On the night of March 2, CCTV (Chinese Central Television) news channel reported a story of which a female college student, Dai Rui (translated from the pronunciation, the exact characters of her name may be different), in Heilongjiang province, had been so called "transformed." The reporter said, "Dai Rui is a student of XX University in Heilongjiang province. She was sentenced to forced labor education because she appealed in Beijing several times." The news reporter told the audience that she had not committed any other crimes. It is solely because she "appealed" that she was sentenced. In other words, Jiang Zemin's regime openly announced that to lawfully appeal is a crime in China; and admitted that Chinese citizens can be expelled from school and sentenced to forced labor education just because they lawfully exercise their rights given by the Constitution.

The Constitution of the People's Republic of China clearly stated that petitioning is a lawful right of every citizen and is protected by law. Now Jiang Zemin's regime has openly admitted that the Constitution is only a piece of waste paper! Since July 1999, facing Falun Gong practitioners' peaceful petition, the Chinese government has established a brutal crackdown on Falun Gong nationwide. Meanwhile, it employed the media in China and abroad to fabricate rumors and frame Falun Gong practitioners who "disturb the social order" and "leak the state's top secrets," all of which are just excuses to justify its bloody persecution.

Over the past two years, Falun Gong practitioners have sacrificed greatly with a kind and compassionate heart. They have testified to the world that this group is innocent and the label of "spreading fallacies to deceive people" and "disturbing the social order" are the exact description of the Jiang Zemin regime itself. Now when all the kind-hearted people in the world condemn them, Jiang Zemin and its accomplices not only do not regret what they have done; but their brutal nature will be openly revealed. They are utterly senseless as if to tell the world that the Constitution has no value and they'll do whatever they please, because no one dares to touch them.

Even if Dai Rui has been "transformed," does it mean anything?

A young and healthy college student was sentenced to forced labor education only because she peacefully appealed, wanting to express her feelings to the government. She did not commit any crime (the government openly admitted it). This devastated her and showed the world the brutality of Jiang Zemin's regime.

In order to return to school and continue her study, she was forced to "agree" with Jiang Zemin's government. This speaks for itself; that Jiang Zemin has openly admitted his defilation of public opinion.

As the leader of more than 13 billion people, Jiang Zemin's government is shameless to this extent. Then it is no surprise to see the policy of "it is ok to beat Falun Gong practitioners to death" and "if beaten to death, just count it as if they commit suicide".

History will clarify everything.

March 15, 2001