[Minghui] Editor's Note: Recently, Jiang Zemin and his gang planned the"self-immolation" event, attempting to whip up hatred among people who do not know the truth about Falun Gong. Their purpose is to cover up their criminal persecution over the past twenty months, of Falun Gong practitioners. The following is one Falun Gong practitioner's personal experience.

Youyi Street Police Substation of Qiaoxi District,

Deputy Office and Committee of Community Affairs:

My name is Zhihui Luo, a Falun Gong practitioner in your district. I am a retired employee (due to health reasons) of the Qiaoxi Grain Station of Shijiazhuang City. During the past year and then some, in addition to sentencing me illegally to a labor camp, you have illegally detained, fined, and kept strict and continual watch over me. You followed me, harassed me via paging and telephone, kidnapped me from my home and arrested me. Finally to avoid further persecution, I have been forced to flee my home.

As all of you, including my coworkers and neighbors know, I used to have many diseases before practicing Falun Gong. Years of medication did not help. In 1992, after several months of compensation from my labor insurance, I was removed from the program because my company was losing money. My husband's salary was low. This, in addition to all kinds of family conflicts, led me to feel incredibly depressed and distraught. I was suffering from many diseases and held a hopeless view about my life. I even thought of ending my life. In despair, I encountered Falun Dafa. It is Dafa that saved my life; it is the compassionate Teacher who removed my illnesses unconditionally, purified my spirit, and changed me into a happy and tolerant person who always considers others first.

When Jiang Zemin trampled on the law, fabricated lies, distorted the facts, and cruelly persecuted Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners, I went to Beijing to legally appeal on October 24, 1999 in order to return the innocence to Dafa. While resting by sitting on the ground in Tiananmen Sqaure, I was arrested without any reason. I refused to tell my name and address because I was not guilty of anything. At the Tiananmen Police Substation, I was handcuffed from the back, forced to stand in a "flying" gesture until my legs trembled and my chest felt like it might explode. I vomited a lot. My body was all wet with sweat, and I almost passed out. After being released for a minute, I was strung up again. Later, they interrogated me while kicking me. The teeth of the handcuff had already bit into my flesh. On the evening of October 26th, I was detained in the Beijing West Station Detention Center. One day, a vicious policeman slammed my face seven or eight times, smashing my face, until I passed out. After the beating, he dared not let me go back to my cell and forced me to stand in his office for a long time. Several other policemen walked out of the office with tears when they saw my condition. During 15 days of detention, I was forced to pay 25 Yuan per day. Later, they sent me to Langye B Detention Center in Hebei Province and continued to detain me illegally.

During my detention, people from the Youyi Street Police Substation of Qiaoxi District, Committee of Community Affairs, Deputy Office and my work unit went to Beijing to look for me. They forced my husband to go with them, four times to Beijing, once to Baoding, and once to Tianjin. My husband had to pay a total of approximately 6,000 Yuan for the trip (the Qiaoxi Grain Station manager Liu and Human Resource manager Zhou were among those who went to Beijing). They never considered whether my family could afford this expense. Then I was sent back to the Youyi Street Police Substation and illegally detained there for another 40 days. I had been handcuffed to a chair for 20 days and nights, even when I went to the bathroom. So I had to take the chair with me to the bathroom. Endless days of torture made my legs swollen to twice their normal size. I couldn't squat down or take off my pants. At the end of the year my husband had to pay them 4000 Yuan to have me released. They threatened that if I were to go to Beijing again, they would fine me 15,000 Yuan. If I were not able to pay, my husband's salary and apartment would be suspended. After that I was illegally monitored 24 hours a day. I could not live a normal life, especially when some sensitive dates came. And finally they sent people to live in my home to keep watch on me.

During the National People's Congress and CPPCC in March 2000, Gonglan Zhang of the Committee of Community Affairs led several people to break into my home and tricked me into coming to their agency. I refused to go with them. Then they dragged me downstairs and forced me into a waiting car. They sent me, a healthy person, to the mental hospital. Because of the constant torture, I went to Beijing by bike on May 16th, to make a legal appeal again. Zhenqiang Gao and others from Youyi Street Police Substation caught me and detained me for another 41 days, often without food. Very often, they would hang me up for 30-40 hours if they found me practicing the exercise or studying the Falun Dafa teachings. And they did not allow me to contact other practitioners either. On the 41st day, June 30, 2000, without any acknowledgement and legal process, they sent me to a living hell, the No.4 labor camp of Shijiazhuang. For a long time, they held kept me isolated and under difficult conditions and tortured me inhumanely. I was viciously beaten because I wanted to validate Dafa. They also tried to brainwash against my will.

