This report details the anti-Falun Gong activities and human rights abuses of Liu Yuhua, Lu Xiutian and other officials in Junan City, Shandong province.

Liu Yuhua is the director of Junan City's re-education center; Lu Xiutian runs the Political Safety Department. In the middle of December, this pair, seeking political favor as well as financial profit, organized a group of violent thugs and began a frantic persecution of Falun Gong practitioners all over the city. So far, at least 40 practitioners have been detained without warrants or due process. Among those practitioners, Zhu Kuihua, Li Congfen and Lu Chunhua have been sent to labor camps. The families of dozens of practitioners have been forced to pay crippling fines, ranging from 1000 yuan to 8000 yuan. (For an average Chinese family in an urban area, yearly income is about 6000 Yuan. In rural areas that sum is often less than 2000 yuan.)

Around 5:40 pm on December 22nd at the local train-station, 15 practitioners who were travelling to Beijing to register appeals were arrested and beaten on the site. Among those assaulted were two sisters: Qu Xiaotong, 28 years old, and Qu Xufen, 32. When the attackers had finished, Qu Xiaotong lay unconscious on the ground. Qu Xufen was bleeding from the nose and mouth, her legs so badly injured that she could not stand. Later she was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. The sisters' mother, Wang Kerong, witnessed the entire event. Later, the two sisters were sent to the police station in Tuanlin town. After three days of being tortured and shocked by electric baton, the sisters were picked up by police from the city of Yantian, where they both had jobs. The news reports that Qu Xiaotong is now being detained in Zhifu detention center in Yantian suffering from cruel torture while her sister Qu Xufen is missing; no information is known of her whereabouts. Their families are very anxious for their safe return and hope their daughters' friends and all other kind-hearted people can give support and help.

The persecution on Falun Gong gets worse everyday. The local government and police are blocking communication from all channels, and we cannot get detailed information right now.

  1. The police station in Junan city, Shandong: 86-539-7212318 Zip code: 276600
  2. The head of police station: Wang Zhaodian

  3. The detention Center in Junan city: 86-539-7317543
  4. The police station in Tuanlin town in Junan city: 86-539-7222400

  5. The secretary of political and legal department: Yang Wenmin 86-13905399366, 86-539-7212871(o) 86-539-7212792 (h)
  6. The secretary of Local government: Yu Zhonghua 86-539-7223168(h)

    The head of Political safety department: Lu Xiutian 86-539-7214099(h)

  7. The director of re-education office: Liu Yuhua 86-13608991112

Jan. 23rd, 2001

The second part of this report describes the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Laichen district, Laiwu City, Shandong province

Recently, Police Officer Liu Qing and a group of corrupt policemen from Laiwu City, Shandong have been arresting Falun Gong practitioners and searching their homes without warrant or legal right. Practitioners who refuse to renounce Falun Gong are beaten, handcuffed and taken to jail. This persecution grows worse daily. Since Jan. 2001, in Laiwu City alone, there have been 51 innocent Falun Gong practitioners illegally arrested as criminals, and 78 practitioners illegally detained for "public safety reasons". Duan Chonghua, Feng Lei and Wang Hui were sent to Labor Camp, and another 100 peoples were ordered to pay fines ranging from 1000 to 10000 Yuan.

Around 1pm on Jan. 9th, practitioner Wang Hui was suddenly attacked by these ruffians while she was taking her son to the school. She was forcefully pushed to the ground, handcuffed and brutally beaten. Later she was sent to detention center (now she is in Labor camp).

The families of some of these detained practitioners have been forced to send Liu Qing at least 500 yuan under the table. Otherwise, Liu Qing threatened to send these practitioners to detention center for criminals where they would suffer torture and abuse. In detention centers, practitioners have been subjected to electric shock, beatings, having water poured over their bodies and being handcuffed outside in the cold, and many other abuses. Liu Hongying a 48-year-old practitioner that worked in the Transportation Department, was beaten continuously for 3 hours. When she was brought back to her cell, she had lost her hearing, her face was a swollen mass of bruises, her nose was broken, the skin of both her legs torn with gaping wounds. Her chest and back were black and blue from their kicking and beating. It is hard to believe that human beings can act with such brutality in this day and age. Unfortunately, in Junan and Laiwu, such incidents are common. .

  1. The secretary of political and legal department in Laiwu city, Shandong:
  2. Zhang Zhengquan, 86-634-6213034(o)

  3. The police department in Laiwu city, Shandong: 86-634-6212461
  4. The head of political and safety department of Laiwu Police Department:
  5. Gao Mingyang 86-634-6221304 or 6212461(o), 86-634-6212461 ext. 3014(h)

  6. The substation in Laicheng district of Laiwu police department:
  7. 86-634-6227184, the head of substation: Zhang Binyin

  8. Liu Qing, the head of political and safety department in substation:

86-634-6227184 (o) 86-634-6227184ext5131(h)

Jan. 26rd, 2001