[A City in Southern China] Dafa Practitioners Persevere in Validating Dafa under High Pressure

The vicious forces have wantonly arrested Dafa practitioners since January 18, and successively held vicious and immoral transformation classes since January 20 . The practitioners are kept under control until 10:00 PM every night. In some areas, however, the courageous practitioners thwarted these criminal plots with their strong will and belief. Transformation classes in a certain area had to be called off ahead of schedule on January 23. Practitioners in many districts of that city have stepped forward to validate Dafa one after another, and continuously distributed Dafa materials in small red packages [translator's note: a traditional way of wrapping gifts during the Chinese Spring Festival]. The brave acts of practitioners have shocked those among the suppressive forces, and numerous people were greatly encouraged and learned much.

[A Province in Southern China] Practitioners Go into Action to Clarify the Truth

There have been 80,000 Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials distributed to government agencies, schools, and other organizations this month, and almost everyone has received a copy. There are over 600 spray painted signs and over 700 banners hung on the streets and lanes of the provincial capital city. All practitioners have safely returned, and the public security department could not crack the case. They thus, began ransacking the homes of all practitioners on record who persevered in cultivating Dafa and forced them to be fingerprinted. The police yelled hysterically, "To you, no law need be abided by."

[Beijing] He Yunqi, a vicious person from the Ministry of Aerospace, frames practitioners

On the night of January 17, the police illegally arrested Ban Shumei, the former assistant of Beijing Nanyuan assistance center, an employee of No. 18 Institute of the 1st Bureau of the Ministry of Aerospace. Before this, Ban Shumei wrote an article on the issue of her ideological understanding. She made copies at her workplace, and intended to submit them to the relevant leaders at various levels. As normal as it was, He Yunqi, the vice director of the political department of No. 18 Institute, seized this opportunity to try to win "honor" for himself. He reported her to the 1st Bureau, and the 1st Bureau then informed the police. Without committing anything illegal, Ban Shumei was taken away by police. It was said that she has been criminally detained.

On the same day, the police also illegally took away Yang Tiezhen and her son, Liu Yonghui from No. 508 Institute of the 5th Bureau of the Ministry of Aerospace only because they refused to guarantee not to go to Tiananmen during the Spring Festival.

The list of terrible people:

He Yunqi, the vice director of the political department of No. 18 Institute of the 1st Bureau of the Ministry of Aerospace

His home phone number: 86-010-68382695.

[China] Hysteric Jiang Zemin is sparing no pains in burying more people with him

According to a well-informed source from the government, ever since the inside central government has escalated the persecution against Dafa to " a struggle of life or death" a few days ago, the public security departments of some cities have received the order from higher authorities. The summary of the content of the order is mainly that people will immediately be sent to labor camps for three years if they are seen practicing the exercises anywhere, including at home, or if they are reported to be practicing the exercises, or even if materials related to Dafa, including a book, a tape, or a picture etc. are ransacked from their home. According to the local news, at least 12 Dafa practitioners have been sent to labor camps and at least several hundred have been illegally detained up to now.

From another source, the public security departments of a city in Northwest China have mustered almost all the police to persecute practitioners before the Spring Festival. Furthermore, according to the inside of the public security departments, the China Public Security Bureau is going to offer rewards of 30, 000 Yuan RMB (equal to about $3800) each, for the arrest of about 300 Dafa practitioners. It requests in the documents from the inside of the Communist Party that the local financial departments provide financial support to the persecution against Falun Gong. We wonder if this action indicates that in order to forcibly suppress Dafa, Jiang Zemin has misappropriated a large amount of funds, which results in deficit of the exchequer.

According to another internal news source, in spite of the failure in the persecution of Falun Gong during the past 18 months, Jiang Zemin still has not dismissed the vicious thought of " secret murder". This news makes us more concerned about the safety of those Dafa practitioners who are confronted with hardships in jails. Meanwhile, it also indicates that Jiang Zemin's hatred and persecution of Dafa practitioners has come to the point of his complete loss of human nature. Knowing well that he will eventually die, he continues to harm people. He not only doesn't want to change his nature, but also attempts to involve more people to committing unforgivable brutality and murder along with him.

We once again appeal to the United Nations, international human rights organizations, international judicial organizations and all kind-hearted people to offer your deep concern about the human rights disaster in China, and make your efforts to stop it. Please legally and impartially punish those people who take direct responsibilities for these crimes, who have employed the state machines to severely damage the law and human rights inside of the Chinese Communist Party. Please offer humane and lawful support to the millions of Dafa practitioners who are still confronted with suffering!

