1. Out of fear that she might go to Beijing to appeal, the government of Chengguan Town in Shouguang City of Shandong Province broke into local practitioner Liu Fengxiang's house. They forcibly took her to the Town Government headquarters and beat her thoroughly with a rubber baton and injected some unknown substance into her body. This caused her to lose consciousness. The next day, the Town Government tried to force Liu Fengxiang to curse Li, Hongzhi using foul words. . Liu resolutely refused to yield to the evil. They then beat her again with sticks. Some vicious policemen kicked her viciously on the head, hands, back and legs causing her kidneys to be displaced from their normal position. She lost consciousness again. Afraid of the consequences, they stopped beating Liu, and sent her to a hospital. However, even before her previous wounds were healed, she was taken to the Town Government again. She continued to be tortured both physically and mentally for 55 days. She was also fined with RMB 6000. Currently, Liu has lost the ability to care for herself and has bruises and swelling all over her body.

    Sun Qiuxiang, a 49-year-old female practitioner in Zhengjia Village of Huying County, was arrested on her way to work by a gang from the town government. The County Party Secretary Fang Shuping, leading county official Li XX, and others blindfolded Sun and pushed her down to the ground with arms and legs extended. Then they beat her with sticks. Sun lost her consciousness. Right after she regained consciousness, they beat her again. Some of them kicked, some whipped her with willow twigs, and some choked her throat. She lost consciousness again. The next morning, they started torturing her again. When Sun told them that all her diseases completely went away after practicing Falun Gong, Fang Shuping rudely tried to force her to curse Master Li using very dirty language. But she refused, so they asked a doctor to pry her mouth open. He used an iron rod, squeezed her nose, stabbed her fingers with bamboo splinters, and burned her feet, arms and legs with cigarettes. The torture lasted for over 3 hours. Sun's teeth were half broken; a big bunch of her hair was pulled off; her legs had black bruises and swellings all over; her tongue was bleeding constantly; and there were blisters all over her body. Such torture continued for 6 consecutive days and nights and made Sun completely disfigured and too horrible to look at. Besides, she was fined RMB1900. The town officials even refused to write a receipt. After she was taken home, Sun had a high fever and was frequently unconscious. She was unable to eat and urinate. Her legs have been swollen and she is unable to walk.

