[Clearwisdom.net] Sun Xiangju and her husband, Lu Xinshu, are both Falun Dafa practitioners living in Tatan Village near the City of Shijiazhuang. On the evening of December 5, 2000, Xiangju went to visit Wang Hongbin, another Falun Dafa practitioner. During her visit the police came to arrest Hongbin and herself, taking them both into custody. Later the police ransacked Hongbin's residence. At the same time, Lu Xinshu, was also illegally arrested at their home and the police ransacked their house.

That evening, three plainclothes officers took Sun Xiangju into a room at a hotel. One of them slapped her twice after she refused to state her name and home address. Another agent who identified himself as the "Squad Leader Li" felt she wasn't beaten hard enough. So he hit her until she was unconscious. After Xiangju regained consciousness, Li hit her with a karate chop to her forehead. She bumped into the wall and fell down onto the bed, passed out. After Li got tired, the third agent started ruthlessly hitting Xiangju at the root of her ear. This caused so much damage that she completely lost her hearing. The pain still continues to remain with her even today. That night she was locked behind an iron cage at the Sun Village police station. On December 10, the same three plainclothes officers interrogated Xiangju again. She demanded for them to tell her the reason behind her illegal detention and also asked them to show her their identification. They refused. On the afternoon of December 13th, several other hoodlums questioned her. After getting nothing out of her, they put her back into the iron cage. She was detained like this until December 21, 2000. Her physical condition deteriorated so much after daily torture that she began to go into uncontrollable convulsions. Afraid of being liable, the police notified her son that he was to bail her out with 10,000 yuan (roughly 20 months' income of an average worker in China). He immediately refused because they were quite poor and did not have that kind of money. The officials at the Sun Village police station flew into a rage, "If they want her back they better come up 20,000 yuan!"

With Sun Xiangju becoming weaker each day and without having anything to hold against her, the police finally let her go home.

We will take legal action in the near future in order to investigate the criminal acts of the responsible parties, so that they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.