Dafa practitioners from Mainland China

January 26, 2001

[Beijing] An associate professor of Beijing Industrial University is illegally kidnapped

An associate professor of Beijing Industrial University, Huang Yongchang, a post PH.D, was forcibly arrested and detained at about 3 o'clock on January 22, 2001. More than ten policemen and officials of the residential district broke into his home and claimed," We don't need any reason for taking him away. We merely do not allow him to spend the New Year at home, and he must go with us. This is the order from 'above'." His current situation is unknown.

[Beijing] Escalation of Suppression on Falun Gong in Beijing

Right before the Spring Festival (the Chinese Lunar New Year), orders from the higher authorities were transmitted in Beijing Municipal Public Security System-- from the municipal public security bureau to all police substations, in the government system, to all districts and counties, even streets--that every practitioner who insists on practicing Falun Gong should write a "statement of guarantee", and sign on the statement of promise not to appeal at Tiananmen Square, not to visit other practitioners and not to distribute materials of truth, etc. Whoever does not make the promise will be arrested or detained. The chief of the district will have to leave office, the head of the police substation and the director of the street office in this district will be discharged from their posts, the leader of the and practitioner's working unit will be implicated if there is a single Falun Gong practitioner that goes to Tiananmen in the district. During the holidays, all clerks of residential districts have to take turns being on duty for 24 hours without exception. They are not to leave home in case of urgency, even if it is not their shift. They have to arrive at the office within half an hour whenever they are called. In order to carry out this order, police substations, agencies and joint security offices carried out a so-called "watch-over" action which means that a Falun Gong practitioner must always be followed by some one wherever he goes, to make sure of where he goes, who he visits and what he does. As a result, all these clerks couldn't celebrate the Spring Festival with their families and complained bitterly. However, those who gave out the order sowed discord and spread rumors treacherously that it was because Falun Gong was planning large scaled actions during the Spring Festival. Thus this whipped up the resentment of the common people who don't know the truth to Falun Gong.

Deploying resources nationwide, Jiang Zemin prevented the whole nation, from the leadership to the people, from having a good lunar New Year in order to prevent the people of goodwill to tell the truth, and have a good Spring Festival himself. We hope that our practitioners can expose, the maliciousness of Jiang to people in all walks of life by taking advantage of various opportunities.

[Northeast China] Vicious Party Secretary Prevents People from Practicing Dafa

The Gexinjie Police Substation illegally arrested 13 Dafa practitioners in the evening of January 21st. The whereabouts of those practitioners is still unknown. The Party secretary of a certain agency in Pingfang spared no efforts in preventing Dafa practitioners from practicing Falun Gong, from becoming good people, from going to appeal. He even promised to his higher up that he would resign his post if there even was one practitioner going to Beijing.

According to reliable information, more than one thousand Dafa practitioners have been illegally arrested recently in Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province.

[Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] A large Group of Falun Gong Practitioners Are to Be Arrested in Jiamusi

It is revealed by police in Jiamusi that a large group of Falun Gong practitioners are to be arrested in the city after the Spring Festival. Those who acknowledge continuing of practice of Falun Gong will be sent to detention centers for transformation in the form of transformation class. After that, those who still refuse to write the statement of guarantee will be sent to labor camps. Practitioners in Jiamusi are facing a big test of persecution once again. We hope all practitioners live up to the teachings of our great Teacher and walk the last step well.

It is announced by the neighborhood committee that 200 yuan (the average monthly salary of a common worker in China is 500 yuan) will be awarded to whoever catches a Dafa practitioner who is clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa (500 yuan in Xiangyang District). And the award will be extorted from the practitioner who is caught.

[Nanyang City, Henan Province] Espionage Activities by Li Xinyang Couple in Nanyang City

Li Xinyang (once employed in the cultural departments, and engaged in archaeological studies) couple wormed their way into practitioners' confidence in the name of "practicing Falun Gong", and become the general office director of the well-known Yalan Furniture Limited Company. In order to frame the general manager of the company, they placed several Dafa books secretly under the bookcase in the general manager's office, and planted some Falun Dafa discs in the computer room. They took the opportunity when the general manager was away on a business trip, had a 5-hour thorough search of the company, together with Nanyang municipal public security bureau, the public security sub-bureau in Gaoxin District, and the police substation in Beijing Road, from 11 o'clock in the evening of January 17th to 4 o'clock early in the morning of January 18th. They took away computers, discs, etc., caused the disappearance of the general manager and brought about huge economic losses to the company with assets of almost 30 million yuan.

In order to reveal the true nature of the evil, to make known the vicious behavior of the Li Xinyang couple among Nanyang Dafa practitioners, and to avoid having more practitioners persecuted, we hope that all fellow practitioners will be on the alert, eliminate the evil by not leaving them any opportunities.

January 27, 2001