[Minghui Net] To the National, Tangshan City, and Hebei Province People's Congress: Ever since we were detained and jailed in Tangshan City No.1 Detention Center last year we, several dozen Falun Dafa practitioners, have experienced a series of tortures and abuses such as: being put in handcuffs and shackles, shocked with electric batons, restriction and deprivation of our freedoms (even those freedoms that are entitled to prisoners), and being forbidden to study and practice Falun Dafa. In order to validate Falun Dafa and ask for a legal environment to practice, we started a hunger strike. Because of the hunger strike, we were sent to Ankang Hospital for so-called treatment, which in fact was even more brutal torture. In Ankang Hospital several practitioners were illegally injected with a type of drug that is only used for people with drug addictions or mental diseases. Those practitioners who were injected with these drugs suffered unbearably; they became obtuse in reaction, had difficulties in speaking, their mouths felt dry and hot, and they became sleepy, etc. For several days, they could not walk steadily, lost control of their behavior, and felt weak in their limbs. Practitioner Liang Zhiqin, because she resisted the forced intravenous infusion during her hunger strike, she was put in a bed with her hands and legs tied up and injected with a drug that is only to be used for people with drug addiction and mental illness. Immediately after the injection, which was administered twice, she experienced extreme pains in her heart and even heart failure. She struggled painfully while being tied to the bed. (Su Gang, the 32-year-old Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province was persecuted to death this way). The next day, she resumed eating and drinking because of the unbearable pain. Even so, she felt weak in her limbs for several days and could not even do simple washing and cleaning chores, as if her central nervous system did not function any more. After she told the hospital leader about the adverse effects, the leader said: "If you still reject eating food, I will inject you with a drug that will make you suffer even more." Because she explained Falun Dafa to someone else, she was tortured by being hung from her handcuffs in the hallway with only her tiptoes touching the floor. After being cuffed up by only one hand, she lost consciousness. Her pupils became dilated and she lost control of her bladder. If another practitioner who was also being cuffed had not noticed her situation and yelled for help, there would have been a dreadful consequence. Since she was injected with the drug, she twice lost consciousness due to heart failure. Ankang Hospital, which is run by the National Safety Bureau, is supposed to be specifically for treating prisoners and people with drug addictions. However, the hospital, which treated Falun Dafa practitioners as if they were prisoners or drug addicts, used these toxic drugs to destroy Dafa practitioners' bodies and minds. Practitioner Ni Yingqin was 53 years old. While she sat on her bed, she was suspected of practicing Falun Gong. She was then cuffed up in the hallway for several hours. One doctor slapped her on her face several times. Another doctor also threatened her. After she was injected with the drug, she twitched violently due to the damage to her nervous systems and was in agony. For several days, she felt drowsy and sleepy and could not walk steadily. After several days of hunger strike, Dong Shugui was sent to the hospital together with Zhao Huixia. Both of them were energetic before they were injected with the drug. After the injection, they immediately became restless and anxious. Their limbs twitched and became numb, and they had little energy and could walk only a few steps. Their minds became hazy and they could not fall to sleep and kept walking around in pain. Because of practicing Falun Gong, Dong was also cuffed for several hours on the 14th day of her hunger strike. Practitioners Ma Jinhua, Shao Liyan, and Zhang Shujuan were injected with this drug while they were tied on beds for dozens of hours. Their bodies and minds suffered bitterly. Practitioner Li Linong, because of her unshakable belief in Falun Dafa, was illegally sent to Ankang Hospital as a mental patient by her work unit and was detained there for as long as two months. Everyday she was forced to take drugs that are only supposed to be used for people with mental disorders or drug addictions. She was also tied up in a bed for three days and nights. She suffered extreme pains in her body and mind. Li Linong said that after taking or being injected with the drugs, she oftentimes felt hazy in her mind, dull, and nervous, could not walk without the help of others, and could not speak clearly. The Dafa practitioners have been tortured and persecuted in many inhumane ways in Ankang Hospital of Tangshan City. What is wrong with us Dafa practitioners who cultivate ourselves according to the principle of "Zhen-Shan-Ren" [Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance], telling people the truth of Falun Dafa? Why are we persecuted like this? How can society be afraid that there are more good people? We must let people know of this infringement of human rights and the truth of the persecution. We demand that the government gives back the legal cultivation environment to Falun Dafa practitioners, immediately stops all the persecution against Dafa practitioners, and releases all practitioners who are illegally detained either in Ankang Hospital or in other places. The evil or good will surely get its corresponding reward and the heavenly justice is fair! Practitioners in Tangshan City in Hebei Province