[Minghui Net] I entered Tiananmen Square on January 1, 2001, unfurled a banner and shouted, "Falun Dafa is Good." The police rushed me and brutally knocked me onto the ground, beating me as hard as they could. Then they dragged me into a police van. I was locked up in a place that already held dozens of practitioners. All of us continuously recited Hongyin [Master's poem collection] and the article "Suffocate the Evil." The place where we were detained was full on the second day, so we were transferred to Enji police station in Haidian District. On that same night they started to interrogate us. At the beginning they pretended to be friendly, trying to find out our names and addresses. After they failed, they became exasperated and ordered several policemen to remove my clothes with force, which left me clothed in only my underwear. They handcuffed me to a tree, took off my shoes and poured several basins of ice-cold water on me. They repeatedly shocked me with electrical batons. The temperature in Beijing at that time was -11 0C [about 12 0F]. I thought to myself that I was a Dafa practitioner and should not be afraid of these evils. I did not feel the cold, nor the pain. I do not know how long I stood outside. The water on the ground became frozen. But the area that surrounded my feet was dry . On the third day they still did not give back my clothes but my underwear had already dried. On that evening they tried to treat me the same way as before. As a police "officer" went to get his electric baton, another said: "Do not bother to get it since they are not afraid of the shock." Then they took me to a male shower room. I heard male voices in that room. I knew these vicious people could do anything. Then, they surrounded me closely and hit my head, and slapped on my face. They then locked me up again without providing food or letting me use the bathroom. On that evening, I was taken to my province's liaison office in Beijing. The next morning, five practitioners, including me, jumped out of the windows. Unfortunately, only one of us escaped. The Fengtai District police caught the other three as well as myself. We were held there for approximately 5 days without food nor sleep. Then we were taken back to the liaison office where they beat us again. They escorted us back to Sanjiaoping Detention Center in Xiangtan [a city in Hunan Province] and have held us there up to today. I sincerely implore all kind-hearted people to show your concern regarding the persecution in China. Now I've learned my spouse is being held in the Sanjiaping Detention Center. My father in law, who is 67 years old, was also sent to a labor camp. Only my elderly mother-in-law and two children are left at my home. The two children have not found a place to where they are allowed to attend school.

A Dafa Practitioner from Hunan Province

February 12, 2001