There was one thing that I deeply regret. I was befuddled by the lies of those vicious special agents. They deceived me to do something against Zhen-Shan-Ren, which blackened Dafa's reputation. However, after I went through all the humiliation and suffering and was released from labor camp in November, 20 of last year, they kept following and harassing me, despite the fact that I just met my family members and my severe physical and psychological wounds were still fresh. They restricted me from seeing other fellow practitioners; pressed my spouse and his brother (who had been in the jail) to keep watch on me. They even threatened me by saying that whoever came to see me would be arrested. (In 1999, they arrested Du Guozhen from my home) Even when I was home, I didn't have any freedom, and I suffered a lot both physically and mentally. So I went to Beijing to visit friends and get relief. However, after they found out about it, they were furious. The moment I arrived home, Secretary Li and a few others broke into my home to interrogate me again. After that, they kept watching me even more strictly. Gao Zhenqiang coaxed me out to the police substation in order to arrest me. But he lied to my family members by saying: "We will put her under protective home arrest. Otherwise, if she goes to Beijing again, she will be sentenced to severe penalty and be put in jail." Zhang Gonglan from the Local Residential Committee often harassed me with phone calls. Secretary Li from Deputy Office tried to restrain my activities by ordering me to call him every time I went out. There was one time, he began to page me and continued to do that several times the moment I stepped out of my home. These harassments, tracking and persecution day after day, made it impossible for me to eat and sleep well. There was no way to stay out of their monitor and control, which made me physically and mentally exhausted. My mind was at the edge of collapse. All I wanted was to be a good person who cultivates "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance." What is wrong with that? Why had I received such torture both physically and mentally? Seeing no way out, I tried to jump into the river but was stopped by some kind-hearted people. I tried to throw myself in front of a taxi, but heaven wouldn't let me die. My spouse held me, cried and said, "I cooperated with them just to keep this family together and keep you from going back to the labor camp again. But this has only forced you to an impasse. I know you are good, and the Dafa is good. I won't interfere with you anymore. I want you to live! " We held each other and cried bitterly right in the open on the street.

My spouse started to understand that only Dafa could save me. From then on, he never stopped me from reading the books any more. Holding the precious Dafa book in my hands, I couldn't stop crying. Master said, "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." "When you are overcoming a real hardship or tribulation, you try it. When it is difficult to endure, try to endure it. When it looks impossible and is said to be impossible, give it a try and see if it is possible. If you can actually do it, you will indeed find: 'After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!'"(Zhuan Falun) Master also said, "Committing suicide is another sin. This is because a person's life is pre-arranged. You will have disrupted the sequence of the God's entire plan. Through the obligations you carry out in society, between people there is this kind of interrelationship. If a person dies, won't this entire sequence disrupt the God's arrangement then? If you disrupt it, he will not let you go. Therefore, committing suicide is sinful. " (Lecture in Sidney) Every single word of Master's stroke into my heart and I gradually calmed down. I understood that even the intention of "Suicide" is against Dafa.

The persecution by evil power separated practitioners from the Fa for long period of time, which is the cruelest part of all of this! It was Dafa that saved my life so many times. However, the Master and Dafa are still being viciously attacked and many people are still deceived by the lies from the media. No matter how many tribulations we will experience, we practitioners shall spread this once in a thousands of years Dafa [great law, universal principal] of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" to this world to let all the predestined people benefit from it. I know that under Jiang Zemin's high-pressure control, you will not let me go. I have been forced to leave my family due to the constant threats and persecution and have become destitute and homeless. To help reclaim Dafa's reputation as soon as possible, to stop you from doing more evil deeds and persecuting more Dafa practitioners out of ignorance, to wake up my fellow countrymen who are still deceived by lies I had no other choice but to leave my family. I hope so much that this will wake up your consciousness and kindness! Don't persecute Dafa practitioners any more! Everybody has to pay back the debts for the terrible things that he has done in this world!

If someone with a pre-destined relationship sees this letter, please tell my spouse and my family as well as my friends, "I will live and be strong." I know that the more vicious Jiang Zemin becomes, the closer he is to his doom. Friends, don't be too sad or anxious! The day when Dafa is rehabilitated is the day when I will come back home!"

Dafa Practitioner: Luo Zhihui

January 2001

Editor's Note:

The criminals who persecuted Dafa practitioners: Zheng Lanjun, Head of Youyi Ave. Police Substation in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province; Ji Zhuangcai, Director of Youyi Ave. Police Substation; Director Liu, Director Zhi and Police Officer Gao Zhenqiang, etc; Party Secretary Li of the Deputy office in Younan Ave; Zhang Gonglan, 1st Residence Committee of South Youyi Ave, etc.

Responsible Authorities and Their Phone Numbers:

People's Congress in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province:

Administrative Office: 011-86-311-6689651

Legislative Working Committee: 011-86-311-6689521

Internal Legal Fairs: 011-86-311-6689509

Appeal & Correspondence Office: 011-86-311-6689506

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Policy Study Office: 011-86-311-6689825

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Ethnics & Religions Committee: 011-86-311-6689872

Communication Committee for People from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Marco: 011-86-311-6689853

Shijiazhuang City Civil Administration Bureau: 011-86-311-6048407, 6688504, 6688507

Shijiazhuang City Appeal & Correspondence Bureau: 011-86-311-7042935, 7058765, 7058881, 7042314

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