  2. Han Lianfeng, a 44-year-old female practitioner in Chengguan Town, Shouguang City, went to Beijing to appeal and then was taken away by Chengguan Town Government. The Town Supervisor led a gang of vicious people to brutally beat Han. Some of them kicked her; some pulled her hair; and some rolled beer bottles on her legs. They also used electric batons to shock her. The torture lasted for hours until she lost her consciousness with wounds all over her body. The barbarous beating caused a big blister with a diameter of 20cm on her hip. They sent her to the detention center in the City Police Station, where the police lashed her with a leather whip because she kept practicing Falun Gong exercises. She was then handcuffed on an iron chair for 4 days straight. For 20 days, Han had no food and drink and was in critical condition. Only after that and because of the possibility of consequences did the police release her. Currently, Han still has wounds all over her body with a big blister on her hip. She often feels unbearable pains and can no longer care for herself.
  3. Under the command of Shouguang Town Party Secretary Ma Jingtao and Deputy Town Supervisor Liu Xizhong, the Shouguang Town government brutally tortured Falun Gong practitioners many times. Practitioners Sun XX and Han XX were beaten into unconsciousness a few times. As a result of beating Wang XX, wounds appeared on Wang's face. He bled profusely until his whole body was covered with blood. They also sexually abused female practitioners. They turned off the lights in the evenings, Liu Xizhong and other vicious people then sexually abused female practitioners.
  4. Under the command of Li Baohua, the head of Jitai Town in Shouguang City, murderer Li Hongtao and another 3 thugs conducted brutal beatings against Falun Gong practitioners in the town. They used electric batons to shock practitioners until the batons ran out of electricity. Then they connected electric wires to practitioners' bodies and shocked them with electricity from telephone sets. Practitioner Yang, Chen and Sun were tortured many times. Chen Guoyou was sent to a labor camp because he went to appeal. Jiang Xiusheng was taken to the police station without any legal procedures and then was sent to a labor camp.
  5. Nineteen Falun Gong practitioners from Taitou Town, Shouguan City went to Beijing to appeal. A few vicious thugs in the town government sent many people to Beijing to bring the practitioners back. They detained those practitioners illegally in the town government headquarters for a long time. Eleven practitioners were detained in the City Police Station between 15-45 days. They were also fined for RMB2000. After being released, they were detained again by the Town Government. They were fined for RMB10000-15000 more. Under the leadership of Town Party Secretaries Wang and Ma, over 20 thugs holding wooden clubs conducted inhumane persecution against the Dafa practitioners. The season was summer, and it was very hot. They forced practitioners to lie on the scalding cement surface and exposed them directly to the burning sun for as long as 6 hours per day, between 9:00am-3: 00pm. Practitioners were given no food and water for 3 days. During other times of the day, they confined practitioners in a garage with no airflow. It was so hot that it was hard to breathe. The Party Secretary Wang led the hatchet men to beat practitioners in turns. Some practitioners were beaten for 3 consecutive days. As a result, they could neither sit nor lie down, with wounds all over their bodies. Practitioner Wang Hongsheng was regarded as the organizer of the appeal. The thugs tied him to the tree using iron strings and covered his head with a plastic bag. Over 10 thugs beat him with wooden sticks and leather whips. Then they tried to force 10 practitioners to beat him, threatening that whoever refused to do so had to beat himself. Furthermore, some hit him on the head until he lost consciousness. Then they burned his chest and stomach with cigarettes and poured cold water on him to wake him up. The Party Secretary Wang even did some beating himself. He led other thugs in beating a young female practitioner Sui brutally. During the beating, some sticks were broken into pieces and then replaced by new ones. When the thugs were tired of beating her, they acted indecently and took off the practitioner's pants. They locked up practitioners in a garage, and burned them under the sunshine for 6 hours a day, and gave them only a small bun to eat each day. They forced practitioners to pay RMB10000-15000 to be considered for a release. Without any money paid, they would not release anyone and would detain him/her for a long period of time. The longest detention lasted over 50 days. Facing the persecution, Dafa practitioners truly regarded the Fa as the teacher and held the universal characteristics "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" as the behavior standard. Facing those vicious people, they truly accomplished "not fighting back when being beaten or sworn at" and established the great image of Falun Dafa.
  6. On April 13th, 2000, Dafa practitioners Ning Xiuying, Li Yiming and Li Yichang, a family of three from Luocheng Town, Shouguang City, went to Beijing to appeal. They were arrested by plain-clothes police in front of Tiananmen and were escorted to the Weifang Deputy Office in Beijing and held there for two days and two nights. Later, they were escorted to Luochang Police Substation for illegal detention. The vicious thugs tortured them brutally, cursed Dafa and Master using filthy language and forbade them to eat or drink. After being tortured for two days and two nights, they were sent back to the village for public exposure. These vicious people didn't even let off their parents who are non-practitioners and in their 60s'. The family of five was all detained in the village, with a five-year-old little girl left at home without any care. After two days and two nights' public exposure, they were sent to Shouguang Detention Center and were detained illegally for 15 days. Then, they were escorted back to the village and illegally detained there for another 40 days. They were interrogated by beatings and torture, and were asked for money every day. The vicious people even brutally tortured the two sons in front of the mother. They were beaten so badly that the elder son was unable to stand and the younger son's collarbone was broken. They were forced to stay under the burning sun in the daytime and were forbidden to sleep at night. They had to stand in the yard and were guarded by appointed people. They were not even allowed to squat down, otherwise, they would be beaten brutally. After such torture for 5 consecutive days and nights, their home was seized illegally and their property was confiscated. Due to the busy farm work at that time, they were released to harvest wheat. After the public grain was collected, they were