[ Minghui Net] Lu Chengling, an employee of the Telephone Office of Jinshantun district, Yichun city, Heilongjiang province, was an honest, kind and simple person of integrity. Everyone, including his supervisors, colleagues, neighbours, relatives and friends, all spoke approvingly of him. After he attained the Fa, Lu Chengling was evaluated as the "advanced worker" of his district for two continuous years in 1998 and 1999 respectively.

In July 1999, Jiang Zemin and his followers usurped the name of the government in order to slander and persecute Falun Gong. Many local volunteer assistants were arrested. At that time, Lu Chengling and some other Falun Gong practitioners went to the local government to clarify the truth about Falun Gong, and to demand the release of the arrested volunteer assistants. However, the local government not only refused to listen to them, they arrested all these practitioners as well. Several days later, they sentenced some of the volunteer assistants to forced labor camps for "making a public disturbance." They were among the first group of Falun Dafa practitioners to be sentenced to labor camps. On October 20, 1999, Lu Chengling was sentenced to two and a half years of forced labor at the camp in Yichun city.

In the Yichun labour camp, Falun Dafa practitioners suffered from all kinds of persecution. In order to force practitioners to renounce their beliefs, and "transform" them as soon as possible, the labor camp coupled threats with promises. Every day, they played the so-called "transformed practitioners'" videotapes. When the promises did not work, they told the criminal prisoners to hang the practitioners up and beat them brutallyeven to the point of death. More cruelly, they used plastic bags to cover the practitioners' heads to suffocate them, and then poured cold water onto their faces to make them regain consciousness. The practitioners were tortured this way until they were near death.

For more than a year, Lu Chengling suffered all kinds of persecution and painful torture at the labour camp, and passed through one difficulty after another. Around December 2000, he protested this cruel and illegal treatment by going on a hunger strike. During his hunger strike, he again suffered from all kinds of tortures associated with force-feeding. More than a month later, on the second day of the Chinese New Year, during the Spring Festival, Lu Chengling protested once again with a hunger strike. However, on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year (January 29, 2001), his family was notified by the labor camp that "Lu Chengling died of heart disease suddenly after an all-out but ineffectual rescue at 10:40 AM on January 29, 2001." Lu Chengling was only 37 years old and had no medical history of heart disease whatsoever. How then did he die? There has so far been no particular proof revealed, but he certainly must have died due to the relentless persecution he suffered at the Yichun labor camp.

Lu Chengling's corpse was quickly cremated. It was classified as a "normal death" with the family having "no doubts." All participants involved in this death case were clearly recorded in the files, so no one could escape scrutiny.

Let us see what is behind this "normal death" after we take a look at Lu Chengling's corpse.

On January 31, before the cremation, the deceased's family demanded to see the corpse at the Yichun Municipal Hospital's mortuary. Waiting for them at the door of the mortuary was a van full of uniformed and plainclothes police. When the family arrived, the police immediately surrounded them and stipulated that no Falun Gong practitioners could enter. It was discovered during the autopsy that the deceased was missing a front tooth, and there was blood in his mouth. His left eye-lid was black and blue. On his lips were traces of bruises. In the middle of his head, there were three cuts: the middle one was about seven centimetres and the other two were about three centimetres. On the left and right sides of his chest, there were two big red stamps. From all over his back to his hips, there were thick purple dots, evenly distributed like the end of the sieve. There was a strip of marks around his Adam's apple that looked like hand prints. After looking at the corpse, one of the deceased's family asked the labor camp's director:

Family Member: "What happened to Lu Chengling's neck?"

Director: "Yes? How come I didn't know?" (pretended to be very surprised), and then replied by asking "What do you think they are, rope marks?"

Family Member: "I don't think they are rope marks. They look like hand marks."

Director: "They are probably the chopsticks' marks."

Family Member: "What has this to do with chopsticks?"

Director: "Chopsticks were used to press his throat."

Family Member: "Chopsticks are thin, and have edges and corners. These marks are thicker, and the width is not regular. I think they look like hand marks."

Director: "Eh, so those are marks made by hands to press the neck. They were made when they wanted to have him swallow the food."

That is enough. It is not difficult to tell from these short sentences that there was a lot of deception behind all this. No matter how hard the labor camp tried to cover up the facts to deceive the public, judging from the injuries to Lu Chengling's corpse, this was by no means a "normal death," nor was it a "sudden death." He was certainly persecuted to death by the Yichun labor camp. We hope that all kind-hearted people around the world and the international human rights organizations will show their concern and support, and that the murderers will be taken to court and punished severely. Falun Dafa practitioners are still suffering from all kinds of persecution at this facility.

Finally, we would like to offer a piece of advice to all the policemen at the Yichun labor camp. If you still have a little bit of human nature and conscience left, please don't lay murderous hands on the kindest of people, the Falun Dafa practitioners. For the sake of your own future lives, please stop doing all kinds of evil deeds.