[Clearwisdom.net]My name is Wang Kemin. I am a teacher in the 65th middle school in Daqing City. I was quite ill before practicing Falun Gong. I started practicing in 1997; and my diseases have gradually healed. I am able to get along with my colleagues where I work

I have always done my best at my work. Meanwhile, my relationship with my family has greatly improved. Practicing Dafa has purified my heart.

On July 7, 2000, the education-training center in Daqing City held a Falun Gong "transformation class". The secretary of my work unit, Wang Shuxiang, sent me to this class. In the class, they forced me to write the statement renouncing Falun Gong. Everyone around me has witnessed my improvement through practicing Falun Gong. No one cares if you are a bad person; and yet you are not allowed to become a good person. What kind of logic is this? Therefore, I refused to write the statement. Then they sentenced me to one year forced labor education under the charge of "disturbing social order".

During my stay at the labor camp, my wife shouldered the burden of all the responsibilities. Besides her own work, she had to take care of our child and do all the housework. In addition to the physical labor, she was deeply hurt inside. What is more unfortunate is that, on Jan 10, 2001; a car that ran a red light hit my wife when she was crossing the street. She died in that accident. On that day, the leader of my wife's work unit took me home from the labor camp and gave me seven days to have a funeral. I requested another 15 days to allow me to get related things done. However, at noon of Jan 20, 2001, Director Zhao and two other policemen from my wife's work unit came to my place. They planned to send me back to the labor camp. On the way, I tried to explain to them that I needed a little more time to take care of my nine-year-old child and other things. I would go back to the labor camp as soon as I was able to settle those things. They did not allow me saying that the company had already sent someone to look after my child. There was no room for me to talk; and they handcuffed me all the way to the labor camp. My wrists were swollen. Later I heard that the company did not send anyone to take care of my child. He was looked after by one of my colleagues instead.

All kind-hearted people please think about it: The child just lost his mother. His wounded heart needed comfort and consolation. In addition, it was only several days away from the (Chinese) New Year. Who would imagine that on this sad occasion they not only did not help us but also put "salt on a wound." How could anyone do such a thing? All Dafa practitioners are trying to is be better people. During those days, I could not return to my home. I was even deprived of the right of taking care of my child. Who would help my lonely and homeless child? A child needs to attend school, live his life and grow up happily!

As a matter of fact, there are hundreds and thousands of practitioners and their families that have been brutally tortured. But the leader of this country ignores all the misery that the practitioners and their families have been suffering for over a year. He is still fabricating rumors, slandering, and attacking Dafa using the news media (newspaper, TV stations, and radio). We call on all kind-hearted people not to be deceived by the lies. Pay close attention to the persecution of Dafa practitioners and their families. We ask our Chinese leader to stop the wrongful persecution toward Falun Gong, and resolve this issue peacefully.

Jan. 2001