year-old Sun Shoufen was beaten and spat a lot of blood outside in the courtyard. Many officers saw this. Other detainees in the cell could not help crying at seeing such a cruel scene, but the guards did not even allow them to cry. Zhang Yushu was dragged to the hallway and severely beaten until there was no longer any crying sounds from her. At last she was fettered and put into No. 11 cell along with Ding Qizhi. Sun Shoufen continued spitting blood during the night. In the next cell, Zhang Yushu's face was severely swollen and she could not even drink water. She sweated and felt cold, and was close to fainting. The practitioners called the officers and requested that these two people be sent to the hospital. After they shouted for a long time, one officer came over and shouted back at them, "What are you shouting for, you deserve to die. Why did you come here?" Three days later, after the practitioners requested many times, two procurators came to investigate. Zhang Junru and Zhang Yushu reported the situation and asked them to be responsible for the safety of the practitioners, because there was no protection for their lives in the detention center. However, they received no response.

Under Chinese leader Jiang Zemin's directive, "a practitioner beaten to death will be counted as having committed suicide," all practitioners' lives are worthless to the officers in the detention center. "You have to do whatever you are told to do, that's the rule here." If the officers are not satisfied with anybody, they will punish them with the excuse of disobeying "the rules of the detention center." Some officers ordered the detainees to kneel down in front of them during questioning. Some officers beat people in front of others so as to "threaten a large number by killing a few." In today's China, the "human rights" policy to "rule the country by law and virtue" is nothing more than a lie designed to deceive people. We believe that clear-headed people can make their own judgments and come to fair and just conclusions.

P.S. Zhang Junru has been illegally detained for almost six months.

Part of the telephone numbers of the wicked officers:

Hou Jingsheng, security section of the public security bureau in Feidong County, Home phone number: 86-0551-7714747

Zhou Shoucheng , Chengguan police station in Feidong County, 86-0551-7726268

Li Zhengmao , Chengguan police station in Feidong County, 86-0551-7715356

Dafa practitioners in China

March 2001