sent Luochang Town Police Substation to attend a " Learning Class" and were tortured for 8 consecutive days. In the daytime, they were exposed to the burning sun with their hands tied behind their backs, and no drinking water was offered to them. At night, after the lights were turned off, they were beaten brutally with rubber sticks by hired hatchet men. Under the direct order of the Party Secretary Zhao Zhenhong, the director of Town Military Department Song Xuean and others, sometimes the Town Supervisor Wang XX, even personally stepped on their hair and beat them on the face and hit their faces against the concrete floor. The three of them were beaten unconscious several times. These vicious people even shouted shamelessly, "They won't die! It is OK even if they are dead!" After they regained consciousness, they were injected and were forcibly taken to the Luozhen Town Mental Hospital located in the north of Shouguang City under the excuse of mental illness. They were forcedly injected with medicine that could destroy the brain nerves. Those vicious people pried open their mouths and teeth with chopsticks and forced-fed them additional medicine. Later on, after the vicious people extorted their family members RMB 17,000 they were released. The consecutive 84 days of torture made the three Dafa practitioners' heads spin, their eyes are in a daze, they are absent-minded, and cannot walk with any coordination.
  7. Practitioners from Jitai Town in Shouguang City Zhao Xiuai, Lu Guifen, An Yunhui, Yang Ming, Chen Guoyou and Jiang Xiusheng were persecuted. In September 25, 2000, the town government tricked them into visiting the jurisdiction department under the excuse of wanting to talk to them. The Town Party Secretary Li Baohua, Deputy Town Supervisor Xin Junren, Jurisdiction Department Head Li Hongtao, thug Ding Jianguo and other town officials were at the scene. They said, "Now the superior has an order, if you practice Falun Gong again, you will be treated as anti-revolutionary, your family will also be harmed. If you practice again, we will beat you to death, it doesn't matter even if you are beaten to death." Then they used sticks to beat the practitioners. Some sticks were broken into pieces. In the evening, the Party Secretary Li Baohua brought some more policemen and continued the beating. Zhao Xiuai, Lu Guifen and An Yunhui lost consciousness. They couldn't move at all. Even to go to the restroom, they needed to be carried by 4 people. Later, Zhao Xiuai and Chen Guoyou were sent to a labor camp.
  8. I am a Dafa practitioner in the Shouguang City. Because I went to Beijing to appeal to the central government, the County Government escorted me back and didn't give me any food and water. Afterwards, they sent me to the City Police Station and detained me there for 15 days. Later they sent me back to the Village and detained me for more than 1 month. During the detention, I was exposed to the burning sun during the day for 5 consecutive days. At night, I was forced to stand in the courtyard and not permitted to close my eyes. At that time, it was the busy period for the autumn harvest. Only after they finished harvesting the crops, did they let me rest. After dozens of days, they tricked me into attending a "Learning Class." They forced me face down on the ground in the daytime. With my head not touching the ground and two hands on my back, I was exposed to the hot sunshine. At night, they placed bricks on my legs and beat me using leather belts. They hit my face while grabbing my hair, and kicked me repeatedly. Sometimes, three or four people surround me and hit me simultaneously. If I refused to curse our master, they wouldn't stop beating. These villains completely deprived me of the right of free speech. . One day, my boyfriend came to see me and found that my whole body was beaten black without any unbruised area. . He said : " Is this a Learning Class? You beat good people so horribly, what kind of society is this?" Just because of this sentence, those vicious people beat him brutally in the same way. After they tortured me for nine consecutive days, they forcefully sent me to a mental hospital under the fabricated excuse of mental illness. They injected medications into us. Medications that can destroy one's neural system and extorted money from us: RMB 50 per day. We were forced to stay for two months. Later the County Government fined me another RMB 6,000. After they extorted RMB 9,000 total, they released me.
  9. On the night of October 4th, 2000, a practitioner couple from Jitai Town, Shouguang City, Shandong Province rode bicycles to Beijing to protect Dafa. In front of Tiananmen, they were captured and questioned by police and were sent to Chaoyang detention center. The wicked police stripped their clothes and searched everywhere: they took everything belts, keys and RMB 30. After the search, they forced the couple to enter another cell, forbidding them to wear clothes. During the inquiry, these two disciples told them their names and addresses, and the police then took them to the Deputy Office of Shandong Province in Beijing. This couple was then taken to the courtyard of the County Government by the county's car. There, the police divided into two groups, with 8-10 people per group. They separated the couple and beaten them viciously. They shackled this couple's hands underneath their feet, and beat them using brooms. After two brooms were broken to pieces, they beat them using aluminum alloy plates and plastic pipes, and burned their hair with fire. Some policemen stomped on the practitioners' big toe. The nails of the big toes instantly became black and then fell off. After they got tired after beating, they used electric clubs to shock this couple. When they shocked the couple, they poured cold water onto the tops of their heads. After the electric clubs ran out of electricity;. They generated electricity using phone machines. After torturing them for about one hour, they dragged the husband by his arms for sixty to seventy meters. After being beaten, their feet were swollen, and their lower legs were swollen to be about the same size as the upper legs. His skin was full of bruises and the front side of his left foot was completely torn. The wife was also beaten the point of having bruises everywhere, with one tooth falling off and blood soaking her clothes. After they were taken back home, they couldn't walk and needed someone to feed them. They couldn't walk out of their house for more than 30 days, they couldn't do any job for more than two months, and the skin of their feet didn't recover until after eighty or ninety days.
  10. From late June 2000 to late August 2000, 11 Dafa practitioners from the Shouguang City went to Beijing to appeal. After they were taken back by the County Government, they were forcibly sent to Beiluo mental hospital and they experienced inhuman torture there for 64 consecutive days. They are:

    Luocheng County:

    Ge Lanfeng, female, around 40 years old;

    Li Jianmen, female, around 40 years old;

    Xu Jinhui, female, around 30 years old;

    Liang Suqing, female, around 35 years old;

    Ning Xiuying, female, 32 years old;

    Fu Lianhua: female, 38 years old;

    Li Yichang, Li Yimin: male, 35 years old;

    Wangwang County:

    Yin Dexiu: female, 51 years old;

    Liu Hairong: 25 years old, Yin's daughter, graduate student enrolled;

    WenJia County:

    Sang Xiulian: female, 42 years old.

    They were detained together with with mental patients, and didn't see sunshine for 64 consecutive days. Every day, they endured miserable spiritual and physical torture. Doctors and nurses tied them to the bed, forced them to take shots and medications: three times per day without any interruption. The practitioners were injected with one kind of medication --- Dongmianling, which is supposed to be taken only by patients with severe mental illnesses. They were given another unknown medicine. The practitioners refused to cooperate with them. These evil doctors then inserted pipes into their noses and pried their mouths and teeth using chopsticks, they tortured them by vigorously moving a chopstick back and forth inside their mouths. Many disciples' mouths were full of blood.

    After taking this kind of medication, one was in a drugged state and would fall down after managing to stand up. Normal people were treated like the mentally ill. The wicked doctors even said: "Here is the No.2 detention center!" After five to six days, they raised the dosage of medication. The Dafa disciples strictly conducted themselves by the criteria of a practitioner: they recited Hong Ying and Lunyu even if they were inside such a stringent environment. Dafa displayed its power: after several days, this kind of medication which would have severely destroyed one's nerves almost had no effect on the practitioners, and the disciples were even more determined to study Dafa and practice Gong.

    After miserably torturing the disciples for 64 days, Beiluo mental hospital extorted from each disciple RMB 3000. The county extorted from Dafa disciple Sang Xiulian RMB 21,000. Li Jianmei was sent to a labor camp; Liu Hairong was expelled from school.

Regarding all the despicable, miserable persecutions against Dafa practitioners by the evil people in Shouguang City, Dafa practitioners solemnly warn the dregs of the relevant County Governments: when you are implementing the so-called "Orders form higher authorities", you are helping the wicked to do evil things! Compassion and evil will meet with reward and retribution. When Dafa is revealed in this world, all evil beings will be eliminated. If you don't want to be Jiang Zemin's follower, please stop the unlawful deeds that reward the evil while cruelly harming the just! Otherwise, what awaits you is the fair trial by the law and the endless retributions in thousands of hells! Bear in mind, Bear in mind !

The vicious people in the Shouguang City, Shandong Province who cruelly persecuted Dafa practitioners (to be continued):

Party Secretary of Shouguang County: Ma Jintao;

Deputy Supervisor of Shouguang County: Liu Xizhong

Party Secretary of Jitai County, Shouguang City: Li Baohua

Deputy Party secretary of Jitai County, Shouguang City: Xin Junren

Director of Jurisdiction Bureau, Jitai County, City of Shouguang:

Li Hongtao (Taoyuan Village, Jitai County)

The hired roughneck in Jitai County, Shouguang City: Ding Jianguo

Party Secretary in Luocheng Town, Shouguang City: Zhao Zhenhong

Supervisor of Luocheng Town, Shouguang City: Wang XX

Director of Military Department, Luocheng County, Shouguang City:

Song Xuean;

Deputy Party Secretary of Wenjia County, Shouguang City: Zhang Meilin

Party Secretary of Huyin County, Shouguang City: Fang Shuping;

Party Secretary of Taitou County, Shouguang City: Wang XX

Examples testifying to the immediate retribution of the vicious people who persecuted Dafa practitioners:

  1. Chang Jie, male, 23 years old, the thug in Jitai County, Shouguang City, who persecuted Dafa practitioners: He had just started at his new work post which was taking charge of Falun Dafa students at the Qijia practice site. He destroyed many of Master's photos and Dafa books. His behavior was notorious and he was drowned to death in the Mi River in July 1999.

  2. Li Wentong, male, the evil ruffian in Dongfu County, young and strong, he was notorious for beating and abusing Falun Gong practitioners. He had a car accident in Changda Highway in July 2000 and broke his legs.

Dafa practitioners solemnly warn Jiang Zemin's pawns who are still doing evil deeds: all events in this world are not accidental, both the compassionate and the evil are bound to have rewards and retributions: it is only a matter of time, sooner or later.

Provided by Dafa disciples from Mainland China

Jan. 26, 2001