[Minghui Net] All kind-hearted people, please support and help us! Please appeal for the release of all innocent Falun Dafa practitioners and for giving back the peace and harmony of their lives to their children and their parents. Please ask the Chinese government to restore their right to practice Falun Dafa legitimately. The following cases happened during the Spring Festival [starting from January 24, 2001, which is the one major holiday in China] in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

Case One

Wu Ziqing, female, is in her forties and her widowed mother's only child. Her father died many years ago. Her mother is nearly 80 years old and cannot take care of herself. Her husband is busy at work. They have an eleven to twelve years old son and had a peaceful family. The neighbors all knew that they depend on Wu Ziqing to take care of their son and her old mother. Since she practiced Falun Dafa in 1994, she had benefited a lot, both mentally and physically. She has been determined to practice Falun Dafa.

The day before this year's Spring Festival, people from the police department took her away "for a talk." Since then, she has not come back. Her husband has been out of town for his work. Her old mother often has incontinence of her bowels and bladder and now relies on her grandson to take care of her. The child does not know how to cook and he can only cook noodles for himself and his grandmother. Their lives have been very difficult. Wu Ziqing is innocent, but was arrested during the days of Spring Festival holiday. Now, it is impossible for the family to unite, and the child and the aged mother are not beeing taken care of.

Please, do all you can to help this family in distress.

The phone number for the Director of Yuexiu District of Guangzhou City is

86-20-8335 4014.

The phone number for the People's Congress of Yuexiu District of Guangzhou City is

86-20-8335 4574.

Case Two

Gao Huanlian, a female practitioner, is under 40 years old. Her cousin, Gao Xianmin, also a Falun Dafa practitioner, was died from the persecution on January 17, 2000. Like her cousin, Gao Huanlian also has a daughter, about thirteen years old. Now Gao Huanlian has been detained in the Guanzhou Cuotou Labor Camp with a two-year term. The two children, one lost her father, and the other could not unite with her mother. During the Spring Festival this year, because some Dafa practitioners visited Gao Huanlian's husband and daughter, her husband was taken to the police department and has not come back since. Their 13-year-old daughter now is living by herself.

Please do all you can to help this family.

Tianhe District Police Department: 86-20-87502743

Security Section of District Police Department: 86-20-8750 2754

Tianhe District Government Office: 86-20-8555 5668 ext. 2901

Direct line: 86-20-8557 2506

Tianhe District People's Congress: 86-20-8557 1733

Case Three

Zhang Anmei is a female practitioner who is over 50 years old. After she retired last year, she took care of her 80-year-old mother and 90-year-old mother-in-law. She has a daughter, who lives in the dorm at school. Zhang Anmei has practiced Falun Dafa for many years and has benefited a lot. She remains determined to practice Dafa. She had been voted as an excellent and honored worker while she was still working. Since July 1999, when Falun Dafa was defamed, she was often taken away from her home, detained for hours to even days on end. At the end of December 2000, the police suddenly searched her house and took her away. She was released several days later. Before this Spring Festival, they took her away again. She was sent to a "re-education class." She has not been back since then. She had been sent to the detention center for a three-month term. The two aged mothers are not been taken care of. Her detention had brought much discomfort and heartache to the two old ladies. The whole family could not be united during the holidays.

The Meihuacun Street Police Station: 86-20-8766 0666

The Street Administration Office: 86-20-8777 4118, 86-20-8762 8767

Case Four

Liu Min, female, about 30 years old and her husband Zhou Jijun, male, over 30 years old, both are employees of the Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Factory. Their young infant is just 4 months old. Before January 1, 2001, the couple went to Beijing for appeal. Zhou Jijun was sent back to Guangzhou and was kept in custody in the detention center. Recently, he was transferred to a drug rehabilitation center and has been abused brutally.

Liu Min was sent to Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province and kept in custody there. Her aged mother took the 4-month-old grandson rushing to Nanchang [from Guangzhou City] and asked for Liu Min's release so that she could take care of her baby. But the police rejected her request.

What are the reasons that the police can illegally detain and persecute innocent citizens? The police refused letting the mother breast-feed her child. Is this what they call "humanity?"

The phone numbers of responsible party in Guangzhou City:

Dongshan District Director of Appealing Office: 86-20-8775 2850

District Government Office: 86-20-8777 7098

City Committee for Aged People: 86-20-8637 4152

Consolation Section of: 86-20-8333 5359

Social Affairs Center of City Civil Administration Bureau: 86-20-8333 3443

Guangzhou Charity Society: 86-20-8333 5359

City Government: 86-20-8334 0347

City Propaganda Department: 86-20-8355 3237

City Education Committee: 86-20-8312 5210