In Tiananmen Square, Zenon told with sincerity the Chinese people who have been deceived by the lies: "Falun Dafa is good!" Several seconds later, he was arrested by three policemen. Two of them lifted him by the shoulders, and the other one lifted his legs. In this way, they got hold of him. He said that the picture showing how he was carried away was only for the twinkling of an eye. Immediately, his legs were caught hold of, and his body was twisted so that he went face down and fell to the ground. Zenon and the other thirty-five practitioners were pushed into the police vans. He began to use his limited knowledge of the Chinese language to clarify the truth to the policemen.

On the way to the hotel where they were going to be detained, he smiled and greeted all the policemen around him. He asked a policeman: "Do you know why I came to China?" The policeman said that he did not know. He said: "I came to China, and I am not against the Chinese government. I know China is good, and the Chinese people are good. That is why I came, because so many people do not know the truth about Falun Gong. We read on the computer from the Internet. We read about so many things. We know about so many things. Falun Gong is in forty countries." The policemen were surprised and asked: "In forty countries?" Zenon said: "Yes! Why does China not allow you to read on the Internet, why? You think it over. You know it clearly from your heart. There is only one person who does not allow you to know about the truth. Only one person." The policeman nodded his head. Zenon followed and said: "You do not want to persecute Falun Gong. You do not want to persecute the Chinese people. You do not want to be bad. You do not want to do bad deeds. Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be met with evil. You have your own true self. You have your own heart. It does not matter whether you believe in my words or not. Just wait and you will see."

At this moment, the policemen were not so vigilant. They asked about the situation regarding Teacher, and raised questions based on the lies in Chinese propaganda. Zenon asked them: "Have you talked with him?" The policeman said: "No." Zenon said: "I have talked with him. He never said anything bad. He is a very good man." The policemen looked at his sincere eyes. His great efforts to speak Chinese made them say nothing and become willing to believe what he said.

In the hotel, a proud policeman tried Zenon's wits in several conversations. These conversations were inconclusive, leading to no final result of success or failure. Zenon felt it was laughable, and said in his heart: "I do not want to argue with you. I only want to let you know that Falun Dafa is good. You yourself are being deceived." And so he told him sincerely: "We all believe that we have big brains. We know everything. But there are many things we do not know. I want to know about the truth of molecules, I want to know about the truth of the Universe. Do you know these things?" This time, the policeman lowered his head, and did not challenge him anymore.

After 22-hours of detention, they were released. The policemen accompanied them to the airport. On the way to the special airport lounge, Zenon saw on the wall a big picture, where Zhang Guolao was riding his donkey backwards. Excitedly he asked the policemen: "Hello, do you know why Zhang Guolao was riding his donkey backwards?" The young policeman was bewildered and said no. To put it clearly in Chinese was too complicated for Zenon. He asked a fellow practitioner who speaks good Chinese to make the explanation. He then told the policeman proudly: "This is what our Teacher told us in Zhuan Falun."

In the special airport lounge, they started to do the exercises. For more than two years, none of these policemen had the chance to completely see all the five sets of beautiful and gentle exercises. What is more, there were so many Westerners who were doing it. All the policemen were watching very curiously. Some of them laughed at it with a malicious heart. One of them spoke in a strange voice, "cultivation insanity." Zenon stood up and said seriously: "It is not cultivation insanity. It is the high-level Dafa. You should not laugh at it." It quieted down immediately in the waiting lounge. He opened his eyes after the several sets of exercises, and found that all those kind-hearted policemen were looking at him with great interest, and the very bad ones among them had gone to sleep.

After returning from Beijing, Zenon said: "I would like to thank all my fellow practitioners. From them I know the beauty of the Chinese people and Chinese culture. So in Beijing, I told every Chinese I met that I love China, and respect the Chinese people. After returning to Canada, everyone said I did a good job, but I still felt very sad. I felt I did not complete the job well. There are still some policemen whom I did not change. Until I got off the plane, their faces were still clear in front of my eyes. My heart was still in China. When I saw the fellow practitioners who came to meet me at the airport, holding the big poster of my picture, I felt very ashamed of myself. What I had experienced was nothing. Compared to what the Chinese practitioners have endured, it is not worth mentioning.