By a Dafa practitioner

( In the past, when I read articles on Minghui Net [Chinese version of Clearwisdom Net] or other Dafa websites, I always looked for the articles that were about understandings of the Fa principles, and I became too accustomed and somehow numb toward those that were about the persecution of Dafa practitioners in China. However, a recent incident reminded me of the importance of reading these articles too, and made me see my hidden selfishness. A radio station interviewed me. Because of limited time, I only talked about the persecution of Zhao Ming and of my family, and didn't speak of any recent persecution and death cases of other practitioners or give any other examples. After the interview, I felt very bad but I also found the cause: I had read few examples of the persecution lately, for I had only picked articles that were helpful with my own understanding of the Fa principles. My emphasis was on my own improvement. I wasn't familiar with the details of the recent persecution, so of course I couldn't discuss it. The selfishness behind this is quite obvious; it is only that I didn't realize it at the time.

Dafa practitioners around the world should be one body. Teacher told us to expose the evil and clarify the truth to people, but how can I do that when I don't even know about the truth myself? How can people feel the great power of benevolence to enable them to be saved? Practitioners in China are currently enduring great hardships and providing us with opportunities to offer salvation to people and awaken their numb consciences and kind natures. When I thought about this, I suddenly felt ashamed.

Recently when I was reading through truth-clarifying material about the practitioners being persecuted in China, I was surprised to read that Jiang Zemin's regime would be using the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to spread false propaganda to media abroad. Minghui Net reported this in the "News From China" section three weeks after it took place. I was very surprised by this, because I didn't know that Minghui reported this type of news, and I also clearly remembered my feelings when I received a phone call from the media abroad asking for information one morning. If I had known about the Chinese government's plan to spread false propaganda beforehand, I would have been much more proactive when dealing with the media at a later time.

This incident made me realize that I should carefully read all kinds of reports and articles on Minghui Net, because they contain information that was passed to us by many practitioners in a very complicated and restrictive environment, at great cost and at risk of their lives. These articles are the most powerful weapons and the most important news resources we have to expose the evil and clarify the truth. The evil knows this as well, and that is why Jiang Zemin and his accomplices have always been attacking and slandering Minghui Net and not allowing people in brainwashing classes to touch Minghui articles.