On January 8, 2001, while I was visiting a friend's place, four policemen came and searched the house without a warrant. They called several police vehicles with a fully-armed group of more than 20 people, and tried to put us into these vehicles. We did not do anything wrong and refused to cooperate, so each of us was forced into the vehicles by two policemen. We were taken to a Police Station in Fengtai District.

There we were taken into individual rooms, where the police tried to obtain our name and address. The two policemen in my room were kind-faced on the surface, but soon lost their pretence once they realized they were not getting the answers they wanted. One of them slapped the left side of my face dozens of times with a shoe, and did not stop until he was tired. He then started hitting the right side of my face until both sides were swollen. (When my friends saw me later, they said: "We could not recognize you, you face has changed its shape.")

Next my shoes were removed, and they started beating me heavily with a rubber stick until midnight, taking turns when they were tired. The second day, another policeman joined the other two, and I was taken up to the second floor. This policeman whispered a couple of sentences that I did not hear clearly. He then hysterically shouted: "Are you deaf or something, didn't you hear what I asked?" He took the police baton from the hand of another policeman, and with all his might he struck my left shoulder. I did not feel pain, I looked straight at him, and really wanted to tell him: "Don't go on so, I feel sorry for you. If you act as if you are no longer human, where will your true being go? Don't you know that this would cause your annihilation?" When he realized that I was looking at him, he turned his face to the side, and dared not face up to me. I could see both horror and sorrow in his eyes, he knew he was wrong. He threw away the baton, pushed open the door and went out. Whenever he met me thereafter, he could not bring himself to look me straight in the eye.

After being detained for over 24 hours, we demanded an unconditional release, but they refused. A female practitioner needed to go to the restroom and was denied, police twisted her neck and pushed her into an iron cage. That night, the police chief, a man around 30 years old, and a younger policeman took me outdoors. They rolled up my sweater and undershirt and wrapped them around my head, and cuffed my hands to a police vehicle. About an hour later, they came over to me, the "chief" said: "Are you going to tell me or not? If not, you will still have to stay in this cold." When I did not respond, he said: "You look pretty comfortable, take his shoes off!" They took off my shoes and let me stand on the ice for a long time, one policeman even managed to find a piece of ice to put into my clothes. At the same time, the policeman in his long overcoat kept watching me shiver from the cold.

I also heard them bring two other practitioners outside, one male, one female. Both were about 20 years old, they were handcuffed separately to a vehicle not far from where I was. A policewoman asked the male practitioner: "Are you going to tell me or not?" He answered: "You don't need to ask, I will not be telling." He asked the policewoman in return: "Isn't what you are doing inhumane? If it were your family members who practiced Falun Gong, say for example your mother, would you treat them like this?" She did not take it to heart, waving her head, giggling: "My mom also tried to tell me not to treat Falun Gong people this way. But even if it was my mom, I would do the same. Because I am in the 'People's Police Force'!" From her ignorant speech, it was obvious that she had already lost her last bit of human conscience. She says she is a member of the "People's Police", the people's police is at the service of its people, but how could someone like her, with no compassion left in her heart, be capable of serving the people? Could you call the brutal suppression of the innocent and law abiding Dafa (great law and universal principle) practitioners a "service to people"? Yet eventually, good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. The unchanging law of our universe will destroy all evil in due course and in nature's way.

During the four days of detention in the Police Station, I and the other practitioners endured inhumane treatment. The police resorted to all means available, including pretended kindness, all aimed at trying to get us to reveal our name and address. These gangsters employed various means of tortures on us cruel devices that, according to them, are no longer used even on criminals, yet they were used on innocent kind-natured practitioners. No matter how we were tortured, they did not achieve their aim. We were then sent to the Fengtai District Detention Center. During our time in the center, we learned that a middle aged female practitioner was tortured to death not long ago, because she would not cooperate with the administered forced feeding. This lady practitioner was repeatedly soaked with water and taken outdoors to endure a freezing torture. Here again, they tried all cruel means they had to force us to reveal our identity. We refused, started a hunger strike, and were unconditionally released 3 days later.

Phone number of the Police Station, Fengtai District: 86-10-63262312

A practitioner in Mainland China

January 26, 2001